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Kam'kebek "Tilt" Casek Fyunnen

Kam'kebek “Tilt” Casek Fyunnen is a player character who was played by Homeside 6.

Kam'kebek “Tilt” Casek Fyunnen
Species: Lorath, Fyunnen
Gender: Male
Age: 45 years old
Height: 195.5cm (6' 5“)
Weight: 107kg (236lbs)
Organization: Lorath Self Defense Force
Occupation: Rifleman / Field Engineer
Rank: Soldier
Current Placement: LSDF Akahar

Preferred Plots

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 195.5cm (6' 5”)
  • Mass: 107kg (236lbs)
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Kam is six and a half feet tall, which is admittedly taller than average for a male Fyunnen, but he is also several pounds heavier. Most of his extra weight comes in the form of muscle-mass, with well-defined biceps, legs, back, and abdominal muscles from an intensive fitness regimen.

Eyes and Facial Features: He has a square-set face with a stout jawline. He has a clean-shaven face, with a somewhat squat-looking nose that shows signs of multiple breaks in the past, and has a pair of wide (though often angrily squinting) neon-green eyes flanking it topped with thin and sharply defined white eyebrows.

Ears: For Kam, his left ear is perfectly normal for a Fyunnen, with the additional two inches pointed at the top. His right ear is missing it with a fading scar from a friendly-fire incident.

Hair Color and Style: Like many of his fellow Lorath, Kam's hair is a snow-white color. He's grown it down to his shoulders though it's more often kept tucked away in a ponytail. In a gesture of defiance to more traditionalist Lorath, he has a two-inch wide pink strip from the forehead to the very end of his ponytail, with a half-inch wide purple strip next to it.

Distinguishing Features: Like all Lorath, he has a pair of vestigial wings on his back, with raven-black feathers, and their tips reaching just down to the top of his hips. His hair dye is permanent in the sense that the colors will last until he removes them entirely or gets them replaced with others.

On top of all this he has his caste's bred heightened senses, more durable bone structure, muscle mass, stamina, and above-average reaction times in comparison to Lorath of other castes.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Kam'kebek rests in a weird state of limbo, where his acerbic and confrontational behavior might have seen him out of service with the military were it not for the fact that he was such an accomplished engineer and technical sentry. Like many Fyunnen warriors he is incredibly straight-forward, painfully honest, and he is most certainly not a person approached if you are seeking to have anything sugar-coated. He never dances around topics and has a habit of speaking his mind, though on occasion even he has been known to observe a need for tact. Though he would never mince words in that kind of situation he is at least aware enough of the circumstances that he simply refrains from talking in those circumstances. It should also be noted that while he can be rather confrontational, he still understands the need for actually socializing, and even without the help of councilors he tries in his own awkward and (at times) unsuccessful way to get along with those around him. Those who he does actually get along with find they have a very dedicated friend for that will last them quite a while.

It should also be noted that Kam is a man who quite simply loves his job. He's rarely heard to complain about the actual working of his job, more so complaints being uttered when somebody trying to do it in his place messes things up unintentionally. He can often been seen with journals and articles on various fields of science in-hand when he's not doing his best to try integrating with the crew, working, or out in the field on-mission. His favorite place to spend his time is often in the ship's workshop, where he can be found experimenting on any number of things that might have caught his interest at the time. It is when he is like this in the lab or when he is out and about that ti's best to seek him out to avoid the more acerbic and confrontational side of him.

  • Likes: His job first of all, marksmanship and hand-to-hand training, drinking, reading (mostly the latest technical manuals and articles), going out to drink, experimenting in the lab or out in the field, sparring, and Duqc'loss in its various forms.
  • Dislikes: People messing with his technical equipment, people disrupting his reading, people messing with his pepper-spiced duqla, and being the only sober soul standing at the bar (being the designated sober guy).
  • Sexuality: Bi-romantic.
  • Goals: Achieve a doctorate in Microgravity Construction Engineering.


  • Armorer Yai'em “Chainmail” Casek Fyunnen - Father
    • 109 y/o, [DECEASED]
  • Warrant Officer Nee'ye “Palisade” Casek Fyunnen - Mother
    • 117 y/o, [ALIVE]
  • Trooper Scout Ame'aia “Swift” Casek Fyunnen - Sister
    • 52 y/o. [DECEASED]
  • Trooper Medic Lii'mea “Salve” Casek Fyunnen - Sister
    • 48 y/o, [ALIVE]
  • Corporal Engineer Coa'miea “Ratchet” Casek Fyunnen - Sister
    • 47 y/o, [DECEASED]


Kam'kebek was born as the youngest of four children in a family of the Fyunnen caste, on the planet of Lor. His childhood was normal for the most part, raised in a house that foreigners would have better called a barracks, surrounded by his own family, his aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews as he was growing up. School was the normal fan-fare for he and the other men of his family, which was something that he made no complaint of at the time. In fact the biggest complaint he could think to make as he got progressively older was the seemingly iron-handed grip that his mother kept on him in his youth. His schedule, who he spent time with among friends from school, and seemingly every other factor of his life was sought out for tight control by his mother. This would be a mistake in her part in growing an increasing resentment for the woman as time would go on. This eventually manifested itself in gripes and complaints vented to his sister Coa'miea as the closest person he had to a friend with the way his mother ran things. Yet Kam reflects that it's because of her so socially shutting him in that he instead buried himself in his schoolwork to become as knowledgeable as he is now. In fact, it's probably one of the few things he thanks her for since he already blames her for his skin, hair, and obscenely colorful eyes that his sisters all seemed to luck out on inheriting by taking more after their dad.

