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Jack Greiss

Jack Greiss is a player character played by Foxtrot813.

Jack Greiss
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Height: 5'10 (1.77m)
Weight: 165 lbs (77.8kg)
Organization: None
Occupation: None
Rank: None
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. Taking it Back

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'10 (1.77m)
  • Mass: 165 lbs (77.8kg)
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Jack has a medium build, with wiry muscles that look like steel cables, giving away the strength and endurance the said muscles carry. He has a caucasian skin, with me minimal tan due to exposure to the sun

Eyes and Facial Features: he has brown eyes, an square face with prominent cheekbones and a straight nose

Ears: Normal round ears

Hair Color and Style: He is bald save for the black stubble on his face

Distinguishing Features: None as of now

Psychological Characteristics

β€œIt's when I stop that I realize I didn't sleep for a while.”

Publicly, Jack is introverted, reclusive and unforgiving, as his years in gangs took a toll on his personality and morals. He is a patient person, and can wait for several hours to fulfill something or several months to return an old grudge in kind. A follower of the eye-for-two-eyes doctrine, what others might perceive as insane or 'bad', Jack sometimes might see it in a total different angle.

His perception of the world is a duality, for him things that are either good or evil, black or white, which tends to make him extremely zealous towards the things he know as good and entirely ruthless against those that he judges to be not good. For that reason, he tends to value some objects he owns more than people.

Personally and indoors, Jack is a person of a few friends, those few being the only few people he truly opens up with, occasionally share a joke or beer with and maybe take a bullet instead of them.

  • Likes: Tinkering with explosives, blowing said explosives up, smoking
  • Dislikes: Duds, the NMX
  • Goals:


Family (or Creators)

Robert Greiss (Father, deceased) Eva Greiss (Mother, deceased)


β€œAny idiot can make an explosion, it takes a professional to know how to control them.”

Born on Funky City, Jack was no stranger to violence and crime for most of his childhood, the only thing keeping him from falling to that same life being his parents raising him with an iron fist, which was personally enforced by his father, who was a retired military. This ensured him a normal childhood until his mid-teens.

It was only when he was fourteen that his life started to go on a downward spiral after his mother died, leaving his father grieving and giving Jack more freedom to do whatever he wanted and get involved with gangs and several run-ins with the local authorities until his father put a stop to it.

The next four years he lived where divided between attempting to lead a normal life with studies and sports all the while getting involved with the local gangs, this soon ended when he turned eighteen and enlisted due to his father's request and demands.

Jack served in the Marine Corps for over five years, and although the training he received triggered his hidden interest for explosives and demolitions, as well as the regular training received during basics. Despite that, he led a mediocre career and not long after his father died of natural causes he was discharged from duty due to his attrition with other soldiers and superiors.

Once he returned at age 23, having no anchor to keep him in line, Jack was back in the gangs, this time taking a more active role in it and also taking bigger risks, and for five more years, he led that totally different lifestyle from when his father was still alive.

It was during the NMX invasion that he finally decided to cut all relations with his former gang and choose something to stand for, fighting for his survival.

Skill Areas

Physical - Acrobatics

Thanks to the gymnastics he practiced from his teens until his adulthood and then further improved during his gang days, Jack has developed a greater muscular endurance and strength for somebody of his frame and size. This gives him a great mobility in moving through urban areas, allowing him to easily jump and climb over a 3 meter wall or hang from between two walls with the strength of his legs. This also gives him a much greater body discipline than most people, allowing him to maintain an uncomfortable but reasonable position for hours if it need be.


Thanks to his training in the military and personal interest in the craft, Jack is a competent demolition man, besides being able to use the more conventional explosives, he can build booby-traps, improvised explosives and all the sort of paraphernalia that blows up.

Fighting - physical

Jack is a ruthless fighter, in addition to the training he received while he was in the military, he also can and will do anything to ensure that he wins a brawl, be it picking up the nearest rock or lead pipe and using it as weapon -in case his knife isn't near- to throwing sand in his adversary's eyes.

Rogue - Stealth and camouflage

Despite his medium frame, Jack is a nimble person. He can move silently through areas and he can use the environment around him to hide and blend in, and just wait for the perfect moment to slip in or infiltrate some place. He can sit on the same spot for hours just to wait a pursuer to give up chase, or do the same thing to wait for a victim to pass by. He is also able to sleep in almost any surface, from the most unusual to the most uncomfortable.

Firearms - pistols

Due to the fact that he relies more on stealth, his weapon of choice are pistols, compact but deadly, his favorite of all being the Zen Arms .45 caliber, to which he fully knows how to perform maintenance and assemble it.


Thanks to his period living in as a gang member and following the NMX invasion, Jack can survive for long periods on dangerous zones.


Jack Greiss has the following items:


Standard Wear

* Faded green cargo pants

* Faded green sweater

* White long-sleeve shirt

* 1 pairs of black Combat Boots

* 4 pairs of white Socks


* 1 Utility belt with pouches

* 1 Tactical webbing with pouches

* 1 small olive green military rucksack


* 1 Silenced Zen Arms .45 Pistol

** 5x .45 caliber magazines

* 1 Combat knife

* 1 EOD pouch

* 1 large pouch of explosive material


Jack Greiss is currently a None in the None.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
Character Data
Character NameJack Greiss
Character OwnerFoxtrot813
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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