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Kromi'Temyrci "Rush" Fyunnen

Kromi'Temyrci “Rush” Fyunnen is a player character played by The Real Bames Jond.

Kromi'Temyrci “Rush” Fyunnen
Species: Lorath
Gender: Male
Age: 50
Height: 203cm / 6' 8“
Weight: 109kg / 240lbs
Organization: Lorath Self Defense Force
Occupation: Infantry (Forward Recon / Survivalist)
Rank: Soldier
Current Placement: LSDF Val'ta

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 203cm / 6' 8”
  • Mass: 109kg / 240lbs

Build and Skin Color: Kromi'Temyrci, or just Kromi, stands close to seven feet tall, with broad shoulders, and has a well-muscled and athletic build. By the standards of a Fyunnen male he's really just a tad tall and his almost light-olive complexion is positively shadowy by the pale standards of his brethren. And on top of that his arms, stomach, and back are covered in intricate sleeves and near murals of complex, black ink-work.

Eyes and Facial Features: Kromi's eyes are a light amber color, and he has a sharp nose and he has a square face with a well-defined jawline. He often has a borderline-regulation breaking stubble in his own little protest of the LSDF's policy on shaving. Also, he is visibly weathered in some ways from the harsh environments he commonly subjects himself to.

Ears: Though mostly similar to a human ear in appearance, Fyunnen ears are roughly two inches longer at the top, and come to a rather pointed end.

Hair Color and Style: Kromi's hair is shock-white naturally and kept in a close-cropped cut. But he often decorates it with seemingly erratic or random patterns of Fyunnen-red dye. Unlike his stubble, he rarely lets his hair get too long or unkempt.

Distinguishing Features: His arms, back, chest, and stomach are covered in a large number of tattoos with any number of meanings and symbolic relations to him. His hair usually looks like a lightning-storm of red is shooting through it. Also like all Lorath, he has black feathered wings.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: No conservative Lorath is going to accuse Kromi of having what it takes to be a good house-husband. The idea of tending to the house while somebody else goes off to achieve great things has never had any appeal for him. The rush of adrenaline when you aren't sure if you'll live or die in the next minute has always held better appeal to him. He'd rather be at 20,000 feet or on a mountain peak during a snow-storm or even in the middle of a firefight instead of tending to house-keeping and trying to raise children in a sedate and peaceful life. If it wouldn't get his heart rate up, he's not interested in it.

Though a good psychologist would note that he is beginning to use his extreme sports in the same way an alcoholic uses the bottle or the addict uses the needle. He takes risks that are far from necessary, risking his life even when not in the uniform and out performing his tasks as a soldier. He'll jump from the top of a dam and won't deploy his wing-suit until he's all but hit it, or he'll stay out for a week in a horrible snow storm out in the wilderness.

Though this doesn't carry over to his wearing the uniform. When he's on duty, he's a perfectly acceptable soldier. He shows up for formations on time, doesn't complain anymore than any other soldier when given work details, and works to be excellent at his job. Sure he may complain about needing to keep so short-shaved or about how he doesn't get to do the “fun” parts of his job as often as he'd like but he's a perfectly reasonable soldier.

Personal relationships are few. He'll be friendly and warm to everybody but very rarely lets people get very close to him. This isn't linked to any sort of trauma or horrible mistreatment - he just doesn't trust easily and keeps his circle of friends a very small and tightly collected one. There is no grand declaration or jumping in front of a bullet if you've found yourself in that inner circle, either. To be honest it shows itself in simple ways like offering to buy the first few rounds at the bar or taking people jumping or diving or hiking out with him somewhere.

  • Likes: The outdoors, skydiving and BASE jumping, deep sea diving, tattoos, “vaping” his Duq juice, the “party scene”, Duq and his Duq vaporizer, and pretty boys have been known to distract him from time to time.
  • Dislikes: People insulting his ink, the idea of being a stay-at-home husband, or being “grounded” from his pass-times. And to a more restrained extent, Yamatai and those associated with it.
  • Goals: To gain rank, maybe some day become famous for his sports activities, and help establish a new and bountiful Lorath homeworld.


