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Malik Ibn Rashidan

Malik Ibn Rashidan is a Iromakuanhe played by Firebrand.

Malik Ibn Rashidan
Pronunciation: Mah-leek I-ben Rah-shi-dan
 A younger, happier Malik
Species: Iromakuanhe
Gender: Male
Age: 30 AR (41YE), Born Mu'Klamal 21st, 916
Height: 6'5“
Weight: 180 lbs
Organization: origin_security
Occupation: Pilot
Rank: Ensign
Current Placement: OIF Karakoram

Malik's Voice and Theme

Voice: Stefan Rudnicki

Theme(Normal): The Dreaming Girl in Me

Theme(Urgency): Attack the Ashoka's Fleet

Malik Ibn Rashidan in Roleplay

Malik Ibn Rashidan IS a player character.

Physical Characteristics

Build and Skin Color: Malik is tall for a Cohronl, standing at 6'5”. Below his dark brown skin he has an athletic form. He tends to have trouble gaining and keeping weight on himself, though.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Malik has a strong, roughly built face, with prominent eyebrows. He combines sideburns with a thick, bushy mustache. He has deep, violet eyes, with a slight glow to them. The man's face, however, betrays a weariness and sense of tiredness that one just can't seem to shake when looking at him.

Hair Color and Style: Malik has vibrant, bright orange hair, cut short and cropped close to his head. Recently, Malik has let his bangs grow to mostly cover his forehead, and meticulously keeps them trimmed every day.

Distinguishing Features: While Malik's mix of deep Violet eyes, vibrant orange hair, and sideburns are a bit uncommon, what really stands out is his size, being a little too big to be a Cohronl. His body is covered in scars from a combination of physical trauma and radiation burns. More than that, Malik's legs were both amputated above the knee and unable to be regrown, leaving him with prosthetic replacements.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: To him, everything tastes like ashes. Malik is a man filled with regret, shame, and guilt. Regret, over how his dreams and life goals have turned to dust in his hands. Shame, over how these failures were only his own fault. Guilt, that he lives while his family doesn't. Once a hot headed, self-righteous moron with a streak of racist superiority, a string of failures and humiliations ruined his career in the Astral Vanguard. Now a failure, he's drifted through life, taking what jobs he could to live comfortably, if not easily, with the skills he had. He's become a hardened dog, fighting to survive.

There is, however, a glint in his eye of something more. A refined, wiser version of the old Malik is still there, just under a layer of sour resignation. Bring that out, make him care, and you have someone who combines experience and the wisdom of past mistakes with an eagerness to do the right thing.

Likes: Its hard to say what Malik likes at this point; So much of wht he used to enjoy now seems meaningless to him, or actively repulses him because of what it reminds him of. But so much of that repulsion hides his true feelings. Deep down, as much as he refuses to admit it, he still loves giant robots of all types, and is attracted to the active sports of his youth and leisure: repulsion dueling and brawling, Quodr Racing. And as much as he pretends that their absence doesn't affect him, he still misses his mother and sister, and his first love Khiyai.

Dislikes: The greatest thing that Malik dislikes now is himself. Or rather, he hates the him who he is now, who seems miserable and patheri; and hates the him of the past, who squandered every opportunity in life or romance with immaturity and idiocy. That isn't to say he doesn't dislike other things too: he claims to hate his old passions of giant robots and active sports; he still keeps his sense of fair play and dislike of skullduggery.

Goals: Malik is a man without ambition, who's former foolishness in his earlier time has turned him wiser, but full of guilt and shame. Maybe in the Kikyo Sector, he'll find the purpose that he seeks.


Family (or Creators)

Abudallah Rashidan- Father,Cohronl, Engineer, Deceased Saviah Rashidan- Mother,Mazerinii, Nurse, Retired Frame Runner, Deceased Selim Rashidan- Elder Brother, Cohronl, Anti-Government Frame Runner, Deceased Fatima Rashidan- Elder Sister, Cohronl, Erla Miraiv Naval Officer, Deceased


Malik is a mixed breed, Half-Cohronl and Half-Mazerinii, born on Mazerin and raised in one of the many space colonies in the Iruotl system. Life was pretty tame growing up. His father was an engineer, his mother worked as a nurse after retiring from her position as a frame runner, and they both worked their best to raise their three children: Fatima, the eldest; Selim, the middle child; and Malik, the youngest.

The youngest of three children, Malik admired his elder siblings, as well as the military. It was already a given that all three of the Rashidan siblings would join the military. While his sister admired the gleaming ships of the Astral Vanguard, Malik and his brother fell in love with the Astral Vanguard's Giant bipedal war machines, the Organoids, and they filled childhood playtimes and teenage dreaming.

However, what really set off his love for the machines was one time when he was little, when his mother was still a Frame Runner. His mother, already seeing the spirit of a pilot within her youngest child managed to sneak Mal into her VANDR, Shamshir, and let him ride around in it, in her lap for an hour. The experience, though it caused the young cohronl to fall asleep afterwards from excitement, set Malik down the path to join the Astral Vanguard.

Bahram Wing

Upon completeing basic training, Malik was assigned to Bahram Wing, under the command of Marranr Serhan Nejem and the Temple guard, Vaytulri Mu'Tasim Farouk. Strangely, the Vaytulri took a liking to Malik's stalwart loyalty, though the Marranr was annoyed by the runner's insistence that he would surpass the “Ice Wyrm”; Though Malik began to idolise Mu'Tasim's Charisma and faith, and Serhan's prescence and command ability.

