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Zoeichi 'Bastion' Saksen-coburg

Zoeichi Saksen-coburg is a player character played by IQ.

Zoeichi Saksen-coburg
Species & Gender: Elf Transgender/Female pronouns
Date of Birth: 35日 9月 YE 18
Organization: Yamatai Star Army Empire
Occupation: Infantry
Rank: Santô Hei
Current Placement: YSS Hana

Physical Description

Zoeichi, often abbreviated to Zoe, is a slender and rather tall elf. Graceful and swift in her demeanour. With a length of a whopping 185 centimeters, she might even be considered lanky. It's partly true, she is slender, with a moderate bust. But she isn't exactly lanky either. But rather lean with sculpted muscle. Zoe has wider hips and a strong, firm set of buttocks, thicker legs with pronounced muscles both on her upper thighs and her lower legs. Her abdomen is also visibly muscled, a chiseled and trained body. Her arms follow suit, sporting beautifully outlined muscles. Easily traced and followed. Barely a gram of fat on her athletic body. Zoeichi is ridiculously strong, augmented with battle in mind, she was made to come close or even surpass Nekovalkryja by training. Though her body requires massive amounts of maintenance and training.

Zoe's hairstyle is an intruiging choice. The left is longer than the right side, which is partly braided. And a white flower is almost always seen on the leftt side. A flower as white as her platinum manes. Thin, well-kept eyebrows sit above her deep, purple eyes. She possesses one of those knowing gazes, as if she's able to just look through someone.

As an Elf, Zoe's naturally extremely pretty. Featuring a soft chin, peachy cheeks and a gentle, petite nose. Soft, narrow yet thick lips that are most often glossed up slightly with lipstick. Zoe carries herself with pride and strength, her stride as a result being graceful. Often scenting of lilies, Zoeichi takes care of herself, believing the body to be the power whereas the mind is the temple. She's an heir after all, it'd be unbecoming of her if she was any less than she currently is.


Zoe is on one hand, a capable soldier. Yet on the other hand, someone who makes things needlessly complicated for themselves. She's always stressed, always focussed on needing to do what's right and how everything's supposed to be. And with every decision, there's always the nagging realization of being the only heir on her mind. She's always pressured by the prestige she needs to back up. And as a result, she can often times snap at people when under duress.

Though, it doesn't make her less combat effective. She thinks quick on her feet and is able to make important decisions on a whim. The right decisions even. An almost incredulous kindness has also formed for Zoe, she's nice, warm and socially outgoing. Even though she sometimes can come across as haughty due to the fact of being unwilling to damage her reputation. She's a woman of prestige, after all. It can make her come across as just a tad uptight.

She always looks for the best in other Yamataian's, a conversation with her always starts off with a good impression from her. Though that is solely limited to anyone from Yamatai. People of other factions, or even other races that are seldom seen in Yamatai is something she distrusts. Some people have taken a tendency to calling her racist for this innate distrust. Though she argues that she can't help it.

As a friend, Zoeichi is valuable. She remains loyal to the few she holds dear and will go through hell and beyond for them. She doesn't care for backstabbing. Neither friends or an enemy in combat. It's unbecoming of a warrior, after all.


Zoeichi was born in YE 18 in the city of Geshrinopolis, Yamatai (Planet). Synthetically made and genetically engineered with DNA samples from her mother, Carthage Saksen-Coburg and Carolina Saksen-coburg. She was then implanted within Carthage's womb and artificially inseminated. Even though she looks predominantly female, Zoeichi's genes have been altered to feature male genitalia, as well as heightened levels of testosterone and added estrogen to have her form predominantly female. This change was enforced by Carthage before Zoe was fully produced, with a purpose. Carthage required an heir, someone who could continue the saksen-coburg bloodline. For the rest, she wanted to keep her daughter as natural as possible.

When Zoeichi was born, a painful, yet character-forging life was ahead. Carthage isn't mother of the year material. Though she learned a lot from the elder SAINT operative. She was taught the basics of Carthage's fighting style, before developing her own with dual saw blades. Though this came at a cost. She had to promise finding and impregnating her elder sister, to have the Saksen-coburg bloodline remain clear. Whether she will even find Carolina remains to be seen.

When coming of age, Zoeichi enlisted into the Star Army. As her mother had intented. Yet not as a SAINT as her mother had hoped, but as a frontline, Power Armour-clad warrior. During basic training and oriëntation, it became obvious she was best used as a bastion of defense primarily. Modular shields and the ability to take punishing. Fitting her Mindy with heavy weaponry to be a long range artillery unit second.

After basic training and boot camp, she was informed about several ships, but the YSS Hana caught her interest the most. She became hostile and racist towards Nepleslians and Kuvexians after being indoctrinated by propaganda campaigns against them, she decided to enlist there to assist in the war effort there.

Skills Learned

Zoeichi has the following notable skills:

  • Dual-wield style: Ou no mai; A fighting style taught by none other than Carthage, Ou no mai borrows the athletic antics of Ryu no mai, but replacing a nodachi or greatsword with a dual wield variant.
  • Singing: Zoe, from birth on, Zoeichi has been able to sing with a soft and gentle voice. It was one of her hobbies when 'growing up'.
  • Athletics: Zoeichi is both athletic and a fitness freak. Whenever there is free time, she is found in the gym, or jogging. Even when assigned on a ship, such as the Hana, she tends to frequent jogging through the halls to keep her strength and condition up. Add to that she was pre-birth also augmented to be more responsive to training and be more durable, Zoeichi is able to and already has surpassed some nekovalkyrja in raw strength. And she continues pushing herself further.

Social Connections

Zoeichi is connected to:

Inventory & Finance

Zoeichi Saksen-coburg has the Star Army Standard Issue Items.


Twin saw blades forged by by Origin Blade Works. These blades are identical, Zoe possesses two of these.

  • Type: Longsword
  • Dimensions: 85 centimeter blade length, 15 centimeters hilt, 10 centimeters blade width.
  • Blade Material: Zesuaium
  • Appearance Description: A long, broad blade with a saw like pattern.
  • Enhancement 1: Energy Projection System
  • Purpose: Tier 2
  • Total Cost: 5875 KS for one blade


  • SAoY Field uniform
  • SAoY Official uniform, complete with beret
  • Purple / Crimson kimono with the Saksen-coburg crest as a pattern, used for non SAoY, but personal matters.
  • Bordeaux shower yukata
  • Pajamas, a black tee with purple dotted baggy pants.


  • Saksen-coburg ring, a family heirloom ring passed down to each subsequent heir to the family. A golden band, encrested with a bright blue gem.
  • Charm amulet, originally a paper tag with the Yamataian word 'Ward' painted on it. This paper tag has been encapsulated in plastic and decorated with gold trimmings. A cloth band holds this charm up around her neck.

Zoeichi Saksen-coburg currently has 3000 KS.

Zoeichi's Mindy loadout

OOC Information

In the case IQ becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES
Character Data
Character NameZoeichi 'Bastion' Saksen-coburg
Character OwnerIQ
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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