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Akiyama Takashi

Akiyama Takashi is a player character created by Perilous Siege, now acting as an NPC played by Legix.

Akiyama Takashi
Species & Gender: Minkan Male
Date of Birth: YE 16
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Legal and Financial Consultant
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: ISS Dig-It

Physical Description

Akiyama Takashi's body is less the product of natural selection then it is a marvel of engineering . From miraculous tweaks of biology to regulatory machines that work at microscopic levels, the Star Empire of Yamatai seeks to offer a better form for all its citizens. Its beneficiaries, at least tho had access to he most cutting-edge version so far, are collectively known as the Minkan species, all though most wouldn't be able to spot the differences between the average Minkan and baseline Humanity. Though many of the more exotic or alien members of the empire have customized their form to show their fantasies or origins, Takashi is far more comfortable in a Human one that better reflects his heritage.

The young man comes up to a height of six feet, remarkably tall for the average Yamataian. His build is a thin one though not overly so, owing more to the efficiency of his metabolic processes than any strict adherence to diet, or an exercise regimen. On the other hand, the muscles he sports do come from such things. Their skin is a light brown that might have him labeled as of Asian descent had humankind not long since forgotten its world of birth, with little in the way of blemishes, scars, tattoos, or other features to distinguish them from their peers.

They try their best to make up for this, using a rigid posture and an assured gait to project an aura of confidence when they feel it suits the situation – which is most of the time. A perfect, pearly white smile often finds itself plastered upon their face in the form of a cocky grin. Upon his head is a close-cropped cut of jet black hair, which remains absent from his face sans the eyebrows. A pair of bright, azure eyes scans every new vista he finds himself in with relentless curiosity.


It's common for people who have lived in the lap of luxury to long for a more eventful life and to have people who flirt with danger romanticized. What makes Takashi stand out from the crowd is that he decided to act on his fantasies. The man has had a sense of wanderlust about him for as long as he could remember, always wanting to live his life out amidst the stars. Even if it means, bravely or recklessly depending on your perspective, leaving a lot of comforts and opportunities behind on the mud-ball he was born in without much to make up for it apart from a sense of satisfaction.

He does, however, find it considerably harder to shed the cultural trappings of Yamatai then to escape its atmosphere, often slipping into using honorifics, bowing, or other customs unless he's chastised or knows that advertising his nationality would be a fairly unwise idea. They're unfailingly polite, even affable to strangers and friends alike, albeit this attitude is occasionally complimented by a wry grin or snarky comments to lighten the mood. On the other hand in direct contrast to his culture's emphasis on not standing out from the crowd, his sense of inferiority often makes respect from his peers and the galaxy at large a priority in his mind. Their pursuit of their own fortune is as much a result of it being an indicator of his own success as it has to do with greed . That being said, their's no denying the man has a taste for the ostentatious that might make someone question whether he prefers form over function, although Takashi would be quick to point out that there is a function to form as well.

Like many men his age he has a habit of idolizing martial skill and those who posses it. Despite this and his purported devil-may-care attitude towards danger, Takashi isn't one prone to looking for violent situations to problems, even if they seem the most forthcoming or the easiest perhaps out of a sense of squeamishness towards possibly having to take life. Not that he's ever been in a situation liable to descend into a life or death struggle before. Better to ask questions first to save you the trouble of having to shoot later. Deceit, however, isn't a tool to advance his agenda he's likely to dismiss on moral grounds.


Akiyama Takashi was born in YE 16.

The world that Takashi was born in was one that his ancestors could scarcely dream of, one they might label a utopia. A post-labor society where most industries had seen automatons and artificial intelligence's replacing the hands or minds of humanity. A mastery of the life sciences had seen to abundant food, the ability to twist once lifeless rocks into habitable planets, and the power for humanity to forge a stronger, smarter body than the one they had once been consigned to by mother nature. The nation's dominion over physics availed it the power to manipulate the various fundamental forces according to their whim, rearrange matter, and draw on nigh-infinite energy from another universe. Science quantified the soul, or what many labeled it, and it was now capable of being manipulated, giving people a way to circumvent mortality.

Even in a time of unprecedented plenty when a person might feel lucky to live, one might say that you were an order of magnitude luckier to have been born into the Akiyama family with its vast riches. Riches, and all the things that riches could afford, both the material…and the ephemeral. In the times of the YE calendar, automated processes, both the rote physical ones and the cognition of quantum computers meant that a citizen could live life to freely pursue whatever interests suits them and live their lives only working for further leisure, instead of mere survival. Further the sciences, explore the arts, master a skill, serve your country. In a way, the Akiyama's aren't much different, save that their interests were in pursuit of ever more capital. Wealth is their birthright, and though their religion pushes them towards Buddhist sutra's refuting the material world or prayers of devotion to Shinto gods, in their heart, they always served Mammon best.