On his first day in the wing, he ran into Vayshirin Khiyai Sahrzad, who, unknown to him, but apparently known to everyone else, had taken a liking to him; and Senshiring Anik Vadranno, who set events into motion that caused Malik to get labled a pervert, and caused Khiyai to run away, angry and blushing. Quick on the uptake, Malik ran after her, and apologised, which only managed to make her blush more, call him a “Courageous Idiot”, and run away. Before he had a chance to pursue her further, Serhan called the wing together, for an important and futile mission: To search for his adoptive daughter, Arzu. Giving up before he had a chance to embarress himself, he snuck away, and headed down to the Hangar to talk to Khiyai see his VANDR. As he got down there, he was chastised by Khi, who insisted on following him to “Make Sure He Didnt Hurt Himself”, a partial truth. Through a series of bad comments, naive idealism, and thick headedness on his part, Malik and Khiyai both ended up angry at each other, both refusing to talk to each other for a while.

Bahram Wing

After receiving his own So-M1-1A Erla VANDR unit, which he christened Shamshir. Then everything went to shit, and he got radiation poisoning. Ignoring his injuries, and suicidal and depressed because of the lack of care from anyone, he forced himself out of the infirmary and back into combat to assist his wing. Unfortunately, these injuries seriously sidelined him, and even more than that his actions saw his career stalled and him kicked from the wing. Moreover, aggravated wounds from going into combat caused both of his legs to be amputated.

The Long Sleep

Malik served in the Astral Vanguard for a few years yet, career permanently stalled due to his earlier actions and family relations. Eventually, he was forced out when terrorists including his brother attacked a major space habitat… killing his parents and visiting sister. Connected to one of the attackers, he was cashiered.

This left him with nothing, his dream in life gone and shattered. He had no real skills to use in the civilian world, and drifted to mercenary work. Malik spent over a decade, dragging himself through battlefield dirt,each year becoming more cynical and self hating till he became the man is now.

He possibly would've kept on that path, if not a chance meeting changed his mind. While on contract with an independent freighter, he came across a team of mecha from Origin Industries, and was amazed. As soon as his contract ended, he spent his money getting to Dawn Station, where he immediately asked to join Origin Industries. Despite his claims of hating mechs, something in him told him to go for it, to try.



Malik is proficient in both defensive and offensive hand-to-hand techniques as well as the use of several hand weapons, including knives, pistols, rifles and light explosives such as grenades. He is in excellent physical form, with sufficiently high endurance to survive situations such as elevated G-forces. Due to his upbringing on the orbital colonies, where gravity wasnt always a fact of life, he is somewhat used to moving around in Zero-G conditions.

Technology Operation

Malik has had extensive courses in the use of NI systems aboard the Organoid craft employed by the Astral Vanguard, and understands how to properly utilize his own entry ports to interface with compatible systems. The use of standard-issue electronic devices and conventional computers have also been a part of his education. Constant practice in VANDR Simulation, combined with diving has given Malik a solid set of skills, techniques and strategies for use out during actual operations in an Organoid craft. Additionally this experience has made him quite comfortable when interfacing with various computer systems through his entry ports.


Malik is capable of using all standard communications found in the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth, in particular those employed by the Astral Vanguard. This includes laser, radio and MASC-enhanced variations in various formats and media. He is fluent in Saalsari and Haidasari, and can speak, read and write it correctly. He can communicate clearly even while under fire or in other unnerving situations. Furthermore, Malik is a capable diver.


Malik is capable of basic medical techniques, including everything up to first aid, emergency care such as CPR or the Heimlich maneuver and the administering of preprepared medicine, such as painkillers or stimulants.


Malik has advanced comprehension and practical ability in the piloting of a Powered Frame unit, capable of flying under most conditions and operating all of the onboard weaponry safely and efficiently in combat scenarios. He can make complex battlefield maneuvers while under high stress (combat, etc) and adjust his movements to compensate for all logical combat variables (gravity, weapons fire, atmospheric conditions, etc). He understands the basic functionality of his machine and can make basic repairs to certain subsystems. Malik is a gifted pilot, his love of organoids mixed with near constant simulation routines and diving


Malik has learned the essentials of tactics and command, but has not achieved the required level of mastery to put himself in a command position. However, he is capable of giving and following tactical orders quickly and efficiently in combat scenarios and can follow the command structure of his unit or wing while under highly stressful conditions (combat, etc). He is capable of making use of the information given to him (tactical maps, target statistics, marked targets, etc) and finding relevant information to send to the rest of his unit.

Mechanics and Repair

Malik has an understanding of the technologies employed by the Astral Vanguard, and is well versed in the techniques behind their repairs. He understands the separate methods behind doing those repairs on both organoid and conventional technologies. He can spot certain obvious weaknesses on most craft, and find some others with a proper blueprint and time to study it. Malik is extremely knowledgeable about the Erla VANDR, more so than the average pilot, due to his near obsessive fanboyism over the machine. If, say, a new Organoid were developed, he would be all over it.

Items and Accessories




  • 1x Hygiene kit
    • 1x toothbrush
    • 1x tube of toothpaste
    • 1x bar of soap
    • 1x bottle of shampoo
  • 2x white towel with OI logo
  • 1x bathrobe or Yukata, white or black, with OI logo.



  • Wallet, Dark Blue
    • Identification Card, with Name, Corps and Home District
    • Homing Beacon Tab
    • Starting Funds


  • 10800 KD


Malik Ibn Rashidan is currently an Ensign. He receives a weekly salary of 1000 KS per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
10800 KD Starting Funds
12200 KD 1400 KD 0 KD Seven Weeks Pay
3,050 KS Conversion to KS, remaining money after a decade and a half

Projects and Stuff

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