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Jack Gallows

Jack Gallows is a player character created by Jack Gallows and is not yet involved in a roleplay plot.

Jack Gallows
Species: Nepleisian
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Zodiac Sign:
Height: 6'4“
Weight: 240 lbs
Bra Size:
Organization: Nepleslian Space Marines
Occupation: Space Marine
Rank: P3C
Current Placement:

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'4” Mass: 240 lbs Measurements: Build and Skin Color: Broad shouldered and narrow hipped, Jack is a fighting man through and through. His chesti s deep and his arms heavily muscled. His skin has been tanned and leathered by harsh weather.

Eyes and Facial Features: Jack's eyes are blue and somwhat unremarkable. His facial features are broad and flat, his nose ha s been broken on numerous occassions and now sits bent and crooked, beat out of shape. His jaw is square and more often than not sports a stubble. His skin is somwhat pockmarked.

Hair Color and Style: Jack always wears his hair cut short in a very military fashion, His hair is dark and flecked with silver at the temples.

Distinguishing Features: Jack's lips are scarred, split by a jagged knife wound thar runs from under the corner of his nose through his lips to his chin. A small token from the rough city slums. His eye and arm were replaced with mechanical elements after a disasterous accident during live fire training.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Jack is a loud, bombastic man who resonates both an unshakable confidence and raw masculinity. He is perhaps the most stereotypical example of a marine one could imagine and maintains a distinct sense of patriotism and loyalty, both to his squad, his army and his empire.

Jack tends towards being fairly humorous even if in a rather simple way. His deep voice is always growling and he tends towards being more than a little aggressive. He is utterly fearless and won’t back down from a fight with anyone. He is stubborn and tends towards being even a little ignorant but this is at worst a minor flaw.

Jack has a nearly endless appetite for hard drink and the fairer sex, while a brutish marine he can switch on the charm when needs must and despite his rather flat features and the great many scars on his form he maintains a rugged charm that has won him more than a few bed mates. He does appear to have trouble keeping a stable relationship and any romantic affair tends to flare out and die rather quickly.

Likes: Cigars, Women, Drink, Fighting, Old music, chess Dislikes: Early morning roll calls, Civillians, People from other planets Goals: To rise in the ranks and earn a commission.


Family (or Creators)

Edward Gallows~ Deceased Silva Gallows~ Deceased Uncle Hew~ Alive


Born in Funky City in one of the worst area’s right from the start Jack showed he was a real fighter. His mother died in childbirth and his marine father took the burden on himself until he was killed a year later in some pointless space battle. An uncaring uncle took Jack in until he was four before deeming him ‘almost a man’ and kicked him out into the gutter.

Young Jack learned very swiftly that the only way to live was to fight. For nearly ten years he lived by his wits, fighting, stealing and even on occasion murdering simply to get enough food to eat. He was unique however in that the worlds Dog eat dog mentality didn’t quite get to him and Jack would only pick fights with the larger, more brutal children. He also took part in several bare knuckle fights for prize money or just simple enjoyment. It was only when at aged fifteen Jack was captured during the botched robbery of a supply train that he was given a choice. Sixty years hard labour or the marine’s. Jack didn’t hesitate once.

Jack's training consisted of all the basics of modern warfare along with extensive training in infantry combat from open fields to city fighting. Jack showed an excellent grasp of infantry level combat both against other infantry and mechanised weapons of war. Jack graduated at the top of his class in CQB and survival earning him a place in a specalised training course which focused on further developing the capabilities of the fighting man on foot. Jack was trained in infiltration, irregular warfare and advanced infantry fighting techniques.

Jack earned the distinctive wounds during his training on a military base outside Funky city in which he was gravely wounded aftera poorly maintained rifle accidentally misfire, detonating all the ammunition in the clip. As a result Jack lost the use of his right arm and was blinded in the right eye. In order to maintain him fit for battle he was granted a pair of crude, last generation mechanical replacements which have become an easily dinstinguished feature of the marine.



Jack has a firm understanding of communicating with other militaty units on a battlefield and is well versed in combat cant and delivering cordinates.

Survival and military

Due to his training Jack can survive for a good amount of time simply living off the land. Also, Due to the training in irregular warfare Jack has an understanding of how to make effective traps both for hunting game the the removal of enemy personel.


Jack's greatest skill. His natural strength and resilance combined with the intensive training has made Jack an excellent hand to hand fighter as well as a good knife fighter and an expert in CQB. However due to lakck of depth perception he is a fairly poor shot over long range and tends to try and compesnate for this by having a weapon which fires big rounds, or lots of rounds.


Being a marine Jack is afit man with plenty of stamina. He is well adapted to long days of hard work and can march several miles carrying heavy gear without signs of strain.


Jack Gallows is currently a p3C in the Nepleslian Space Marines. She receives a weekly salary of -salary- per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

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