The Akiyama's come from old money that stretches back to before the rise of the Uesureyan empire when the planet was still named Geshrintall and the government more closely resembled an oligarchy than the constitutional monarchy that it is today. They've adapted with the times, possessing financial stakes in everything from the defense industry take advantage of the various wars and conflict zones that the Star Army has got involved in over the past decades, to the mining, shipping, and infrastructure construction that facilitates the YSE's rapid colonial expansion out into the furthest reaches of known space. Takashi was the youngest of two sons, born in the turbulent, violent time of YE 16 in the now long destroyed former capital of Geshrinopolis. It had been 8 years since a biological weapon had wiped out 20 billion baseline humans from the face of the planet, his family spared from this fate due to their early adoption of the fruits of the Perfect Evolution Project. Whereas his parents had attained their Geshrin body via Soul Transfer, he was among one of the first generations that were born into a version smarter and stronger than the whims of natural selection would ever bring.

As if to signal the decades of brutality, of divisiveness, of tragedy to follow, it was the same year that the Second Elysian War gave way to the Third. The precursors to the Star Army invaded the heavens and swatted them from the skies. Of course, Takashi was far too young to recollect the Third Elysian War or the exodus of their kind. What little he recalls of his earliest childhood makes it seem idyllic. Very little he set his eye on was beyond his parent's ability to afford, servants were constantly around to attend to his whims, and his extroverted nature leads to plenty of friends. Back then, before he had become a source of envy, he and his brother Akira even got along well. On the other hand, he vividly remembers the Fourth Elysian War. He remembers being seven years old, coming home from school to find his mother crying over the fate of Damasica (Neo Kohana), the Elysian Navy having reduced her homeworld along with all of her blood relatives to ash. He remembers hearing about climatic battles where countless lost their lives, against an enemy desperate to wipe their species from the earth. He remembers weeks stuck in a private bunker, a foreign power bombing the surface while the adults around if alien life would finish what the Great Plague had started. He remembers seeing pictures of his hometown, Yamatai's former capital city Geshrinopolis, in ruins, wondering how many people that he knew he would never see again. Either because they found a new home in a different place from Kyoto or…because they had passed on from this life.

There are a lot of outlooks someone can take from experiencing this sort of conflict. From a spark of xenophobia to a belief in achieving peace with other sapient life. From recognizing the futility of war to why it was important to maintaining strength in an uncaring, hostile universe. Nine-year-old Takashi Akiyama internalized a far more personal goal. To go out into space and live a life of danger and excitement, being like the heroic individuals that turned back the angelic hordes. As the years went by they pored over various accounts of fights with against the Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX) invasion, then those before and after, devoured whatever weapon specifications he could find online, gleefully followed the rantings of armchair tactical theory-crafters, and spend countless hours in ever more realistic combat simulations in Virtual Reality, taking a particular liking to a mecha based one built around using Origin's infamous line. They were the picture of a military Otaku.

It was little more than a youthful distraction, something that he would outgrow, according to his parents. To their credit, they were partly right. While it never stopped being something that ate up his free time, their enthusiasm to eventually join the Star Army waned in response to widely criticized events such as the Freespace Genocide, the reveal of his nation's hand in the Mishhuvurthyar, and a former Emperor purported ties to Great Plague. Meanwhile, he found more and more of his attention turned toward meeting the expectations of his family. His parents did everything they could to see their children succeed in the world. Enrollment in elite private schools, scheduled sessions with the best tutors that money can buy, upgrading them to NH-22C Yamataian and Minkan bodies as soon as they were available to the public. In return, wanting what was best for their children, they asked for excellence. Often enough, at least in their eyes, he failed to measure up to that goal.

It wasn't that he did particularly badly academically. Objectively speaking, even when accounting for the advantages that the young man had going for him his marks were excellent, and if he were an only child it might have satisfied his parents. The problem was that everything he did inevitably was compared to his brother, and while Takashi was above average, Akira was incredible. The older brother was something of a wunderkind, retaining almost every bit of knowledge and excelled at nearly every subject they came across, from math to history to the sciences, to language, and they even had a knack art. He maintained near perfect grades, was always at the top of the class, and surpassed the minds of students far his senior. Discontent with his victories always turning to ash as parents reminded him how short they fell from his brothers, Takashi set out to escape from his brother's shadow.

At first, it was merely in academics, but as his efforts continually came to naught he found himself turning to other avenues in an attempt to prove himself superior to his sibling at something. Anything. In turn, his brother's prideful, competitive nature pushed him to continually prove himself Takashi's better in ever more respect. Academics, sports, games, instruments, even the affections of women. There was seemingly nothing they wouldn't compete over, and more often than not it was Takashi who fell short. To be fair, the younger brother was smart, talented, and hard-working. Akira was simply more so.