Family (or Creators)

Khyri'Temyrci “Foundry” Fyunnen - Father, 90 years old Tars'Temyrci “Wanderer” Fyunnen - Mother, 87 years old Hartch'Temyrci “Whisper” Fyunnen - Sister, 56 years old, MIA assumed KIA Morta'Temyrci “Discoverer” Fyunnen - Sister, 50 years old Morti'Temyrci “Suture” Fyunnen - Sister, 44 years old Feti'Temyrci “Soaring” Fyunnen - Brother, 40 years old, KIA


Kromi's father was a weapons-smith by trade, which had brought him to meet Kromi's mother, Tars. Where his father opted for the reserve elements of the military and life, Tars was the opposite. She was bold, adventurous, stuck her neck out often, and seldom let risk of failure or death slow her down. And of the two, Kromi took after his mother like a rocket. Even in his youth he was always getting into places his parents didn't want him, starting fights with local kids, and generally causing a ruckus seemingly fit to turn his parents old before their time. And of course, serving as a thorn in his elder sisters' sides whenever possible as a good young brother was meant to.

With their mother working as an officer in the LSDF and their father being a successful smith, the family never needed for any of the essentials growing up. And of course while they might have been content to simply enjoy their wealth, Fyunnen pride meant that just wasn't going to be okay. His older sisters Hartch and Morta took to the LSDF like their mother, his younger sister took to medicine as a ship nurse, and his younger brother aspired to fly the biggest ships the navy had to offer. And Kromi decided to climb a mountain.

He took up extreme sports and mountaineering, despite protests from his mother that a man's place wasn't to be putting himself in such dangerous positions. He climbed every mountain he could on their home world. He even managed to make a name for himself, such as for holding the record for the highest free-fall without using bailout oxygen. But eventually that wasn't enough. You could only climb so many mountains or make so many jumps before things seemed to turn into more of the same. So in a move that shocked the rest of his family, he put down his wing-suit, and put on a soldier's uniform to serve in the infantry.

While in he earned airborne qualifications, diver qualifications, found himself placed in a light infantry unit as a forward scout, and he sought out the most challenging and unique qualifications that he could. Until the Mishu fell into the Lorath sphere of influence. Things turned bad, Yamatai became involved, and the surface of his homeworld was turned nearly inhospitable by a moon-drop. And like most Lorath, to this day Kromi blames the loss of family and friends to Yamatai's influence.

Hartch was never found after the moon-drop. No record or sign of her. Its not likely but of course Kromi's parents hold out hope that she somehow found her way out of the system before disaster struck. And Feti, who had taken to flying fighters for the LSDF, was reported as KIA when the ship he'd been stationed was lost in the fighting. Kromi was a member of a light infantry unit that was evacuated the system early on under orders of higher command and it still eats at him, that he couldn't stay and fight with his siblings. The loss lingered with him but he seemed to repress it and work around it with such alarming ease that what was meant to put LSDF psychiatrists at ease instead had him put under a more thorough examination.

His off-duty recreation came to light and the purposeful, unnecessary risks he was taking were a concern for his commanding officer. He was confronted about it one day after coming back from shore-leave and immediately turned hostile. He said he couldn't see the issue of what might have happened to him, or how he could have almost died, when he didn't and still made it to formation on time to do his job. He was angry at the world at that point and didn't like his superiors trying to intrude on his personal life when he wasn't even on duty. His snapping at and lashing out at them had his superiors requesting he be reassigned somewhere else.

But that was put on hold.

The fracture and Lorath civil war saw the nation divided. And while Kromi's family stayed loyal, not everybody was so dedicated to the nation they'd sworn to serve. And while his family and others were praised for their loyalty and devotion it was hardly a boon for Kromi. He got worse about his problems, taking more chances, acting more hostile to those who tried to intercede or limit him from them, and always trying to brush it off as if there wasn't a problem or anything to worry about. But as the fighting subsided his transfer request finally came through to have him moved to a vessel on exploration duty. Somewhere far out from core Lorath space.

The hope, ideally, is that the assignment will give him the chance to cool off, and learn to control and deal with his diagnosed PTSD.



Having been born and raised in Lorath territory, Kromi is fluent in both Ly'thir and L'uri Syti (or “Occhestian Dialect”). He's also fluent in Yamataigo. This makes him tri-lingual. He's capable of reading or writing in any of the three fluent languages, is familiar with basic radio operations, and can communicate in or out of combat situations.

He can recognize the command structure of the LSDF and has a somewhat vague understanding of how that compares to the rank structures of Nepleslia and Yamatai. He can issue or receive orders, deal with paperwork and similar forms, and converse fluently with native speakers of Ly'thir and L'uri Syti or Yamataigo. In Trade, or Nepleslian, he's able to do little more than swear and order beer so by Nepleslian standards he's okay.


