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Isha Ragnar

Isha Ragnar
General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: Iromakuanhe Height: 5'10“
Gender: Female Weight: 145 lbs
Age: 21 AR Measurements: 35-28-34
Organization: Astral Vanguard Bra Size: 35C
Occupation: Field Physician Eyes: Red
Rank: Vayshirin Hair: Black
Assignment Bahram Wing

Isha is played by Blackbird Lore.

Physical Characteristics

Description: For a Frame Runner, Isha looks almost too average. What toned musculature exists from training is hidden beneath rather smooth, chalk white skin. In particular, she finds this annoying at her thighs and upper arms. She takes care to maintain herself, but seems to becoming up short of her desired results. Isha has eyes like dimly smoldering coals, a dark red highlighted by the gentle glow they've attained over the two decades of her life. Her nose is on the smaller end of the spectrum; just small enough to require a routine readjustment of her glasses. Otherwise she has a very simple, heart-shaped face accentuated by the small, curving horns. Her hair is black and rather unruly if left unchecked. Unhampered, it falls just past her shoulders, but she prefers to keep it tied back, typically in a bun after the Yamataian fashion.

Distinguishing Features: She wears red-framed, rectangular glasses to add perhaps a touch of sophistication to her appearance.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Isha Ragnar could be best described as a very physical, carefree, and passionate individual. She's constantly pursuing her own goals and desires in her free time, which range from learning Yamataian to producing her own music. Her passion stems partly from her own inner workings, but also in large part due to her Ivuorian father's encouragement to, “Find a passion and pursue it.” They're words she lives by. Isha's nearly impossible to anger, but she is very expressive, regardless of emotion. She'll speak her mind only when asked, and makes a very good mediator with her open-minded acceptance of all ways & walks of life that aren't hateful. This Curdatl-Ivuori offspring is a very loving being, and certainly isn't shy. She's happy to help, and happy to entertain. Ultimately, she's very easy-going, and only ever irritated by anyone and anything that tries to make life more difficult than it has to be.

In terms of her spirituality, Isha believes that synergy and harmony are the means by which productivity is maximized, hostility is minimized, and forward movement (of the spiritual and cultural varieties) is achieved. Synergy and harmony are derived from knowledge and wisdom, or the awareness of information, and the understanding of how to properly utilize that information, respectively. So to her, the greatest sin is lack of a desire to continuously learn.

When she's not pursuing one of her larger personal goals, Isha also enjoys spending time around all variety of living things, whether it be Gual or Wyrm riding or just a hike through the woods.

Likes: Many forms of art, people, doing her job (well), learning, a variety of outdoor activities.

Dislikes: people that make ANYTHING more difficult than need be, mind altering substances.

Goals: Serve Commonwealth to the best of her ability, produce her own music, learn Yamataian to a fluent level.



Mother: Memna Ramna (Curdatl)

Father: Urshin Ragnar (Ivuori)

Younger Brother: Urdin Ragnar (19 years AR)

Memna met Urshin on his home colony on an evening when he was presenting his thesis on “The Function of Free Will” at the colony's University. His presentation of the information- not the information itself- led her to curiosity. Curiosity spawned a romance, albeit a rocky one at first. With time and some persuasion, Urshin was wooed into a marriage that led to a pair of children almost exactly two years apart. They continue to live together, now on Maekardan. Both children were born on Urshin's home colony. Memna runs a travel agency in the inner system, while Urshin continues to teach philosophy.

Urdin is a rather antisocial fellow who makes his money and limited fame with a corporate sponsorship due to his skill at Saiph Break, which has been serving his reclusive lifestyle for the last 3 years. His father considers him a “wasteful prodigal,” and his mother is resentfully supportive; she's glad he's found something he loves, but carries disdain for the lifestyle he's chosen. Urdin and Isha are on good terms, all things considered, and typically leave each other to their own lives. He is currently in a limited relationship with multiple females.


Isha's upbringing began on her father's home colony, and she was raised there until the age of 15. She spent the last three and a half years on this colony as an apprentice. The first four months was spent with a musician who claimed he was well on his way to forming a new method of synthetic vocal production; he died due to a disease, the name of which Isha cannot recall, and his work was never completed. However, she still fondly carries many memories of him and his desire, and he was the greatest inspiration for this budding Iroma to delve into creating music. The remainder of her time as an apprentice was served beneath a “psychologist.” This time period consisted largely of shadowing the “artisan” who in turn was often shadowing others closely, tuning into their emotions, and studying their patterns of great periods of time– often entire days were spent in this fashion. While part of the job description was to help those in need, the general tendencies of Ivuori led most to refuse aid- and many refused to admit there was a problem. Much Memna's spirit shone through her daughter in this time, and a need to help others was sparked in Isha. She felt that the study of psychology was far too limited, though, and pursued physiology. She felt understanding the body and its interactions with the mind was much more apt method of lending a hand to those in need.

