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Kalael Miriam

Kalael Miriam is a player character played by Sekiko.

Kalael Miriam
Species: Elysian Patrician
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Employer: Elysian Celestial Navy
Occupation: Armor Pilot
Rank: Armor Pilot
Current Assignment: ECS Sorella

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 175cm
  • Mass: 60kg
  • Measurements:
  • Bra Size: B-32

Build and Skin Colour: Kalael stands on light feet, a slender figure cut from the same cloth as the gods themselves. Her supple form is fluid as molten wax, with pale complexion of a vaguely golden tone. Long limbs seem neither awkward nor misplaced, instead adding to that beautifully fluid grace with accompanies her slightest motion. She is nicely curved, but not overwhelmingly so - there is a subtlety to the delectable nature of her body. Facial Features and Eye Colour: Kalael's visage is of a regal beauty: impassive and distant, well-defined and alluring, undeniably lovely and at once with a note of disdain, almost cruelty, constantly cloaking her features. Her eyes are the blue-green of a tropical sea, but as stony-cold as the rest of her person. Of note, her eyebrows are finely preened, and she bears, under the corner of her left eye, a tattoo in black, an inward-moving spiral, turned twice. Her right brow is pierced twice, typically decorated with a pair of polished steel studs. Hair Colour and Style: Kalael's hair is silvery-white, perfectly straight, and falls to her middle back. She usually keeps it plaited into a loose braid, though occasionally she has been known to simply let it fall freely.

Distinguishing Features: The tattoo under he eye, and the piercings. She also has a tattoo on her left thigh, just beneath that area that noone will ever get to touch. This is shaped as a stylized Elysian, wings outspread, a blade in each hand, down-pointed. It wraps partway around her leg.

Psychological Characteristics

Kalael can be summed up with the word 'distant'. She is slow to make friends, often very quiet, and prone to long bouts of musing reflection. She possesses a gift with music, but she prefers to play for her own benefit than for public attention. Though she bears a certain respect for those marked with Kleos, she herself has never sought to establish a sterling reputation. Many think of her as cold, she simply prefers to avoid attachment to anyone. Notably, however, she has a deep and overwhelming love for cats.

Likes: Cats, music, theatre, romantic fantasy stories (since they greatly outweigh the prowess of any man in the universe) Dislikes: Being looked down on, being called cold, unnecessary loudness, Yamataians, Nepleslians (since they are usually unnecessarily loud…) Goals: To serve Elysia, and perhaps someday find a quiet place to settle herself, with a dozen cats. And if impossibly slim odds play in her favor, a family.


Family / Creators

  • Israfil Miriam - Father, serving in the ECN
  • Lassiel Miriam - Mother, a former Senator


Kalael's past was one of relative shelter. She was brought up wealthy, learned all the tricks to being an overbearing Patrician, and never really paid much heed. She was young at the end of the Elysian wars, and though she didn't much understand them, she comprehended that her people had been humiliated and cast down by a people far inferior, one who's cultural identity relied on sexual promiscuity and senseless violence. Therefor, Kalael developed her own rather unique dislike for Yamatai. And though she rarely showed interest, as she aged, for being one's common, arrogant Patrician, and though she empathized perhaps a bit too much with the lower-caste Plebeians, she became, as one could imagine, a fairly normal daughter of a Senator and a Soldier. And she became, in her own time, a soldier in the rebuilt ECN. And she has brought with her her freshly-adopted kitty, Whiskrael.


Fighting and Physical: Kalael is an excellent armor pilot, first and foremost. Her skill and training in the Anthedon are of exceptional calibur, and she knows this well. She approaches armor engagements, in fact, with a grim, reckless, almost fatalistic outlook. She also has all the necessary basic combat training of the ECN, including the use of Aspis, spears, blades, pistols, rifles, and unarmed combat. She is rather stronger than her slender build would suggest, though not of an exceptional level, exception coming instead from an excellent agility, a notable talent for tumbling, impeccable balance… and from wings strong enough to sustain brief flight.

Culinary: Let us say this. Kalael spent more time cooking than she ever did learning the social customs of Elysia. And considering that she spent much of her life learning the social customs of Elysia, she is now a very proficient cook. She doesn't back this up with a high degree of artistry, but she makes fare that, despite sometimes being aesthetically unpleasing, demonstrates wonderful flavor and creative use of spicing.

Communications: Kalael is proficient in radios and speaking and… …how many bloody times have we seen this skill copied ad infinitum? Lets just say she has the necessary military proficiency in her communications.

Leadership: Kalael, when she does choose to speak, is often very insightful… especially in regards to tactical situations. She has some ability to speak inspiringly, and could probably make a decent politician, if she had the drive.

Technology Operation: Kalael is fully proficient in both Elysian operating systems and the Kessaku OS. She can enter and search for information, operate executables, et cetera. She is also not bad in the realms of programming things…

Entertainment: Kalael is fully proficient in playing the Iyal'yohs and the Soholu. She plays, in fact, stunningly well. Her voice is sweet and of piercing clarity, but as with speaking, she does not sing often. She also plays Kleayo and Kassyilik with notable ability.

OOC Information

There you go, Thomas.

In the case Sekiko becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO

This character was originally created on 2006/12/02 11:22 by Sekiko; original forum post.

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