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Fusegu Mora

Fusegu Mora was a player character played by FM/ForteMaster.

Name: Fusegu “Stalwart” Mora

General Information

Species: Yamataian (formerly Geshrin)

Gender: Male

Age: 34

Family / Creators: Two parents dead from plague, one brother shot in street wars

Employer: self Occupation: Inventor/Tinkerer Current Assignment: Working on new armor series

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'4“ (1.9m) Weight: 170lb Measurements: N/A Bra Size: N/A

Build and Skin Colour: Slim build, lightly tanned skin Facial Features and Eye Colour: Feminine face, warm yellow eyes Hair Colour and Style: Grey; Longish, well-groomed, and shine-filled

Distinguishing Features: A pair of round, thick-rimmed glasses upon his face - actually a technology interface and HUD

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: If we're being generous here, one could say that Mora doesn't 'get it'. He's absent minded and refuses to admit it, conceit at the highest level. He has great respect for others despite this, and loves to use his friends as test subjects for his machines. He's charismatic, both because of and despite of his lack of touch with reality. And luckily, he actually talks mostly normally to his friends - his few, few friends.

Likes: Women, men, sucessful tech sales, heavy guns, infantry-level armors, network trawling Dislikes: Repair time, the Ketsururi Zaibatsu, aether tech, genetics, combat Goals: To form powerful corporate entity, to invent the perfect machine, to upstage the Ketsururi


Born some years before YE 01, Mora was raised by a mother who worked at Geshrinari and a father who worked at PNUgen, with a brother who worked with Zen. Always interested in the inventions of his parents, he learned much about machines despite his complete and total lack of formal education. When the Elysian Plague came, his parents died, but he was saved by his recent Geshrin body.

Raised then on by his brother, who later ran a small cybernetics firm on Neplesia known (rather ambitiously) as the Cybernet Corporation, Mora learned more and more about machines. When his brother died in the street wars and left Mora his possesions, Mora bought his ship, formed his own corporation, and started tinkering full-time, now operating under the name of Stalwart Defender, owner, operator, and sole employee of Stalwart Defense Industries.

Stalwart was on the The Maras.


Engineering (general): Mora has been around machines for much of his life, and has a knack for finding out how they work. His skills with machines are of caliber usually only found within major corporations, so much so that they're willing to licence his designs.

Technology Operation (Cybernetics, Computers): Much of Mora's secret has been finding data on the networks for whatever he is creating or modifying. With the ability to work with various systems, he is equipped with all of human knowledge! And some of that knowledge is quite exciting. ^_~

Maitenance And Repair: One can't make machines without knowing how to fix them when shit goes wrong. Mora learned that the hard way - he still has trouble fixing things despite his skills making them, but not nearly as much as he once did.

Fighting (guns, armor): One doesn't leave Neplesia without becoming an expert combatant, at least not if you're smart. Mora figured that if he's going to sell weapon and armor designs, he might as well know how to use them.

Vehicles (airbikes, automobiles, spacecraft): Mora doesn't particularly like driving or piloting, but he can do it. (Would be a rather useless spacer if he couldn't, now, wouldn't he?)

Rogue (seduction): Mora uses an attitude of chivalry and flowery language to hit on men and women alike. It doesn't work well, but he still does it. He's actually quite persistent, and rarely knows when he's been rejected. Surprisingly, he claims to have a pure and deep connection with each and every one, and there is really very little evidence to show that he is lying.

Leadership (negotiations): On the other hand, the same methods Mora uses for love are far more useful in business.

Personal Items

Modified Sojourner-class Freighter “Remnant”: A “slightly used” vessel whose purchase was supported by huge business and personal debt, this ship is nevertheless quite impressive for its age. There are additional salvage arms upon the hull, but it is otherwise a normal vessel, except for one thing…

“Aria” (Advanced Responsive Intelligence Assembly) Starship Control System: Essentially what appears to be a civilian-developed ripoff of similar systems found on Star Army ships, it's fairly easy to see why this system never took off - there are quite a few bugs in the programming, so to speak. Despite performing all tasks required of her, she is unpleasant, scheming, and absolutely ruthless. In addition to the standard omnicient cameras, she can take residence in a semi-organic body, tall with short, cherry red hair and expressive grey eyes, and leave the ship at will within it.

Glasses: Round, large, with thin frame, these glasses are, like most in this day and age, actually full of technology that compensates for the fact that people don't need glasses. Autodimming, zoom and enhance, video interface, and far more.

Character Data
Character NameFusegu Mora
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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