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Species: Elysian (Plebian)
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Family (or Creators): Mother: Kathriel. Father: Unknown human
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 180 cm (5’ 11”)
Weight: 41 kg (91 lbs)
Bra Size: B, on rare occasions bound down to appear A
Organization: Independent
Rank: n/a
Occupation: Chief Insultist
Current Placement: ISC Pheonix

Laeliel in Roleplay

Laeliel is a Player Character played by David and is currently involved in the ISC Pheonix plot.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 180 cm (5’ 11”) Mass: 41 kg (91 lbs) Measurements: Hi-Mi-Tsu Bra Size: B, on rare occasions strapped down to appear A

Build and Skin Colour: Laeliel’s frame is somewhere between delicate and fragile - depending mostly on the observer - and her skin is a light shade of rose pink. Her wings are a pure white when clean – though they often are not – and at full extension the distance between her wingtips is a little over three and a half times the width of her shoulders.

Facial Features and Eye Colour: Laeliel’s face contains the angular, angelic-like beauty typical of Elysians though with a smaller, slightly more rounded nose and pale blue eyes that angle down slightly towards the outside and are a little larger than average her overall look tips her towards either the ‘cute’ or ‘sad’ side of the scale, depending largely on whether she is smiling or not.

Hair Colour and Style: Usually – and naturally – a dirty blonde colour, though on the odd, random, occasion dyed to a rich honey blonde. It cascades down to the middle of her back in soft waves, except for on her left-most side where a half-fist’s worth abruptly ends at shoulder length as though it has been roughly cut, which makes for an overall uneven look.

Distinguishing Features: Laeliel’s most distinguishing feature – apart from her obvious Elysian appearance when she doesn’t hide it – is that she has very expressive eyes, though they are usually filled with some sort of negative emotion.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Laeliel’s personality is dominated by her conflicting emotions between her Patrician upbringing and the stark reality of her fall to the realm of Plebeians, something that she has been unable to come to terms with, and is compounded by the atrocities she witnessed during the slaughter of Elysians during the First Elysian War. Outwardly she is usually moody and given to mumbling - with the occasional irritated or angry outburst - and has a largely pessimistic view of the universe, though secretly she yearns for a return to the happy days she enjoyed in her youth. Quick to assume things are going wrong – and just as quick to start running – Laeliel has few qualms about hightailing it out of a situation where things are going bad, even if it means abandoning those she happens to be working with (though it helps that they are people that she has not known for long, if at all). Has a deep-seated hatred for everything and –one Yamataian thanks to the many conflicts her race has been involved in with them during her life.

Likes: Finding peace in her pursuit of the arts, her late mother, the way things used to be. Dislikes: Yamataians, Neplelians, Elysians, things as they are now. Goals: For now, survive. Beyond that, to escape her job and try and sort out her confused feelings.



Laeliel was born into the universe during the month of Skirophorion, YE 04, on one of the multitude of Heavens that graced the skies over Geshrintall (now Yamatai) during that time. The daughter of a Patrician financial accountant and a father she never knew, Laeliel enjoyed growing up in the idyllic setting of Elysian Patrician society while remaining blissfully unaware of the measures her mother was taking to keep the truth of her daughter’s parentage from becoming known. In the worst way possible this became a lot easy after Laeliel turned four; the First Elysian War broke out and merely surviving the near-xenocide that followed was the only thing on every Elysian’s mind. The following six years of recovery from this massacre were slowly refilled with a measure of normality and hope until conflict broke out again in YE 14 with the this time Elysian-instigated Second Elysian War. Surviving this second trial, Laeliel and her mother joined the exodus of Elysians to New Elysia in YE 18, glad to be able to leave behind the memories of war and make a fresh start on new lands.

Just when things finally seemed to be going well again in YE 20, the weave of lies fell apart. A jealous co-worker lower on the social ladder than Kathriel followed up on her suspicions about Laeliel’s genetics, eventually uncovering the truth and publicly revealing what the girl herself did not know; that she was not of pure Patrician blood, rather the result of a moment of indiscretion on her mother’s behalf. Shocked, confused and suddenly inferior, Laeliel was cast down to live amongst the Plebian masses, everything she had once thought undeniable truths lying shattered at her feet. Kathriel attempted to remain with her daughter, though the immense shame of her actions proved too great a burden and leaving only a letter for Laeliel to find she committed suicide less than a month after this transpiration of events. Despite what had happened Laeliel could not see her mother as anything other than the loving, caring individual whose daughter was the most precious thing in her life, and as such directed her anger towards those who had forced her to do what she had.

The next eight years of her existence trudged by with the dull monotony of life as a Plebian; the Forth Elysian War came and went, things changed, things stayed the same. Suddenly unable to bear it any longer Laeliel took the rash action of boarding the first ship she could that wasn’t heading to Yamatai to try and leave behind yet another world that held nothing but unpleasant memories for her.