Like any proud Fyunnen, Kromi received extensive hand-to-hand combat training and has kept with it through extensive training. He's been trained to be familiar with a variety of dominantly Lorath martial arts as well as firearms. He has training to be familiar with pistols of all types, rifles, heavy weapons, explosives, and other weaponry an infantryman might find in the field. He is in great physical shape and maintains incredible physical endurance. He is also able to pilot land-based power armors, but must rely on the suit’s A.I. to do anything too advanced.


Kromi is almost more at home in a tundra expanse or on a mountaintop so cold no plant life dares try to grow than he is in a comfortable bed. He can forage for food, feeding himself and potentially others for days or more. He can find fresh water and can make shelters to take refuge from harsh conditions. He can construct makeshift weapons, navigate by landmarks or stars, conceal his position, signal for rescue or aid, and is trained in the art of guerrilla warfare when he finds himself behind enemy lines.


Any soldier could find themselves in a position of leadership so the training of a Fyunnen soldier accounts for that. Kromi has been trained to lead in situations where it is just he and another soldier, or up to a full company following him. He can speak to large groups, gather field intelligence, negotiate when it proves necessary, and maneuver his troops through dangerous tactical situations. He also has an understanding of overall strategy, can recognize points of potential ambush, has an understanding of logistics in the field of combat, and can coordinate movement and action between units.


Kromi is a grown man and this is expected to be able to handle his own affairs. He can cook for himself and others, clean around the house, and keep his living space functional. He's also capable of providing for children if he find himself in the position where he has to. His parents suggested he pursue further training and skills in the field since he'd be “some woman's husband some day”. Which is funny because there isn't enough money, make-up, or drugs to make women attractive to him. So he didn't.


Kromi is a lover of the extreme and the challenging. He is diver-qualified under the LSDF, intimately familiar with various diving apparatuses, and how to handle or combat conditions such as decompression sickness. He can tread water for hours and swim miles at a time if he has to. His endurance is incredible and he can run for hours, lift and heft his own body weight and then some climbing rock-faces, and is in excellent physical shape. He's also an avid skydiver and wing-suit jumper and is even airborne-qualified under the LSDF as part of his packet for reconnaissance.


Lorath Self Defense Force Uniform Components

  • Rank Pin Set - 1x
  • M37/M38 EBU w/ collapsible helmet, minus armor plate - 1x
  • Uniform blouse, gray, with Fyunnen caste and assignment markings - 2x
  • Uniform shirt, gray, with Fyunnen caste and assignment markings - 2x
    • Rank and assignment patch on right shoulder
    • Award Attachment Patch on left shoulder
    • Name patch
  • Pants, gray - 2x
  • Kilt, gray - 2x
  • Stonethread undershirt, Fyunnen red - 2x
    • Individual name printed on back and left breast
  • Cotton undershirt, gray - 2x
  • Synthetic fiber stockings, black - 2x pairs
  • Synthetic leather gloves, black - 2x pairs
  • Leather boots, black - 1x pair
  • Athletic shoes, black - 1x pair
  • Belt, black, w/ brass buckle - 1x
  • Glengarry hat - 1x
    • Rank patch on front left

Weather Gear

  • Balaclava, black - 1x
    • Rank patch on left forehead
  • Stonethread poncho (1/4“ thick) and weather resistant inlay, w/ Fyunnen red stripe, black - 1x

Workout Uniform & Undergarments

  • Boxer trunks, custom print - 2x
  • Shirt w/ chest pocket, black - 2x
  • Loafers, black - 1x pair
  • Wrestling shoes, black - 1x pair
  • Cotton boxers, black - 4x
  • Boot-Socks, black - 4x pairs

Personal Possessions

  • TBA

Specialty Equipment

  • For the list of specialist and recreation support gear, click here.



  • “Shower pack”, black - 1x
  • Shampoo - 1x bottle
  • Liquid body soap - 1x bottle
  • Deodorant - 1x stick
  • Toothbrush - 1x
  • Toothpaste - 1x tube
  • Washcloth, white - 2x
  • Towel, white - 2x
  • Moisture absorbing powder, 4oz - 1x
  • Hair brush - 1x
  • Hair dye kit - 1x
  • Tooth repair and alteration kit - 1x


  • Vaporizer, white - 1x
    • 10ml tank - 1x
    • Duq-juice, 15-parts-per-hundred - 4x 50ml bottles
    • Duq-juice, 45-parts-per-hundred - 2x 40ml bottles
  • Leather wallet, brown - 1x
  • Electronic money card - 1x
  • Coin purse - 1x
    • Raw gems and metals used in the Matriarchy - 3000 HS


Kromi'Temyrci “Rush” Fyunnen is currently a Soldier in the Lorath Self Defense Force.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 HS Starting Funds

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