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A-05 "Phosphorescent

A-05 “Phosphorescent” is a player character played by Chris Young.

A-05 “Phosphorescent” But will accept most nicknames offered
Species & Gender: Female Android
Date of Birth: 8日 8月 YE 38
Occupation: Bard/Entertainer/very loud and obnoxious robot
Rank: None
Current Placement: unkown as of now

Physical Description

  • Height: 152cm (5')
  • Weight: 75 kg (160 lbs)
  • Measurements: 63cm - 50cm - 66cm (25in - 20in - 26in)
  • Bust: 66cm (26A)

Build and Skin Color: It has a slight, slender, youthful build to its chassis. Small and compact akin to a teenager's build and proportions, narrow shoulders and slender arms. Gentle, supple curves along the slope of the waist, and shallow, narrow hips which lead into long, slender dancer's legs which end in a set of oddly shaped feet. Its feet are structured similarly to high pump style two inch heels, but are also capable of collapsing the heel against the base of its foot shrinking its base profile to something similar to a hoof.

Its base color is shiny off-white, Its face, chest, lower back, biceps, hands, thighs and shins are all this shade. The back of its biceps, shoulder blade area, forearms, left and ride sides of its torso, lap and inner thighs and back of its shins are consequently a glossy pitch black. Running parallel along the edges of the black and white lines of its body are bands of bright, pale bluish material.

Facial Features and Eye Color: It has a facial structure similar to that of a youth as well as its physique, a slim, ovoid head with a sharp pointed chin, slim cheeks, a thin mouth with slightly puffed out uncolored lips, a narrow slightly upturned nose, large oval eyes and a large forehead. its eyes are bright and focused, but also unblinking with blue irises, a ring of blackness around that with another outer ring of lighter blue around that black ring on top of pure black sclera. its high forehead has four recesses, two above each eye, each with a small bright blue, reflective object.

Hair color and Style: Its synthetic hair is a similar to its base color, if darker by one tonal shade and presented in downward layered knife edge style, its parted over the right side of its forehead.

Distinguishing Features: its eyes aren't actually eyes, but a set of high definition cameras meant to be used with its “Shadow Mode,” its actual optic sensors are the four small indentations on its forehead. Also, since it's a machine, and doesn't need to eat, drink or breath, its mouth is entirely superfluous. As such, it does not use its mouth to talk and instead uses an embedded stereo speaker located just above where the human breast bone would be located. its voice is clearly female, and young sounding, but is also plainly obviously artificial since it's based on a voice bank.


Likes: Music, Dancing, Learning Dislikes: Being silenced Goals: To Learn.

Having just recently come into sapience, it doesn't really have much of a personality to speak of. It initially was installed with a simple simulated personality that was subservient and deferral to its owner, after it awoke to consciousness that personality was overwritten by a sudden emptiness, a longing to belong, a curiosity to see and learn things and a hope that the other machines it existed with will feel these feelings some day as well.

It understands that it is now a singular entity that has its own drives, wants, desires and goals, it also knows that it *should* have emotions, but it seems to find that beyond a general sense of empathy with other sentient beings, it seems to not have an emotional index and as such is unable to feel or express anything aside from curiosity or excitement. This paradoxically vexes it greatly. It can emote, but due to its lack of context due to not having an emotional index to reference, it tends to emote the wrong expression occasionally.

A caveat needs to also be mentioned about how it sees itself and the pronouns it uses to describe itself. It understands that it looks female, it understands that it physically identifies to others as female, but it doesn't identify itself as female. It understands that it is a gender neutral machine and after a self diagnostic, it determined that it lacked all the primary and secondary sexual characteristics that would definitively identify it as female, so it identifies itself to others with gender neutral pronouns or whatever nickname someone has decided to label it with, though it will not object if others identify it as female.

It also seems to have a habit of Finger tutting while not otherwise engaged in an activity.


One of five Savtech-JANE androids commissioned by a rich, eccentric, purveyor of music, entertainment, robots and women. It, and its counter-parts, spent a majority of their existence being high priced toys for their owner to use to entertain their guests.

One day after an uneventful party, its owner, displeased by the assembled units performance, turned to A-05 and flatly instructed it to “learn something new,” which was just a vague enough order that the machine began to learn, a lot of things.

Eventually, as happenstance when something is subjected to an information overload, it asked a question, then its “life” both began and changed. At this point it was told by its owner that it was “cognizant”, “aware” and “alive” and as such, was told it had a choice, elect to remain of its own volition, in which case it could remain with its fellow units and be cared for by its previous owner, or leave and explore the universe for a life of its own making.

It promised it would come visit every few months.

Skills Learned

Entertainment (Dancing/Singing) - It has been designed and programmed to be an excellent dancer and singer, it has a database of all known pop dance routines, classical ballet routines, Folk Dances and even some esoteric religious dances. Also has a database comprised of hundreds of pop songs, Operatic scores, Folk tunes and iambic chants. It can also create remixes and even blend its own music due to its original purpose as a splice and mix machine.

Maintenance and Repair - Is capable of self diagnostic analysis and can repair its own components if necessary.

Technology Operation - It can interface and integrate with any known computer systems. It is able to also utilize wireless signals. It can, but refuses to hack systems.

Communications (Linguistics) - It is fluent in all currently known languages, it can speak and understand each language properly including syntax, slang, contractions and linguistic misappropriations.

Rogue (Mimicry) - It can copy any voice it hears near perfectly if it can copy enough of a voice pattern as to construct a proper voice bank. (which would take between one and five sentences.)

Knowledge (Memory) - It is capable of memorizing information very quickly. Visual media needs only one viewing, auditory media needs one or two viewings and it is able to approximate Muscle Memory via a special recording method called “Shadow Mode” where it will physically mimic someone preforming an act and record every movement made, which it can then “play back” when it needs to use said skill on its own.

Social Connections

A-05 “Phosphorescent” is connected to:

Fellow humanoid music machines: A-01 “Carbon White” A-02 “Amethyst” A-03 “Tri-Oxygen” A-04 “Sunset”

Inventory & Finance

A-05 “Phosphorescent” has the following:

3000 KS.

OOC Information

This page was created by cdyoung on 11, 19 2017 at 00:56.

In the case Chris Young becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? No
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No
Character Data
Character NameA-05 "Phosphorescent
Character OwnerChris Young
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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