It was early YE 28, and Laeliel found herself in Nepleslia’s infamous (to most) Funky City. Quickly figuring out that hiding her Elysian appearance was in her best interests, Laeliel attempted to begin life anew on this new planet and applyed for a seemingly innocent job for new immigrants; barely an hour later she was ‘earning’ money at gunpoint as a terrified getaway driver in a high-risk, not-so-high-payoff robbery. Surviving – somehow – through that ordeal only managed to sink her deeper into the shady underworld of Nepleslian crime; unwilling to accept the generous severance package of a .45 slug she spent the two years leading up to the present working in her new-found role of express personnel transportation.



Like the good Patrician that she isn’t really, Laeliel learnt the popular art form of marble sculpture at a young age and achieved an acceptable level of aptitude in it. She prefers creating medium or small sized works over large ones because she feels that something that you can keep in your room to view is much more personal than a larger-than-life statue that could only be used as a feature outside. Seeing that marble is not nearly as available on Nepleslia as it is on New Elysia, Laeliel has stooped to using more readily available stone on the infrequent occasions she has picked up the hammer and chisel in recent times.


Being brought up a Patrician, Laeliel was schooled in the how to speak like one, and has not forgotten how to in the meantime when she had to re-educate herself to talk like a Plebeian, and then again like a Nepleslian. In all she has become able to change her vocal mannerisms at will; capable of speaking with a charming, refined elegance one minute only to let loose with a slurred barrage of guttural obscenities the next. Seraphim is her native tongue and as such she speaks it fluently; Nepleslian also presents no problem, though her grasp of Yamataian is only rudimentary – she can form basic sentences and carry out text-book type “How are you? Lovely weather, isn’t it?” conversations, but anything beyond that is likely to degenerate into a tirade of Seraphim about how inferior the language is. Laeliel is also moderately skilled in telepathy, able to transmit her thoughts and vague images over a range of roughly one kilometre.


Laeliel’s mother, jumping on a perceived opportunity to raise her family out of the humdrum of civil service through her daughter’s voice, had the young Elysian trained in the arts of operatic singing. Fortunately, Laeliel’s voice is an excellent lyric coloratura soprano and she came to find singing a pleasurable activity, gaining a certain degree of aptitude for it. Though she wasn’t a Patrician long enough to be trained to be at the sort of level that would be passable on the stage, to the untrained ear her singing is quite pleasant.


Whatever her hopes for her daughter’s future, Laeliel’s mother was also a realist and as such she taught her pride and joy all that she needed to know to succeed her in her position as a financial accountant for the Elysian government. With this Laeliel has a sound ability to apply both basic and advanced mathematic principles to large quantities of numbers both big and small to ensure that everyone gets paid or debited the correct amount. Considers the practicing of accounting as an activity that lies somewhere between being either Zen-like meditation or a test of patience.


Physical Laeliel is graced with having brilliant reflexes and a natural litheness and agility that could put some sportspeople to shame, unfortunately to fully utilise these assets she needs to be either acting without thinking or scared witless; failing to meet one or the other of these criteria results in unco-ordination to varying degrees. Beyond having potential, it has not been directed into any discipline and remains an untrained resource that serves to scrape her out of bad situations after putting her into them.


After unwittingly finding her way into Nepleslia’s crime underground, Laeliel has managed to acquire some less than savoury skills in order to remain alive from day to day. Mostly it revolves around her keen sense of observation; what once she may have used to uncover hidden meanings during conversation with another Patrician now helps her to spot trouble before it can get to her, though with all the ill-intending individuals that live in the city on occasion it can lead to her being jumpy, paranoid and prone to flight even if none of them have her in their sights.


Not something that she ever learnt on New Elysia, the ability to control land-based transport is something that Laeliel learnt in a hurry after arriving on Nepleslia and applying for a ‘no previous skills required’ job vacancy. Between her initial, unexpected and unwanted, introduction to driving and the present time, Laeliel has evolved a self-taught style that combines high speeds with reckless disregard for safety, property and road laws that has served to keep her both alive and out of prison so far. Not only does she have experience driving a broad variety of cheap, common, widely available and poorly maintained Neplelian vehicles, she is also moderately adept at hotwiring them.



Everyday Clothes

  • Baggy cargo pants; a dirty dark tan colour
  • Loose fit hooded jumper made of thick but soft material with a number of seemingly useless zippers placed at random on various parts; charcoal grey with burgundy lining
  • Plain T-Shirt; it was once white
  • Tanktop with velcro-tipped tightening straps, used to bind her wings up against her back; its colour attempts to match that of her skin
  • Sneakers, mostly hidden by her pants; an offensive pink that has since lost its battle with the grime of Funky City's streets


  • Wouldn't you like to know? Plain and unexciting, in either case


  • Electronic Money Card, looks like it has seen a lot of use

Art Supplies

  • A few pieces of stone, varying types and sizes


  • Combined hot wiring and lock picking set of above-average quality, always kept on her person
  • A cheap and nasty set of sculpting tools


Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
86 KS Starting Funds
0 KS -86 KS Holiday!
3000 KS +3000 KS Insulting the ISC Pheonix crew, apparently
8000 KS +5000 KS Pay for lazing around

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