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Sui'yrena Kata'nova

Sui'yrena Kata'nova is a Shukaren Daur (Sub-Species) in the Shukara Volunteer Navy. She is currently aboard the YSS Aeon Kata'nova is a PC/NPC played by Kyle.

Kata'nova Sui'yrena
Species: Shukaren Daur (Sub-Species)
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Height: 4'5”
Weight: 88
Organization: Shukara Volunteer Navy
Occupation: Combat Aviator Youth Corps Liason
Rank: F'Bantau / YontΓ΄ Hei
Current Placement: YSS Aeon

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 4'5”
  • Mass: 88
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Has light red fur with a moderate build, arms are built up along with chest muscles and slightly ripped abs

Eyes and Facial Features: Narrow eye shape with light blue eyes, face has the appearance of a child due to her race.

Ears: Fox-like ears that are the same color as the skin, the fuzz within the ear is orange

Hair Color and Style: Light red hair that is cropped back military style.

Distinguishing Features: Has a black fox-like tail with a light yellow tip. She has a strong sense of smell but her sense of touch is actually quite poor.

Psychological Characteristics

Kata'nova Sui'yrena

Personality: Kata'nova Sui'yrena is known for her no non-sense attitude and her desire to always push the limits and taking risks. She has a strong desire to learn about things that interest her or things that catch her eyes, which often puts her at odds with her superiors who prefer that she follow orders where instead she sometimes disobeys those orders.

She can easily get scared or nervous when she runs into situations that don't make sense to her.

  • Likes: Her siblings, parents, the navy, flying, space, any food, trying something new, annoying her superiors, her nickname 'Kata'
  • Dislikes: Terrorists, death, being punished, the loss of history
  • Goals: Kata'nova desires to have her own squadron of fighters and then later on retire as a noble who owns a station


Family (or Creators)

Fu'ren Sui'yrena - Mother - 65 - Alive Jui Sui'yrena - Father - 55 - Missing Hyu'na Sui'yrena - Little sister - 6 - Alive Lyu'na Sui'yrena - Little sister - 6 - Alive


Kata'nova was born on the capital world of the Kingdom of Neshaten, where she grew up mostly around the military and nobles. Her mother was a City Guard Flight Interceptor while her father was an Aviator who flew fighters for the Navy.

Her parents learned shortly after her birth that Kata'nova has almost no sense of touch when they would her grab her arm or shoulder or just tap her and she wouldn't respond, although her sense of smell was also something that was discovered to be quite acute.

Despite her parents occupations, which often took them away from her and left her usually home alone, she grew up rather well with a respect for those around her but also gives her a healthy respect for danger. However, that didn't stop her from developing her own desires for pushing the limits of her own body, which quickly resulted in her nearly getting herself killed once when she accepted a school dare to go running through a live-fire zone.

This dare got the attention of the Youth Corps, which discovered that her parents were always working and had left little time for her, thus instead of punishing her for doing something that could've killed her the corps invited her in where she would have a place to not only stay but also - in a way - live while her parents were away. This had a positive influence on her, as she joined the corps at the age of seven.

During her time as a school child, she took part in a number of military exercises which demonstrated her talent in flying fighters and scouts, but it wasn't until she showcased her skills against a surprise attack by a terrorist group was she recognized as having a talent.

Her skills impressed E'Leuyte Violane Uitene, the XO in charge of the Youth Corps, where she was invited to be Violane's right hand woman where she helps to oversee the Corps and sends out orders to members. While still doing her administrative job, she was able to also perform the main job she had wanted and that was to patrol her home system, in doing so though; she was fast tracked through the ranks, not even aware that her family had played a part in it.

She was promoted to F'Bantau just after turning thirteen years of age and earned the flight title of 'Sho'va'. For at least two seasons, she didn't do much flying until just recently when she requested to serve as a recon pilot again, where Violane placed her as part of the 2nd Exploratory Fleet.

Lost in Space

Kata'nova's scouting mission had been mostly a success by the time she arrived at her second to last waypoint; intending to finish things up before making a jump to a stopping point to change out her scouts energy crystals for fresh ones. However, as she made the jump to her last waypoint she found herself forced out of fold-space and right into the middle of a battlefield.

This battle, a skirmish between Yamatai and NMX forces, resulted in her crash landing on the surface of the planet where the battle was taking place over. With her scout damaged beyond repair and no means of contacting her people, she relunctantly accepted the help of a member of the Aeon crew going by the name of Freyja Oinari.

Mission 7.0 - Prologue Southern Encounters

Onboard the Aeon, Kata'nova found herself struggling to really communicate with the members of the ships crew, though this came as little surprise to the youngling due to them not understanding her language, both vocal and written.

However, things went south for awhile when her body surcumbed to an infection brought about by a piece of debris that had been caught in her chest initially that she'd pulled out. The suits medical foam had stopped her from bleeding out but hadn't done anythign to stop the infection that resulted there-after. Fortunantly, it wasn't life-threatening.



Kata'nova learned from her mother how to fight in hand to hand combat and with swords and even some maces that her family owned. She is profiant in most current day weaponry and also knows how to use her hands to take down those who threaten her.


As required by law, Kata'nova knows her nations laws and regulations. She is constantly updating herself whenever new laws or policies are passed.

Starship Operations

Her job required her to fly all manners of craft, from fighters, to starships, though right her current speciality is in small craft while she is currently training to fly larger craft via simulators.

Survival and Military

Kata'nova has been trained to survive in the wilderness when shot out of the sky or when she's forced into a crash landing. She is trained in map navigation and foraging.

Maintenance and Repair

Because of her job, Kata'nova had to learn how to maintain her fighter and how to take it apart an dput it back together.


Kata'nova was often at home babysitting her little sisters, so she usually found herself cooking dinner instead of going out to eat. Because of this, she knows how to fix most common meals but also enjoys experimenting with others as well.


Her role as the right hand woman to Violane meant that she had to develop her social skills very quickly along with her ability to lead.


Kata'nova Sui'yrena has the following items:


Kata'nova Sui'yrena is currently a W'Xesna in the Shukara Volunteer Navy.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
15,000 KS Current funds

OOC Discussion

This character is an NPC/PC to be used in the Aeon temporarily.

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