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Sierra Merkur

Origin Representative
General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: Nepleslian Height: 168cm
Gender: Female Weight: 55.8 kg
Age: Born YE 10 Measurements: 34-30-32
Employer: Origin Industries Bra Size: 34B
Occupation: Electronics Expert, CEO Eyes: Blue
Rank: CEO Hair: Red
Current Assignment: Dawn Station

Sierra Merkur is an NPC played by Kai

Physical Characteristics

  • Description: Sierra has a fairly average, but nicely curved frame, and very pale skin. Her heart-shaped face sports hundreds of small freckles and light blue, almond-shaped eyes, which she wears black-rimmed glasses over.
  • Hair Color and Style: Sierra has bright red, curly hair, which is normally tied back into a ponytail, as that is just about the only way to control it. untied, it goes to about the bottom of her shoulderblades.
  • Distinguishing Features: black-rimmed glasses, 'Ginger' complexion and hair color.

Psychological Characteristics

  • Personality:Sierra is very upbeat and knowledgeable, and is generally in a good mood. She will accept most challenges and always works harder than she probably should. When she becomes engrossed in a project, she may ignore everything else going on outside of her focus.
  • Likes: computers, circuitry, being treated like a woman should, not like a man wants.
  • Dislikes: Pigheaded men, inadequate wiring.
  • Goals: Make sure that Origin Industries' technology never has failure due to inadequate electronics.


Sierra comes from a large Nepleslian family. Notable relatives include:


Sierra Grew up on Nepleslia, living a somewhat sheltered life where she was sent to private schools and the like. After her early school career, the redhead found she had a love of electronics and quickly enrolled in trade schools, learning all she could about the subject, from hardware to programming, even the theory of programming AI. After a year or two of basic work as a field electrician, Sierra grew bored and began doing programming work on an AI system with a small group of friends, but, as they lacked any kind of funding, research was slow and the AI was basic at best. However, in YE 29, the group was discovered by an upstart company, Origin Industries, whom hired them to continue development of their AI. Faced with all the funding they could ever need and a steady job that kept them fed, the group, with Sierra at the head, managed to quickly develop the 'Destiny' AI System. After the success of their first project, the Group was tasked with starting another, but it was soon disbanded when Tami System was invaded by the NMX, and Origin was forced to move to Dawn station.

Upon Dawn station, the young electronics expert quickly found herself enveloped in 'basic field work' again, wiring up subsystems and helping to route the AI system into the station, but this job was still rather boring. However, her work and her abilities soon gained her admittance into Origin's presitgous Sector Seven, the reasearch and development lab of the corporation. Quickly, she met with some higher-level managers and was embroiled in Mecha development projects, going so far as to physically rewire test models to handle the equipment better, as well as designing the electronic schematics of the same machines. At the same time, the redheaded nepleslian woman also managed to get herself into a relationship with the lead designer of Origin's Mecha, Javier Feyete

Through some stroke of a random assignment to a desk, Sierra found herself as the main Representative between origin Industries and the SAoY's Second Expeditionary fleet.

After a year-long stint of Desk-work, Sierra piped numerous requests for field work, and, finally, a suitable job was found (along with a major promotion) that landed her aboard the YSS Genesis. Unfortunately, that project didn't pan out the way that Sierra had hoped, and she found herself in the employ of a newer branch of Origin known as Origin Appliance and Manufacturing. Continued design work produced the X-type Quantum Computer and Mimic Computer, which cemented the redhead as a capable lead for the company, and thrust her once more further up the ladder of Origin Industries.

Over the next decade Sierra became well acquainted with the enigmatic CEO of Origin Industries Fleet Yards, Aerin Tatst, who was impressed by the Nepleslian's leadership of OAM. This somehow lead to Sierra being more busy than she ever thought she could be, which caused her to create a body double from a Mimicom who could take calls, answer SYNC mail, and even go to meetings in the place of the exasperated redhead. However due to the hectic life, and the fact that the AI the double used was based off a scan of Sierra's own mind, a life in her shoes caused the Mimicom to rapidly achieve sentience, resulting in Sierra accidentally creating herself another 'Sister', who would come to be known as Mimi Merkur.

Character Data
Character NameSierra Merkur
Character OwnerKai
Character StatusNPC In Use By GM or FM
Current LocationDawn Station

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