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Agafya Sasha Irinushka

Agafya Sasha Irinushka is a player character played by Ehwha.

Species & Gender: Nepleslian & Female
Year of Birth: YE 13
Height: 6'5
Weight: 185 lbs
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Private Military Contractor / Mercenary
Rank: Ragnarok Corporal
Current Placement: 188604

Preferred Plots

  1. Ragnarok PMC
  2. 188604

Physical Description

  • Height: 6'5โ€œ
  • Weight: 185 lbs
  • Eye Color: Black / Brown
  • Body Type: Endomorph

Sasha is more muscular and taller than the average woman of her age. However, her body type is rather close to endomorph. Her eyes, along with her hair, are black. Her right eye is replaced by a mechanic eye which features many uses such as night vision, but she tries her best to keep it covered with her hair. Her right arm is replaced with a rather crude and blunt looking mechanic arm. Her ears are normal human ears, but a bit of her left ear seems shot off.


Her personality is very difficult to explain. She doesn't have conversations that she believes she doesn't need and talks only rarely when she believes the conversation is profitable or needed for something. When she talks, she tries to get her point straight and understood. She also doesn't have that much good of skills in having relationships, as her quietness affects her having any relationships. She does would like to have good friends, but when she means good friends, she only means friends whom will take shots for her in such situations. Her ways of working can be described as 'Work only when you are paid enough'. She mostly doesn't work extra for anybody, but exceptions do exist (ex: she saw this work being worth than her pay, 'good friends' asking for a favor)



Sasha was born in YE 13 at Ten Paces Acre town, Planet Showdown, as an only child of the newly settling Nepleslian couple. Both of her parents were in the Nepleslian military (her mother in the Nepleslian Star Navy and her dad in NSMC), which helped her grow up a lot stronger than her other friends. Her youth life in Planet Showdown also helped her improve her marksmanship skills, as there were lots of small arms to mess with. Her father also supported her learning about shooting and taught her how to handle a firearm at such a young age. But one day, her attempt to discharge a firearm ended in misery, as a round in chamber exploded, costing her her right arm. Since then, she had to wear a crude looking robotic arm.

YE 30

When she became the age of 19, she decided that she wanted to see the bigger world. So, she had serious and few but long conversations with her parents, who thought she wasn't ready yet, but after her convincing them with few of her plans, decided that it was time for them to let her go. At the year of YE 30, she packed up what she thought she would need, and bid farewell to her loving parents, promising them that she would return safely, and headed for the Planet Nepleslia, her parents' homeplanet.

Funky City

After a long trip, she arrived to Funky City, Planet Nepleslia. Her first thought upon arrival was that she could do good in this strange city. Soon, she realised she was wrong. With foreign landscapeshe and no friends or relatives near by that she could get help from, she just couldn't figure out what to do. Soon, her money began to run short, and she was forced to do whatever job she could do. One day, while she was wandering outside of her motel still looking for a job, a boxing coach who was just passing by found her, and offered her to become a boxer. Although she didn't liked to punch people, she still took the offer as she was running really low on money, and that the job was actually paying not bad. Her father's ID-SOL DNA then soon began to help her as she soon faced lots of opponents, and helped her decorate her first match with victory. She soon became quite famous as she became professional boxer.


However, Sasha soon realised that she didn't liked being boxer, as she didn't liked to punch people while looking at them straight into their faces. Sure, the job now paid alot more than what it used to be and had some actions, but she didn't liked it. She also thought that Funky City wasn't the bigger world she thought. So, after 4 years of rather successful boxing career, she retired and began to look for other jobs such as mercenary or PMCs. She soon managed to get few contracts from security companies, but still didn't liked it as she still had to stay in Funky City. Then one day, she heard of Ragnarok PMC and their placement in 188604, and decided that she would give it a try, and managed to sign a contract.

Skills Learned

Sasha has the following notable skills:


Sasha is fluent in both Trade and Yamataigo, as her parents taught her in each language. She can write, speak, and translate in vboth languages.

Marksmanship (Small Arms)

Being in PMC, Sasha received trainings for small arms such as shotguns, pistols, LMGs and rifles. However, she isn't that much of good in big guns such as HMGs, flame thrower, grenade launchers, or rocket launcher as she simply didn't had that much of opportunity of meeting them.

Fighting (Hand-To-Hand Combat)

Her trainings in her boxing career helps her least in fighting. Her ID-SOL genes also helps her alot in hand-to-hand combat situations.

Vehicle Operation

She can operate simple vehicles such as simple cars, jeeps, or pick-up trucks. However, she can't operate vehicles such as tanks, IFVs, or planes.

Technology Operation

While she can operate most of the civilian operating systems and some outdated Nepleslian operating systems to gather informations, she isn't good at more difficult parts such as hacking or cracking.

Social Connections

Sasha is connected to:

  • Igayafa Grave Denisov (Father, retired NSMC still alive)
  • Alyona Karasha (Mother, Neplasian, still alive)

Inventory & Finance

Sasha currently has followings:


  • 3 Tank Tops (Black)
  • 2 T-Shirts (White & Black)
  • 3 Pairs of Combat Pants (Khaki, olive green, and woodland camo)
  • A pair of shorts (Khaki)
  • 7 Pairs of underwear w/ bras
  • 2 Sport bras
  • A trench coat (Grey)
  • A bandboiler for 12 ga. Shells
  • A pair of Combat Boots (Khaki)
  • 2 hats (Khaki & Olive Green)
  • A balaclava
  • A belt holster
  • 2 Pairs of Leather Gloves (Black, a pair of them fingerless)
  • A maid uniform (Black, complete with dress)


Muur Armor (Torso only - 350 KS)


  • A bowie knife (30 inch knife with blade of 23 inch)
  • SiZi Model 30 Revolver (As a gift from her father, with her names engraved on the barrel)
  • A shortened Western Trench Shorgun (with pistol grip, total length of 26โ€ with 14โ€œ barrel)
  • Snapshot PDW (with .45 Zen Convertion kit - 300 KS)
  • GP-1 Assault Rifle (- 200 KS)
  • Edija Gauss Revolver ( with 'special discount', - 400 KS)


  • A daypack
  • Flashlight
  • Compass
  • Flints and steel
  • A black leather wallet
  • Two canteens
  • Tent
  • A shovel
  • Few magazines

Sasha currently has 1750 KS.

OOC Information

In the case EhWha becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES
Character Data
Character NameAgafya Sasha Irinushka
Character OwnerEhwha
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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