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Jean Emanuel Baptiste

Jean is an Nepleslian NPC played by Soresu. He is a firearms designer working for Zen Armaments.

Jean Emanuel Baptiste
Pronunciation: Je-in, E-mahn-u-ehl, Bap-te-st
Species: Nepleslian Born: BYE 1
Gender: Male Height: 6'0โ€œ / 182.88 cm.
Age: 34 YE Weight: 179 lb. / 81.19 kg.
Ranks/Grade: Chief Designer Organization: Zen Armaments
Lineage: Nepleslian Occupation Weapon Designer
Current Placement
Zen Armaments

Jean's Themes

Theme (Normal): Lupin III - 1978 Theme

Theme (Battle): Black Lagoon OST - Don't Stop

Physical Characteristics

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 34 YE
  • Height: 6'0โ€ / 182.88 cm.
  • Mass: 179 lb. / 81.19 kg.

General View

  • Handedness: Left
  • Build: Jean sports a lean, lanky frame that bellies the lean muscle he has.
  • Skin Color: Light Tan
  • Facial Features: Jean's facial features appear hawkish, sharp angled from his high cheekbones to the jaw. And he almost always sports stubble on his cheeks, chin and upper lip.
  • Eye color: Green.
  • Hair color and Style: Jean's short black hair appears tousled, almost verging on being unkempt to the untrained eye. However he never lets it grow long, instead favoring it to be short enough not to get in the way.

Distinguishing Features

Jean, due to leading a rigorous lifestyle abroad has accumulated a series of cybernetics to replace some of his lost limbs, and organs.

His usual attire is a three-piece suit which almost always black (But he changes the colors on whim) with matching vest, white shirt, and burgundy tie with a gold pocket watch. However despite thinking himself a snappy dresser, his attire is usually rumpled.

  • Both Hands and Arms have been replaced with cybernetic equivalents. Both are sheathed in synthskin to give a human appearance.
  • His spinal column and rib cage have under gone some minor reinforcement due to an accident which nearly killed him.
  • One of his kidneys, and his liver have been replaced with cybernetic equivalents.
  • He has a Awesomecorp Cere-Buddy Cybernetic Implant
  • Due to his work environment, Jean has had his cybernetics 'hardened' against EM interference.

Mental Characteristics


Eccentric, Grandiose, and Whimsical could easily describe Jean in his work environment. However despite what appears on the surface, Jean is a meticulous craftsman who takes his work seriouslyโ€ฆ most of the time. He has been known to be flippant with his employees and employers, a flirt with the ladies as well as a letch. But to him this is all in good fun and serves to 'brighten' the usually dank, dark work environment. Deep down he is an intelligent man who partially cultivates the air of an obnoxious, lecherous man who does this for his own fun, but to also hide the fact he can be a cunning, underhanded individual if required.

Preferences and Goals

  • General Likes: Coffee, Smoking, Weapons, Explosions, Beautiful Women, Women in general, His Work, Brandy
  • General Dislikes: 'Boring' Days, Overbearing People, When his designs don't work.
  • Religion: None
  • Sexuality: Hetero
  • Goals: Currently? Too many to list.



Name Relation Age Occupation
Anais Dubois Mother Deceased Formerly a Homemaker
Lรฉon Dubois Father Deceased Formerly a Soldier


Born a year before the Yamataian Era calendar, Jean's life was typical for that of a Nepleslian living in the slums. Little food, entertainment or easy living. His father was a soldier who died before he was born, his mother died shortly thereafter. This left Jean in the hands of the Nepleslian Government, living in an orphanage. This would not last because as soon as he was old enough, Jean escaped and began living on the streets. He stole, he pickpocketed, he ran with youth gangs. He did this until he was twenty, by then he'd accumulated a decent living by stealing from others, selling second-hand weapons and swindling every sucker he could find.

A year later while on Kennewes, one of the numerous skirmishes between the Reds and Greens factions broke out again, the end result being Jean was left in a pitiful state, on the verge of death. It took everything he had to merely survive, let alone pay for the extensive medical expenses. By the end of it he was once again poor and in the gutter.

Finally though, enough was enough, something had managed to worm its way into the back of his mind.

He wanted better for himself, he wanted to make something of himself.

Life, to Jean was too fleeting, too fragile to waste living off of streets. Already a streetwise, and smart man, he enrolled in one of the many little used government programs to try and promote a better standard of living for its citizens, including jobs and education. From this, Jean scraped a living and earned himself a degree or two along the way for his effort.

And eventually it paid off for him because he managed to land a job at a small-time gun manufacturing firm as a designer that was eventually bought out and incorporated into Zen Armaments where he has worked since then. Only recently has his work been taken seriously and allowed him to move up the corporate ladder of his own division.



Working with explosives (And Gunpowder) has enboldened Jean to delve further into the deadly, yet beautiful art of explosives. He is capable of manufacturing, designing, and formulating new types of explosive materials and charges for weapons.


While not military trained, Jean has led a life of crime, living on the streets of Nepleslia itself, and surviving on Kennewes for years. He is an adept streetfighter, be it a knife fight or hand-to-hand as well as being a deft pistoleer.


Jean received basic mathematics training, to including up to algebra and trigonometry as well as statistical analysis, geometry, and accounting.


Jean is well versed in the laws of the Democratic Imperium, as well as small arms information.


No firearms designer worth his salt would not know how to design, and manufacture mechanisms for firearms. As such, Jean has studied the field of firearms engineering.


Due to his fascination with different foods (In part due to being underfed when he was younger), Jean studied a few different forms of cooking.


Living on the streets of Nepleslia and Kennewes, one had to learn its ebb and flows to survive. Jean has lied, cheated, and stolen for most of his life. And as such he can pick pockets and locks with the best of them.



  • Multiple Three-Piece Suits (Varying Colors)
  • Six Pairs of Wing Tip Shoes
  • Way too many ties

Accessories (On His Person)

  • A Gold Pocket Watch (His First Crime!)
  • Silver Cigarette Case
  • Silver and Gold Metal Lighter
  • Silver Flask (He keeps brandy in there.)

Weapons (On His Person)


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