Shortly thereafter, the family uprooted and moved to Maekardan, as Memna felt the environment on the colony was too sterile and antisocial for Isha and Urdin to develop relationships properly. Never one to be put down, Isha quickly embraced the new social climate, unlike her brother. She found it easier to pursue her curiosities here than on the colony, and began much more avidly working toward building a resume that would get her where she wanted to be: a physician for the Astral Vanguard. Come time to choose a career, Isha immediately dove into the field.

Working in close proximity to the Frames and their Runners developed a new interest in Isha, and in less than half a year she was training to become a field physician. There was no better way than this to do what she felt was (and remains) her calling. Fresh out of training, and ready to perform, Isha Ragnar's first assignment is to the Bahram Wing.

Service Record

Bahram Wing

The Bahram Wing is a very diverse collection of Iromakuanhe Frame Runners within the Graiv Haidan.

Ghost on the Silent Line

Ten years ago, an independent faction arose within the Astral Commonwealth calling itself the New Veyrin Republic. It was pacified and reclaimed by the Astral Vanguard in short order. Now, by unknown means and for unknown reasons, the New Veyrin Republic has resurfaced. The Bahram Wing's first order of business is to gather as much information on the NVR's productive capabilities so as to better understand their opponent.



Isha Ragnar is proficient in both defensive and offensive hand-to-hand techniques as well as the use of several hand weapons, including knives, pistols, rifles and light explosives such as grenades. She is in excellent physical form, with sufficiently high endurance to survive situations such as elevated G-forces. She maintains this routinely with outdoor activities such as riding, hiking, or aquatic pursuits.

Technology Operation

Isha has had extensive courses in the use of NI systems aboard the Organoid craft employed by the Astral Vanguard, and understands how to properly utilize her own entry ports to interface with compatible systems. The use of standard-issue electronic devices and conventional computers have also been a part of her education. This skill also entails the use of an array of medical supplies found in a field kit or in a properly equipped medical facility.


She is capable of using all standard communications found in the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth, in particular those employed by the Astral Vanguard. This includes laser, radio and MASC-enhanced variations in various formats and media. She is fluent in Saalsari and Haidasari, and can speak, read and write it correctly. She can communicate clearly even while under fire or in other unnerving situations. She's also recently taken it upon herself to learn some Yamataian, just for fun, and thus far has elementary-level ability to speak and understand it. She has yet to begin teaching herself how to write it.


Isha is capable of basic medical techniques, including everything up to first aid, emergency care such as CPR or the Heimlich maneuver and the administering of pre-prepared medicine, such as painkillers or stimulants. She's also well versed in all aspects of Iromakuanhe physiology, as well as that of the species native to their home system. She has working knowledge of emergency care, surgical techniques and pharmaceuticals, and is capable of diagnosing a known illness, or figuring out ways to reduce the symptoms of an unknown one by observation. Furthermore, Isha is familiar with taxonomy, xenobiology and pathology, and can classify new species and diseases based on the traits of pre-existing ones.


As a field physician, Isha has good bedside manner, and understands some of the more important points of the Iromakuanhe psyche. She can work as a personal adviser when it is needed, and knows how to inform patients and their associates of medical conditions in a sympathetic, professional manner. This is complimented by her empathic abilities inherent to being an Iroma. She has three solid years of psychological study as an apprentice, plus additional work in her training to become a field physician. As a minor addition, she's also well-versed in the current happenings and media flow, due to personal interests.


Isha has advanced comprehension and practical ability in the piloting of a Powered Frame unit, capable of flying under most conditions and operating all of the onboard weaponry safely and efficiently in combat scenarios. Shee can make complex battlefield maneuvers while under high stress (combat, etc) and adjust her movements to compensate for all logical combat variables (gravity, weapons fire, atmospheric conditions, etc). She understands the basic functionality of her machine and can make basic repairs to certain subsystems, but is by no means a strong mechanic.


Isha has learned the essentials of tactics and command, but has not achieved the required level of mastery to put herself in a command position. However, she is capable of giving and following tactical orders quickly and efficiently in combat scenarios and can follow the command structure of her unit or wing while under highly stressful conditions (combat, etc). She is capable of making use of the information given to her (tactical maps, target statistics, marked targets, etc) and finding relevant information to send to the rest of her unit. If given the choice, though, Isha is more likely to relegate a commanding position to others, as her focus is to keep her fellow Iromas alive which can be a full-time task in itself.


Isha she has invested much of her free time into composing and producing her own music, though it has yet to be heard anywhere beyond Maekardan. She's quite capable with many synthetic music programs and devices, and can properly utilize and/or interface with a large number of instruments and musical paraphernalia. The field physician possesses rudimentary skills with some basic instruments that were taught during her first apprenticeship as well. She also has a solid knowledge base of the currently popular musicians in Iromakuanhe culture, and is more than happy to talk music. And, if one is suave enough, they may even be able to convince her to dance. The occasion will have to be fairly special, though, as she prefers not to do so in public, due to a slight discomfort with her own body and the possible judgment of others.




  • Standard hygienic paraphernalia
  • Personal computer
  • Iroma Dictionary


Isha Ragnar is currently a Vayshirin in the Astral Vanguard. She receives a weekly salary of -salary- per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
12000 KD Starting Funds

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