His opinions on his mother expanded as he approached adolescence, spreading away from solely focusing on the original source of his ire, and starting to become whispered criticism of the Matriarchy itself. This was something that often got him in trouble with his elders. At the same time it drew the ire of the clergy as well and they attempted to warn his mother that she best “keep him in check”. Yet as adolescence drew closer she would find it harder to reign him in under her control until eventually the time came to be given his “name”. Rather than give him some harsh insult, his mother's loyal service to the LSDF made it so as he was only let off with a warning by being given the name of “Tilt” to serve as a reminder that his seemingly radical views were not very appreciated by the Matriarchy. Yet that would not stop him and as he grew older and his opinions only grew more loudly voiced.

All throughout even his post-secondary education he found himself mingling with the “wrong” crowds, drinking, smoking, sparking political debates, but never going far enough grab police attention. Very often. It was while with those kinds of people that he found himself in the circumstances that resulted in him being only 37 years old, blind drunk, and relieving himself on the windscreen of a police cruiser. That was – not a proud moment for his family. While his mother knew his attitude and opinions plainly enough, she didn't know just how far he had gone otherwise she might have reported him herself. Instead she just tried to clamp down on him harder which, in turn, made issues increasingly worse. Eventually things would come to a head between the two and severe their direct relations with one another almost completely. In a fit of rage, she more or less “ordered” her son to enlist in the military if he was so sure that the Matriarchy wasn't right and that it was trying to oppress men. With that, he shipped off to boot camp at 39 years old without a look back.

He was in his final week of graduation when the Moon Drop incident occurred. He was evacuated along with his fellow recruits. The whole incident was confusion and chaos for the first several days, with casualty reports sketchy at best, and military command scrambling to recover from what happened. Kam found himself evacuated to Nepleslian space for a time and the entire time he was desperately trying to establish contact with any member of his family that he could. It was several months without any contact from them but finally after over three months he was finally able to make contact with his childhood family friend, now Soldier Engineer Coa'miea “Ratchet” Fyunnen. It was through her that he was able to find out how the rest of his family was doing. That his mother and sister Lii'mea were still both alive and well also. Yet he also found out that neither his father nor his oldest sister could evacuate in time.

Part of him want to irrationally blame his mother for what happened, yet if only through his younger sister he continued to keep in contact with his family as he was sent to his post, and was sent out as a tech sentry on long-term operations. All four surviving members of the family being in military service meant that time to stay in touch was rather painfully rare given the circumstance. It often meant that he was usually only able to meet up with one or two members of his surviving family at a time, and rarely if ever did he spend time just between he and his mother. On top of this it seemed that his loud mouth and painful honesty, along with what he would describe as discrimination based on gender, he didn't advance as quickly as his siblings in terms of rank, and found himself stationed to some of the worst posts imaginable during his first few years in the military.

Eventually his family tie would be cut several years after the Moon Drop incident when the ship that his sister Coa'miea was stationed upon was caught in the crossfire between naval forces of Yamatai and the SMX. Her vessel was destroyed, she was killed, and like that his connections to what was left of his family withered away. The death of the only woman he had ever come to truly respect so far in his life, he started to close himself off. He became less outspoken about his political views, started shutting himself in more, and became more confrontational when others would try to encourage him to “come out of his shell”, as it were. Repeated recommendations for counseling to help with both PTSD of Moon Drop and the loss of so much of his family was refused and this resulted in his career advancement being effectively stone-walled out of a fear that he wouldn't be able to mesh or work well with others.

Eventually the LSDF tech sentry found that his superiors were growing sick of their constant attempts to offer rehabilitation being refused. He had orders placing him on an aid ship coming to resupply the Akahar, with orders that he was to join the crew upon arrival there.



Being a native-born Lorathan, Kam is fluent in his native language. This is to the point that he is able to read and write it fluently, converse in it while either calm or under extreme duress, fill out paperwork and order forms in accurate and timely manners, communicate by means such as headsets or ship-to-ship communication systems, and he can both give and receive orders accurately either in or out of combat-like situations.


While all soldiers are trained basic calculations of distance, speed, and elevation it is Kam's job to go farther. As a technical sentry and field engineer he has an understanding of advanced mathematics involving the various complex systems he finds himself working with on a regular basis. Advanced calculus, various scientific theories, and a number of other advanced mathematical practices, formulas, and theories are all part of his job.

