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Luger Hiram

Luger Hiram
Species: Nepleslian
Family/Creator: Captain Bramt Hiram (Father, Nepleslian, 42, Deceased.), Azure Hiram (Mother, Nepleslian, 39, Missing presumed dead.), and Brace Hiram (Sister, Nepleslian, 7.)
Gender: Male
Age: 19 years old
Height: 6“2ft
Weight: 150 lbs
Organization Army of Nepleslia [Green]
Rank Soldier 3rd Class
Occupation Marine
Current Placement NSS Kestrel

Luger Hiram in Roleplay

Luger Hiram is a Player Character played by regantor.


Slightly taller than average, with a lean but muscular structure, and somewhat attractive, noble, feminine facial features. His skin is heavily bronzed through heritage, but made pasty through a sheltered early life, and his slanted eyes are brown in coloration, through the left is sealed with a small angled scar. Ontop of that is his contrasting dirty blonde hair, which is long and wavy- Sometimes kept in a messy pony tail, but more often than not just left rough.

The most immediately noticable element is the old-fashioned black eyepatch over his left eye, emblazoned with the bronze insignia of the Hiram army. Sometimes mistaken for a woman, despite his best efforts.


A bipolar, slightly dysfunctional individual. To others, he exudes an honest and wellspoken nature, always willing to lend a helping hand when asked. The emotional distance he keeps from others gives clues to his inner turmoil, however, as he remains in a stony state of indifference. What seems like a massive sense of patience with people is in truth his way of neither caring or begetting conflict.

At the core, he has allowed himself to become self absorbed through the utter confusion he has towards his own feelings and goals, through to prevent simply ceasing to exist, he lives in the moment upon base instincts, a smattering of honour and a ghost of a sense of decency. This 'purposefully soulless' state actually makes him seem stubborn on the battlefield, but this is again just his indifference against the horrors of the world around him.

The nickname “Young Bramt” was seemingly spread by former Hiram soldiers, not aware that his similar mental state to his father are in fact similar steps on the ladder of insanity. This could not be more inappropriate, considering his greatest fear is turning into his father…

* Likes: Loyal friends, antique weapons, hard liquor, quiet places, women. * Dislikes: Arrogant people, blades, often himself. * Goals: To stay alive, and figure out what is really worth reaching for.



The son of the private military company leader, and renowned megalomaniac Captain Bramt Hiram. The 'Hiram army' was a tight-knit Green army platoon that choose to become mercenaries after they were disbanded for illegal conduct, and had since made a great deal of money for professional security and industrial espionage.

Luger had become distant from his father after the mysterious disappearance of his mother, but still followed Bramt's footsteps and entered into company military training as soon as he was old enough. They were rich enough at this point that he doubted he would actually see action as a grunt, but soldiering was more or less the lifeblood of the family now. He was the son of a egotistical mercenary captain, after all.

After a year of fairly sheltered and dumbed down training, he returned home for a rude awakening that nobody could have been prepared for.

His younger sister, Brace, was living in rags and being treated like a house pet. It did not take Luger long to make the connection to his mother's disappearance, and his father calmly laid out the facts like some masterwork to be glorified. A frenzied brawl of the worst kind broke out between them. Despite having a pocket knife lodged in his eye, and being beaten within an inch of his life by the larger, stronger and far more skilled man, he managed to shoot his father in the head at close range with his own pistol.

The trial was long and arduous, but after Luger gave his entire inheritance to Brace, the final verdict was that Bramt's mental instability had lead him to suicide. The Hiram private army quickly splintered, either becoming smaller gangs, or in the case of the newer unincriminated elements, dissolving into the Green army. Luger himself volunteered as a marine because he had no other real skills, or even enough money left to start a normal carrier and supply for Brace. Perhaps as payment for the mortal sin, Luger never even inquired into having his ruined eye replaced.

More than a few skeletons remain in the closet.

Service Record

* Currently none.


Fighting and Physical

Luger was taught to fight in the army, and even through he doesn't particularly enjoy it, fighting is definitely in his genes. He's happiest with a rifle, where his patience pays off with accuracy, despite his eyesight problem. Both in power armour and out, he is strong at a medium range, specialising in defence and counter-attacks. He has a minor phobia of knives, but extensive practice with swords, which makes him a little unbalanced.


Luger can perform communication on various electrical equipment and by manual means. Thus he can transmit orders, reports, and commands effectively by radio, comm, and other communication devices. He can also cypher commands and reports to a basic and simplistic amount. Along with skill in hand signals, lights, and communication under fire.


Well-read about all manner of materials and edible species, with added military training, Luger is reasonably adept at surviving on the basics despite his upbringing. He's also been trained to swim, find water, hunt, apply camouflage in the wilderness, and can build basic shelters when needed.

Strategy (Tactics/discipline)

Luger is trained to understand commands and work with his troop to follow those commands efficiently. He would much prefer to be lead that followed, but is capable of taking the situation in his own hands. He's also been trained to recognise superior officers, but is often a little slow to agknowlage them.


Company trainees fearful of injuring the General's only son, tended to keep him in the classroom for as much time as possible. Medical knowledge ended up being his best subject, so he knows how to diagnose and treat conditions, apply first aid and emergency care (CPR, etc), and perform field surgery/general surgery if given the proper tools/facilities. This includes knowing how to work in and use hospital equipment. The training was not recognised by the official Green Army directors, however, so he is not a medic by occupation.


Despite being something he ever really liked the idea of, Luger can identify, manufacture, handle and dispose of explosives due to his upper class training. With the proper tools, he can detect and disarm enemy explosives as well.


More due to exposure than actual interest, Luger knows more about politics, interstellar affairs and history than the average grunt.

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