It seemed the only thing that Takashi did have over his brother was the older boy's complete and utter lack of charisma. Stoic and haughty, Akira constant sense of superiority grated on his peers and their own perceived inadequacies often led to mutual feelings on his part. Meanwhile, Takashi found few people he didn't find agreeable, and his affable nature often coaxed a similar attitude from those around him. It didn't take long for him to see this, and finally finding a trait of his to surpass his brother, he quickly tried to hone it. It wasn't as if he didn't have plenty of examples to emulate, his family's status often meaning he'd rubbed elbows with lawyers, executives, actors and politicians. Meanwhile poring through texts on the psychology of social interactions became almost like a hobby to him. Even weighted down by his many failures, the young man felt a bit of pride in that for all his brother's talent, people seemed drawn to like Takashi far more.

Any contentment that he had wouldn't last. It was YE 33 and the Second Mishhuvurthyar War had reached its climax with the Battle of Yamatai. For the second time in his by then seventeen years of life, an alien army had laid siege to his home planet, destroying the sense of invincibility that the YSE incredible size and military had given it. They razed cities and lands, and in an age where people thought they had grasped immortality, millions perished in the battles wake. As NMX forces waged war against legions just outside of Kyoto, the young man considered how little he had done out of what he wanted to accomplish in his short life.

Takashi didn't die that day, and nor was his homeworld conquered by an army bent on enslaving his people, but it had left its mark on his soul. As he listlessly made his way through college, earning a bachelor's in finances at his parent's recommendation in the span of two years, while his feelings of inadequacy and unhappiness festered, despite his constant exposure to the parties hosted by the children of Yamatai's elite.

By the time he had graduated, it was enough for him to show initiative and push for him to do something for himself. Going to Law School instead of pursuing his masters was a bit of a spur of the moment decision, but one fueled by the image that it was one of the few places where he could regularly make use of any rhetorical skill and charisma you possess, rightly or wrongly. By the time he had breezed through the eighteen months required and passed the bar, the young man knew what he wanted to do. With his families connections, he could easily land a fast-track position at whatever government department or top firm that he wanted. He could get a loan from his father like his brother did and see where smart investments could take him. Instead, he decided to become his own man, taking what money he could gather himself in such a short span, and do what he had wanted to do since he was a kid and dreamed of a life amidst the stars. Live a life of excitement out in space, making his fortune from the sweat of his own brow. Life, even a supposedly immortal one, was way too short not to live it how he wanted too.

Social Connections

Takashi Akiyama is connected to Akiyama Naoya (Father) Akiyama Yuzu (Mother) Akiyama Akira (Brother)

Skills Learned


Takashi is bilingual, able to write in both Yamataigo (邪馬台語) as well as Trade (language) with the fluency of a native speaker. Aside from that, he's well versed in making use of his species telepathy or innate ability at wireless communication, which coincidentally tends to help with translated foreign languages in real time.


Gifted with a silver tongue and an interest in social psychology, he makes an excellent negotiator. A life of hobnobbing with the elite of galactic society has all granted him an innate grasp of etiquette.


Extensive knowledge of the law in Yamataian and to a lesser extent the rest of known space, especially as it pertains to business and trade, along with a degree of knowledge of economics and manipulation of finances. They also a possess a hobbyist level of knowledge in regards to various military and civilian manufactured weapons, with a particular interest in Mecha.


They're an avid public speaker with a cursory knowledge of modern military tactics mostly gleaned from blogs and online discussions.


Takashi has a thorough college level education on mathematics, with a focus on accounting and statistical calculations. The fact that his brain is less organic, more of a quantum data server help a tad as well.

Technology Operation

It's somewhat hard to grow up in the modern world without some grasp of information technology especially where your brain is a computer, and Takashi tends to make up for any lack of expertise with easy to use state of the art computers, AIs, and…legally shading hacking gear.


Like most people, he's able to drive a car and over a decade of regularly playing Origin model based mecha simulators with excessively accurate physics calculations not far removed from what actual pilots use to train has led to him being unusually suited for getting in the cockpit.

Inventory & Finance

Akiyama Takashi has the following items:

690 KS

Assorted Apparel and Amenities

EM-G1 Emrys Dusk Suit

Lazarus Consortium Data Slate

Energy Management Software


Custom Shades

Takashi's Shades

* Type: Visor

* Role: Eye protection, Hacking, Aesthetics, Sensors, Targeting Aid

Base Materials: Basic Metals (1) Upgrades: Power Weave, External Sensor Network, Comm system Wireless Hacking Probe, Rangefinder, UV Filter/Light Amplification

KS Card

OOC Information

In the case Perilous Siege becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? YES
Character Data
Character NameAkiyama Takashi
Character OwnerPerilous Siege
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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