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James Bierd

James Bierd is a player character played by solunall.

James Bierd
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: 6,0
Weight: 283 (Lots of metal)
Organization: Nepleslian Marine Corps
Occupation: Military
Rank: P3C
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. Bounty Hunters
  2. ISC Phoenix

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 6,0
  • Mass: 283 (Lots of metal)
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Wiry and Fit, cybernetics fit his build. White with a slightly darker complexion.

Eyes and Facial Features: Didn't realize how long that was. So cybernetic eyes that gives him a constant HUD. Allows him to mark targets and friendlies, augments and improved aiming, and gives vitals information on himself and others. Has an angular face with a long jaw line. Ski Slope Nose Cheeks are somewhere between full and shallow. Large eyes (cybernetic) Dark brown artificial iris Average eyebrows (Not thick, not thin)

Ears: Normal, stick out just a bit

Hair Color and Style: Dark Brown, keeps it at around an inch. Style is just get up and go.

Distinguishing Features: Both arms are sleek, black tech. Main use is augmented strength and dexterity in the hands, but a little add on was a faster reaction time. Inertial Dampeners in throughout the arms allow for heavier recoil. Both legs have augmentation, but not full replacements. Augments allow for a running speed of 30 MPH at a sprint and a jump of 13 feet roughly. Organs have been enhanced to keep up with his ability, nanites in his blood stream repair damage fairly quickly.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Not talkative in areas hes unfamiliar with, but once he warms up to people (Which could be a while) he'll talk to those around him openly.

He's more of an observer, he watches and assesses what around him. In combat he rushes forward as far as he can, sort of reckless and bold, but will step in front of an ally under fire without hesitation. Loves weaponry, and will constantly disassemble and reassemble anything he can get his hands on. Still, he loves a good book more. A quiet corner somewhere, a book, and hes fine for a while.

  • Likes: Weaponry, Reading, Honesty
  • Dislikes: Pointless Fights
  • Goals: His goal was to get off planet, he's at a loss for what to do now


Family (or Creators)



Grew up on his own for most of his life, his parents died when he was to young to recall then clearly. As he got older he turned to the unsavory side of Neplesia, working as a thief and safe cracker. He got a reputation as someone to got to when goods needed to be “liberated”. As his reputation grew, so did the competition, it wasn't long till another “liberator” wanted him out of the picture and posted a hit on him. Whoever took it didn't much care about making a mess; they blew his home apart and left him, as well as a few unfortunate bystanders, for dead. Almost all of the money he made went to putting himself back together, courtesy of a dead mans switch. In between the operations he developed a taste for literature of almost any kind, it was all he had to do at the time. Once he got out it dawned on him, at only 14 he was a cybernetic. He continued his trade, but with much more caution. It wasn't until he was nearly killed for the third time that he realized this wasn't his stage anymore. Countless firefights and countless attempts to break into his accounts had given him a respect for those who did this sort of thing for a living. Then it clicked, he needed to get off planet. Where would his skills fit well in addition to getting him off planet quickly? He found his answer, he'd join the Marine Corps. It wasn't all that different from his current life, it might even be an improvement! So he bought the gear he thought he'd need, leaving only 540 DA to his name, and went to enlist.



His life on the streets of Neplesia has left him in pretty good shape, and the augmentations done to his body allow him to surpass normal human limits. He blew through the PT in Basic, it was easy for someone with an abnormal situation like himself.


Another trait gained from his life, he did many odd jobs while he was planet side. He's not a smooth talker, but if you want a lock picked, a security system busted, or a network hacked he's your man.


In addition to the skills taught to him in Basic, he has no problem with fighting dirty. His augments make him a formidable opponent against most people, but he can't keep up with someone with formal training. In addition, the increased dexterity in his arms and hands let him utilize his close combat weapon, a MCA-01c, in a fashion that's considered unusual but effective. Also was familiar with firearms before Basic, training there only enhanced what he knew by adding knowledge of almost all conventional weaponry available, as well as some not so conventional. The Britva he uses required some additional training, but now hes able to handle simple tasks with ease and can even use some of the more advanced maneuvers.


His nanites allow for him to take wounds that would put most people down, they also allow him to go into a “dormant” state. In this he can stay still for incredibly long periods of time. It's similar to how a alligator can remain on the bottom, his systems go down to the bare minimum for survival. The training he received allow him to survive as needed. He can build and maintain a basic shelter and camouflage both it and himself from prying eyes.

Maintenance and Repair

His fascination of weaponry gave him a habit of disassembling and resembling the ones around him. He also researches whenever he can to get a better understanding of how they work, allowing him to keep his weapons cleaned and in excellent shape. He'll also fix weapons as needed, one of his pastimes is to go through the armory inspecting, cleaning, and repairing weapons as he goes.


He understands the skills needed for the chaos of combat, with knowledge in math, the recognition of ambush points, his rigid chain of command, and a involved understanding of squad tactics.


He was trained to use radio communications easily, and Nepleslian is his first language. He understands and can communicate with all forms of signing while out in field situations.


James Bierd has the following items:

  • IPG Britva MK II Light Powered Armor
  • Combat Knife (Issued with armor)
  • Styrling Tactical Assault Rifle
  • HD Short Range Multi Spectral Scope, 3-9×40 Zoom
  • Double Stacked Magaziine
  • Black Leather Magazine Belt
  • Zen Armaments .45 Caliber Pistol
    • Black Leather Holster
  • .45 Zen Armaments FMJ
    • Heavier Barrel
    • Heavier Slide
    • Trigger Job (Larger Pull)
  • Marine Combat Axe Model 01c


James Bierd is currently a P3C in the Nepleslian Marine Corps.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

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