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Lucius Wilson

Lucius Wilson
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 30 years
Height: 6' 2โ€œ
Weight: 200lbs. (Cybernetics+Body)
Organization: Star Army of Nepleslia
Rank: Sergeant
Occupation: Marine
Current Placement: Cirrus Research Station

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 6'2โ€ Even
  • Mass: 200lbs. (Cybernetics+Body)
  • Build and Skin color: He has a strong athletic build, well defined muscles with a darkish olive complexion.
  • Facial Features and Eye color: His eyes are an eerie grey, almost seeming silver. He has somewhat pronounced cheek bones, giving him a very strong look.
  • Hair color and Style: His hair is a dark brown, short and well taken care of. He keeps his facial hair trimmed neatly, leaving a tuft on his chin.
  • Distinguishing Features: His right shoulder/arm and leg are cybernetic. He doesn't care to cover them with any sort of synth-flesh. His robotic arm is noticeably bulkier than his 'normal' arm, if only just slightly. They are built to function as stronger limbs and currently have no 'extra' functions.


  • Family / Creators:
  • Brent Wilson (Father - Nepleslian)
  • April Wilson (Mother - Geshrin)
  • Siblings:
  • Trevor Wilson (Brother - Nepleslian, 28)

Psychological Characteristics

  • Personality:

Lucius is mostly a no-nonsense military man. He doesn't take lip from any rank below his own. He isn't always military all the time though. He enjoys relaxing when he's not on duty or on a sort of 'leave'. He is quite the nice person when he knows he can trust you. He also enjoys sending people who he doesn't like on wild goose chases or on minor errands he doesn't want to bother with himself.

He doesn't do this because he's lazy; he does it mostly when he's already busy with something, or if someone needs to be 'taught a lesson' in obedience through a little bit of manual labor. He also a rather social person, enjoying drinking with people, but not quite as heavy as the normal Nepleslian; I mean, someone has to take those poor souls home.

He's always up for a bit of recreational sport or mind intensive game. (Chess, etc) He loves spending time around people and is by no means an attention hog, but he will not be ignored: especially by younger fellow soldiers.

  • Likes: Obedience, free time, and being in control.
  • Dislikes: Know-it-alls, chauvinists, under-ranking soldiers acting above their pay-grade.
  • Goals: To prove his worth and protect Nepleslia.



Lucius was a rather normal, middle-class child on Nepleslia, by no means a boy scout nor a gang member. He always fought for his family, his friends and himself, normally in that order. He kept a good attitude through his young life, working himself to achieve that best, rather than just 'hope' for the best. His early life felt uneventful to him, even though he was a local celebrity in his own write, having excelled as a Scoreman and the team leader for his local Spaceball team. Lucius and his younger brother Trevor were very close. Lucius taught him how to play Spaceball, and they even played on the same team for a little.

He got in trouble now and then at school. He always had a strong sense of justice, sometimes lashing out at those who would break the rules and get away with it. When he was old enough, he quickly joined the Yamatai army. His parent knew he wanted this and supported him fully. His brother was quite jealous that he got to join the army before he did.

This young man was a good common soldier in basic training: he showed general talent and good potential in most areas. Through years of training he grew, becoming a strong soldier with a good head on his shoulders.

After training, Lucius was deployed in battle under the flag of Yamatai. He preformed well, but as is the fate of most soldiers who fought in the battle of Nepleslia, he was wounded severely. He quickly opted for the cybernetics, replacing his right arm and leg. He came to see these metal limbs as a combat medal in their own right.

During YE28, Lucius followed his human brethren when Nepleslia seceded from Yamatai and formed its own nation. He has continued his dedicated service and is currently waiting for re-assignment.


  • Fighting: Lucius was trained extensively in all branches of combat: power armor, firearms, and hand-to-hand self defense. His training experience in PAโ€™s and light armor has been augmented heavily by his battlefield experience.
  • Physical: Lucius kept his physical form fit with plenty of recreational exercise, including practicing Spaceball. He also enjoys a friendly sparring match on the side now and then.
  • Survival: Basic training has given Lucius the ability to forage for basic edible flora and water, build a shelter, hunt, signal and camouflage. During more than one shore leave, he and some buddies would track and surprise each other as a way of practicing their ability to hide and detect each other.
  • Communication: Having to deal with the command structure for a long time has given Lucius skills in communication beyond basic training. He has also become proficient in writing reports of all kinds: battle reports, equipment status, etc.
  • Technology Operation: On more than one occasion, Lucius has had to dig for information, and his knowledge of interNEP and starship network structure reflects this. This has also given him the quaint ability to find some of the most interesting stuff, regardless of subject, on the interNEP.
  • Entertainment: Lucius has always been a bit of a storyteller, he gets it from his dad. Telling a joke or a story always brings out the most energetic part of Lucius. One of his greatest satisfactions is getting a laugh out of fellow soldiers.

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