Engineering (Mechanical & Electrical)

Despite his acerbic nature, muscled appearance, and label as a simple “Soldier” in the LSDF: Kam'kebek holds something else to his title. He is a rated field engineer in the LSDF. He's well-versed in the theory and workings of a wide number of machines and electronic systems, as well as their uses, and operation. While he may not be an expert in a particular piece of equipment, he can work out it's form and function, and likely be able to work on it easily enough to get it back in full working order with time and necessary parts (assuming he doesn't have the capability to do an emergency rigging job).

Fighting and Physical

Years of growing up in the Fyunnen caste already instilled a strong sense of physical discipline and well-being in to him. This, combined with a personal desire to actively better himself, and a rigorous LSDF training regimen have resulted in his being well versed in a variety of martial arts, hand-to-hand combative tactics, various tactics and uses of purpose-built melee weapons, and further training in improvised melee weapons as well. He has also been trained in how to operate Lorathan PAs both in and out of combat, though he would require a suit intelligence to do more advanced maneuverings.

Survival and Military Skills

Fyunnens must be trained to be well-versed in survival, and Kam was no different. He has learned how to search for food, forage for water, and set up shelter in various wilderness environments. He's learned tactics such as guerrilla warfare, camouflaging his position, producing makeshift weaponry, and signaling for assistance. He's also learned things such as how to navigate by stars or landmarks as necessary. On top of this he's learned more “mundane” things such as maintenance of his equipment, how to construct improvised weapons, and how to use either/or in combat situations as necessary. He was also extensively versed in tactical maneuvers and operations.


A strong and capable Fyunnen warrior is trained to handle a leadership role when and/or if it is necessary to do so. Kam is just as able to operate in a one-on-one command situation as he is if he were to be placed in charge of a full company of Lorathan soldiers. He can converse with large groups, retrieve intel, if necessary he can find diplomatic solutions to situations, and can effectively command and coordinate those under his command through and out of dangerous tactical situations as necessary.


Kam was raised to be independent on his own and able to support others as necessary. He can cook his own meals or prepare meals for others, handle mundane things such as laundry, help with raising and caring for children, and how to keep a living space clean and efficient. Further encouragmenet based on his gender means that he is far better versed at things such as cooking, house-keeping, and other such domestic affairs than the average Fyunnen woman is in such things.


Kam'kebek “Tilt” Fyunnen has the following items:


Lorath Self Defense Uniform Components

  • 1x Rank-pin set.
  • M37/M38 Environmental Battledress Uniform, w/ collapsible helmet, w/o armor plate.
  • 2x Uniform blouses, gray, w/ Fyunnen caste markings and appropriate assignment markings.
  • 2x Uniform shirts, gray, w/ Fyunnen caste markings and appropriate assignment markings.
    • Rank & assignment patch on right shoulder.
    • Award patch on left shoulder.
    • Name patch.
  • 2x Pants, gray.
  • 2x Kilts, gray.
  • 2x Stonethread undershirts, Fyunnen red.
    • Individual name printed on back and left breast.
  • 2x Cotton undershirts, gray.
  • 2x Pairs synthetic fiver stockings, black.
  • 1x Pair synthetic leather gloves, black.
  • 1x Pair leather boots, black.
  • 1x Pair athletic sneakers, black.
  • 2x Belts, black w/ brass buckle, and holster and sheath for sidearm and sword.
  • 1x Glengarry cap.
    • Rank patch, front left.

Weather Gear

  • 1x Balaclava, black.
    • Rank patch, front left of forehead.
  • 1x Stonethread poncho, black, w/ weather resistant inlay and Fyunnen red stripes.

Workout Clothing & Undergarments

  • 2x Pairs custom-print boxer trunks.
  • 2x T-Shirts, black w/ chest pocket.
  • 1x Pair loafers, black.
  • 1x Pair wrestling shoes, black.
  • 4x Pairs cotton boxers, black.
  • 4x Pairs boot Socks, black.




  • 1x Bottle of shampoo.
  • 1x Bottle of liquid body soap.
  • 1x Stick of deodorant.
  • 1x Toothbrush.
  • 1x Tube of toothpaste.
  • 2x Washcloths, white.
  • 2x Towels, white
  • 1x 4oz container of moisture absorbing powder.
  • 1x Hair brush.
  • 1x Hair dye kit.
  • 1x Set of hair ties, black.
  • 1x Tooth repair and alteration kit.


  • 1x Personal photo, colored.
    • Of he and his sister Coa'miea shortly after he had graduated from training. Both are in full uniform, smiling as his elder sister wraps him in a hug strong enough that it seems to be lifting him off the ground.
  • 1x Pair of LSDF identification tags.
    • For one “Corporal Engineer Coa'miea “Ratchet” Casek Fyunnen”. Often found secured somewhere on his person.


  • 1x Electronic Money Card (3000 HS)
  • 1x Coin purse containing raw gems and metals used in the Lorath Matriarchy (3000 HS)


Kam'kebek “Tilt” Fyunnen is currently a Soldier in the Lorath Self Defense Force.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 HS Starting Funds

OOC Notes

Character Data
Character NameKam'kebek "Tilt" Casek Fyunnen
Character Ownerhomeside_6
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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