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Beatrice (Bea)
Species: SILVER
Gender: Female
Age: 1
Zodiac Sign: N/A
Height: 4' 2 (128cm)
Weight: 68 lbs (26kg)
Bra Size: Training Bra
Organization: Lorath Matriarchy
Occupation: Prototype Android Servant
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: Pending

Beatrice in Roleplay

Beatrice is a player character played by Altairkri Pearl and is currently involved in a pending plot.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 4' 2 (128cm) Mass: 68 lbs (26kg) Measurements: N/A Bra Size: Training Bra

Build and Skin Color: Beatrice has the build of an average 10 year old girl. Slim torso and long, spindly legs, with lanky arms and thin fingers. However she does not look unhealthy. Beatrice was built with special skin, being the color of a light gray and shimmers with an iridescent glow in light.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Her face is round, with a rounded jawline and wider chin. Beatrice's cheeks are pouchy and yet perky, usually with a pink tint to them. Her nose is tiny and pointy, and her lips are thin. Her eye color can vary, seeing as she can change the color willingly. Though she usually has them with the whole color spectrum, often in a swirl. Under both eyes is a single mole, symmetrically placed.

Hair Color and Style: She prefers short hair to long, keeping her pale pink hair in a bob cut, with the ends feathering out. Beatrice's hair is thick and even messily curly, and is often frizzy.

Distinguishing Features: With her gray, iridescent skin, pink hair, and multicolor eyes, there isn't quite one thing on her that IS normal. Everything about her makes her stand out. Beatrice's oddities do not stop there however, as her skin may be gray, it is also made with OLED (organic light emitting diode) which allows her to project images such as a tv or computer monitor, along with cloaking in with her surroundings, and glow brightly. Beatrice was also made with ball joints, only on her shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles. This allows her to be easily picked apart and packed away for easy travel. Yet the rest of her body is not restricted to movement, allowing her to move like a regular being.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Beatrice is something of an odd ball. Sure she has her moments of acting her role, submissive, obedient, loyal, but there are times when she plays the role of a child. Her programing allows her to express high points of happiness, and act somewhat of a spaz, almost loopy at times. Its really only seen when she is rewarded for things she does, and she almost always will ask to blurt out her excitement before doing so. The best thing about Bea is that very rarely will you ever see a down time in her personality. Always a ray of sunshine and there to make you happy. She is most happy when is pleasing her Master and those around her, knowing she is doing what she was meant for. Along with the loopy and hyper part of her is her eagerness to do her job. Bea will often ask for a task and if there is anything to do, but will stop once she can tell if her Master is growing irritated with her questioning. However one of her issues is that even with her eagerness to complete a task, she does find that she can be distracted easily, usually by things little girls find distracting, colors, sparkles, and kitties.

So far there is not one hostile or mean spirited part in her body and she likes it that way.

Likes: Cold, learning, chores, fulfilling her specified duties, ponies, cupcakes, and spicy foods. Dislikes: Heat, failing at her specified duties, errors, maintenance, being off. Goals: Fulfill programed specifications while maintaining a minimal error rate.


Family (or Creators)

Professor Vi'mir “Alejandro” Ena New Tur'lista SILVER Android Development Team Lorath Matriarchy


Developed YE 30 as synthetic intelligence project “SILVER” for the Lorath Matriarchy in response to political pressures to release slave population. Activated YE 31 in beta testing phase, beta test results pending.



Bea was built with the skills to speak, understand and write in Yamataian, Nepleslian, and Lorath. This helps her with communicating to anyone who speaks these, and most importantly, able to understand and communicate with who ever purchases her. As well as speaking with those around her, she is able to pick up and send transmissions wirelessly. This also makes her a translator for her Master, if need be.


One of Bea's favorite times is cooking. She is able to prepare a meal quickly and efficiently, able to cook more then one thing at a time with out panic. Her specialty, however is her skill in baking, which seems to be cooked with “Motherly love” due to the quality in the pastries. Bea much enjoys being in the kitchen, even if its just preparing a small sandwich.


Beatrice has no problem getting her hands dirty, things like scrubbing the lavatories, washing vehicles, taking care of infants, is no problem to her. She can do a variety of house hold chores and sing happily while doing it. Things like laundry, gardening, organizing spaces, walking pets, even decorating a living space, of course taking suggestions from her Master. Moving also seems to be little problem for this small droid.


Beatrice's body was made for entertainment, being able to work as a tv, computer monitor, a radio, and even a flash light. Additionally, Bea is able to sing at octaves that most humanoids can't normally reach. She can also dance, in a few different ways, belly dancing, raving, ballet, and salsa. Any other forms of 'entertainment' must be programed later.


Bea has been programmed with an enhanced human-android relation program. This program instructs Bea in how to relate to humanoid individuals in various situations. Additionally, this program allows Bea to interpret humanoid behavior into comprehensible logic which she can process and base responses off of which are best tailored to the requirements of her superiors.

Maintenance and Repair

Anticipating the potential for mechanical component failure, Bea has been programmed with extensive maintenance and repair manuals for her own hardware and software which permits her to conduct repairs upon herself. Along with manuals regarding her own systems, she has been programmed with instructions and diagrams regarding a wide range of Lorath technologies which permits her to repair a range of Lorath equipment.

Technology Operation

Due to the need for Bea to be able to showcase the capability for the SILVER model android to integrate into a person's lifestyle, she has been programmed with a technology operations package. This program package has granted Bea the ability to operate many common place electronic items, and the ability to interpret and work with the programming code used for Lorath, Nepleslian, and Jiyuuan computing systems.


Beatrice is currently a prototype slave android for SILVER android development, she receives a weekly payment of 5 HS as an allowance.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
100 HS Starting Funds
Character Data
Character NameBeatrice
Character OwnerAltairkri Pearl
Character StatusInactive Player Character
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