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Magnificent is a Active Player Character played by Charmaylarg. They are a smug and lecherous android and mercenary.

Species & Gender: Androgynous Android
Organization: Indipendent
Occupation: Mercenary
Sex: Yes.
Current Placement: 50 Shades of Green

Physical Description

Maggies voice

Maggy is a 5'11β€œ toned nepleslian-looking cyborg weighing in at roughly 275 lbs. They have pale oliveskin, and glorious sakura-pink holographic hair that they tend to style in a loose mess of flowing lockes that reaches to about their neck in length. Maggie has freckles on their face and the faux-imprint of two scars on her chin and upper lip on their synthetic skin.

Their body is androgynous in nature but leans more towards the feminine than the masculine with a lithe waist and wide hips with a nearly flat chest enough to confuse those appraising them of their actual gender. Their face is smooth and mature with freckles and a few scars and a sultry and almost seductive default grin and stare that is by design. While they don't have a throat their mouth works and has teeth, a tongue, and can work with or without the movement of their lips to speak via an artificial cybernetic voicebox with only the slightest hint of a machine-generated tinge to their speech.

Maggies entire body is cybernetic in nature. Large legs with two spikes for toes and a sharp heel offer no more advantage in strength than a normal Nepleslian but are tireless and can allow them to jump at least twice as high as a normal person while their body is devoid of natural organs with the exception of recreational ones. Their neck is a collar of wires and stilts that lead directly into the head which is reinforced against trauma with a kuvexian style attempt at a digital brain that is as efficient as a normal person without the advantages or races like Neko it is simply a device for the storage of memories and as a processor and computer to make their body function.

Maggies' eyes are solid black orbs with each containing six octagonal pupils in an inverse pyramid shape that glow a menacing red and offer much greater depth perception and visual prowess compared to most people but only in clarity and detail while offering limited short-range infrared and heat-sensing capabilities as well as being able to remote interface with open devices. The eyes do not have eyelids and instead are unblinking and resemble an unnatural insectoid predator.

Their hair is also made of hard light that simulates a solid mass and is a sakura-pink in color with wireframe lines of white and red that is allways flowing in a non-existent breeze.

Their body is slightly heavier than it appears at nearly 300lbs but is due to their cybernetics. Their legs are slightly armored and so is their skull but their arms and upper body are made of synthetic skin over a simulacrum of plates and bones that protect their vital servos and mobile functions.

Maggie can feel the sensation of touch, and can enjoy sex, but can not feel tempetures or taste or smell.

Maggies voice is smokey and sultry and downright seductive. They often laugh or chuckles often and their voice is full of mirth.


'Magnificent'; often going by 'Maggie' or 'Maggs' has a dominant-leaning personality in most things. They like being in charge, taking the lead, and being overall noticed. Their every action is based around a mental drive to be noticed, appreciated, loved, and desired but in a cold demeanor that is sometimes reminiscent of negging or even insulting when actually acknowledged. Because of this the type of partner Maggie often ends up with is a flip of the coin between those too impressed and under Maggies influence to the point of submission or a partner who is just as competitive as Maggie themselves that looks more like a rivalry or even antagonism than genuine affection.

Outside of this Maggie is confident and devoid of intentional delicacy or intimacy and plays the role of professional-but-light-hearted mercenary and veteran while in a more social attitude is overtly obtrusive or even boundary-pushing in their advances. They take rejection unwell and are well known to not back down even from fighting clearly outmatching opponents with near-recklessness.

There is no sensitive side to Magnificent. They do not share uplifting tales to help a down comrade or offer any actual useful advice. They are what they are, and it is often the only comfort they will offer will be bittersweet in hindsight when they just as quickly move on from you. This is not to say Maggie is a bad person, but they simply have lived too long and feel too little to commit or do more than thrillseeker in all things.


Magnificent is old. Just how old is lost to even them. Heralding as a once-nepleslian from outside of the Kikyo sector their early life is hazy and seemingly intentionally lost to them upon reflection. What is known to them is that they aren't the original of whatever they are but merely the terminal subject of something once Nepleslian that tried to escape its mortality in various ways.

Before the current body it was Greatest, before then it was Mananimous, and before then Peerless. The current iteration now goes by Magnificent but has gone by a new name upon every new body it moves to like a digital reincarnation. Going decades between uploads into newer android bodies Maggie as they are now called loses a little piece of themselves each time and adopts something to replace it subconsciously as their personality changes as memories are lost and made again with new experiences to shape them in their psuedo-quest for purpose in their longevity.

The past few decades, as Magnificent they have been serving as many things. But most recently as a mercenary for several years under a lesser noble in the interstellar kingdom of Kuvexia before joining the great campaign against the Yamatain Star Empire in YE:21 where billions of mercenaries flooded the sector to earn their livelihoods against a fresh and interesting enemy.

Magnificent was just one of many left behind when the tide turned and their ships abandoned millions of their survivors in the kikyo sector. With no allegiance to Kuvexia and in a whole new sector of opportunities Magnificent joined several other mercenary bands in piracy before their new outfit was ambushed in Nepleslian space in early YE:42. Planetside on a supply run when it happened Maggie cut their losses, made off with what they could, and when their new funds were nearly gone once again turned their trade to the private sector once more…

Skills Learned

  • Communications1)
  • Entertainment
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Mathmatics
  • Fighting
  • Technology operation
  • Vehicles.

Social Connections

Magnificent has yet to make any lasting social connections.

Inventory & Finance

Magnificent has the following:

  • 6,000 DA

Radio Rifle

Maggie owns and has built a unique rifle so far not mass produced in the Kikyo sewctor. A large and cumbersome thing for one not augmented it works well enough for them. The rifle itself does not fire either bullets, lasers, plasma, or anything of the like but instead fires a charged and near invisible IR beam of multi-spectrum energies and radiation that pass through most armors and physically burn or scorch flesh and organs with intense concentrated radiation and energy.

Working less on heavier armored targets with energy or radiation protection and being hindered slightly by most shields it is a mostly anti-personnel weapon.


Maggie is a technical adept when it comes to automation and drones. There is hardly anything they cannot build given enough time. They have two, small gundrones barely larger than her own head and powered by a battery and propelled by limited antigravs.

Each drone has two, small, pistol-caliber automatic weapons with about 30-rounds per weapon. They are remotely controlled via remote interface and have only the limited AI to not fly into things and to fly pre-programmed courses but must otherwise be operated by Maggie conciously.


Maggie, due to their legs does not wear pants. They often wear panties, underwear, too-tight shorts, or a kind of modified armored bikini-bottom to protect their lower area despite it not being a sensitive target like on biologicals, and almost exclusively bodysuits2) or some kind of loose-fitting croptop or tangtop with no bra underneath.

They own a nice but worn leather duster.

OOC Information

Maggie goes by He/him, She/her. They/them. Pretty much anything and everything all at once to continue the trend of others not knowing their gender but still being into it regardless.

This page was created by charmaylarg on 09, 08 2022 at 12:56 using the Character Template Form.

In the case Char becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No. I would rather you write your own interesting stories with your own characters than try to adopt Maggie for whatever reason and play them with some new personality/style and not knowing how they act and thinks and feels and for no other reason then you like their model you saw in passing or like how they sounded written out. I would rather them remain as a footnote in the rp then simply to be dredged up and rebranded. Some stories end and some go unfinished~
trade, kuvexian
their skin isnt black, thats their bodysuit~

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