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Mikhael Chandler

Mikhael is an independent contractor with memory issues and a hilariously checkered past, currently looking for employment.

General Information

Mikhael (Michael) Chandler
Species Nepleslian
Gender Male
Age 30
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Height 5'10“
Weight 158 pounds
Hair Color Brown/Faded Black
Eyes Blue
Identiying Mark(s) His stupid pinchy face
Organization N/A
Rank N/A
Occupation N/A
Current Placement N/A (Tentative: Bounty Hunter Series/Ragnarok)
Theme Song Årsgång- Daniel Olsén
Voice Sample Peter Stormare

Physical Characteristics

Build and Skin Colour: Mikhael has developed, in his time of incarceration, what could easily be referred to as a “prison body” - all upper body and torso, with very little musculature in his legs. His arms are long for his torso, and his legs are long for his body, giving him a lanky, slightly awkward appearance. He's been described as looking “a bit like a gorilla.” His skintone is slightly darker than average, indicative of extended periods of time spent outdoors.

Facial Features and Eye Colour: Mikhael has sharp and hawkish features; giving him an appearance that could be kindly described as “disdainful” and more commonly as “perpetually annoyed.” His high cheekbones, thin lips, and small eyes gifted him with an expression that looks eternally disappointed in someone or something; the corners of his lips shaped just so and the angle of his eyebrows just there and the slight downward tilt of the outside of his eye sockets driving his eternal state of poutiness home.

Hair Colour and Style: The passage of time has returned Chandler's hair to its natural color; a brownish-black. He keeps his hair cropped short, in typical Nepleslian style, left slightly longer on top and parted to the right with near-obsessive precision. It's been said that his coif is maintained solely out of fear of what will happen if it falls out of line. Mikhael won't confirm or deny this.

Distinguishing Features: A scar on his left shoulder - from the top of his forearm, up and over it, and across his back to his right hip. He has some slight scalp scarring from the neural surgery.

Psychological Characteristics


Stay quiet. Keep to the edges. Time around people, time spent processing and being processed by others - they do well to socialize the sociopaths. And what exposure can't teach you, it will beat into you with sticks and knives.

Chandler has since become infinitely better adjusted, having gained a vague idea of the value and sanctity of human life (insofar as to say that “kill everyone around you” is a terrible way to conduct yourself). As a result, his formerly icy demeanour has thawed, in its place leaving someone very quiet, very blank, and sometimes out of touch with the world around him. There's a sense of disenfranchisement around him, an annoyance at having had any chance at having a real life taken away and then being plopped into a world with no idea how to live in it, but beneath it all a vein of optimism, a hope that somewhere there's a light at the end of this long, winding tunnel.

Until then, he's happy to make use of his skill set in order to get a bit closer to that light.

Likes: ???

Dislikes: Being as uncomfortable as he is.

Goals: Find a goal, and pursue it. Until then, make ends meet.


Born about two weeks premature in Los Apagos, Nepleslia, Chandler has been brought up on both the best and worst in life. Having drifted between poverty and middle-class for years, he had three choices- the military, gangs or death. Two of the three occurred as logical choices; however, after joining small town gangs in the city of Los Apagos, he would rather have died. It was during this time that he received a vicious blow to the head; making the first 17 years of his life disappear from his memory. After a while, he enlisted in the Star Army of Nepleslia, where for a short time he assumed the role of a shuttle pilot and moved cargo for profit. Later, he had a short tenure as a marine.

Recently, he opted to leave behind his title as a freighter pilot (and later marine) and enlisted in the IPG, claiming that he 'liked the uniforms better than the stiff suits he wore in the Star Army'. However, there have been times when he wished to return to his back-line lifestyle as a freighter pilot.

IPG Operators: Breaking Blood Explosion Extraordinaire!

Chandler arrived late to the armory as usual, making his best attempts to catch up with the squad by acquiring as many of his special weapons as possible. This, unfortunately, involved the garnering of a large amount of explosives in his backpack. The explosives were promptly replaced with different explosives, and Chandler boarded the helicopter that would take them to the mission zone.

Things headed south for Chandler's social life as soon as Plan A commenced. Immediately after Plan A was confirmed to involve Initiates Cyrene Veles, Athrylis Adair and Nelew Enev'rana masquerading as hookers, Chandler spoke up in protest. When the women began preparing themselves for the role, Chandler spoke out once again, this time killing his already dwindling status in the squad.

After the mission commenced, Chandler still had second thoughts about it. His suspicions were quickly confirmed when Nelew Enev'rana suffered a psychotic break and prematurely entered the building, leaving the rest of the team to catch up. Chandler and Lenz Neis were left on the perimeter to clear hostiles and provide cover to Initiate Enev'rana. In a matter of minutes, the perimeter was clear of all enemies, along with most of the interior. Providing cover for Lenz, Chandler then entered the target building, retrieving a rocket launcher from the upper level and bringing it down to the basement where an intense firefight was taking place. Once it calmed down, both him and Alaster launched rockets into their target, destroying most of his body. Lenz then finished off the pitifully crippled man, pulling off their first mission in a very magnificent way.

IPG Operators: Insert Title Here

Chandler and his team returned to the IPG Compound aboard the same style of helicopter they had ridden in on. When they landed, Chandler had a momentary lapse in concentration, and nearly carried two live rocket launchers into a medical facility. After returning the aforementioned munitions to the armory, he attempted to address the emotional needs of a visibly shaken Lenz. This was, predictably, unsuccessful.

Believing something to be amiss with Lenz, Chandler inquired to his current status; noting his busted knuckles and wiped face. After threats of physical violence, Chandler dropped the topic like a hot rock and retreated before it came to blows. When he finished his retreat from Lenz's agressive rebuttal, he proceeded to stuff his face, stopping only when a gift came from a staffer.

The gift turned out to be a bottle of wine from a vineyard on the Compound property. Chandler enjoyed the spirit for a brief period, then proceeded to sleep again. He was later excused, and rejoined the rest of his squad. After a brief verbal exchange with Hatu, his tech officer, he flopped onto his bed and fell asleep.

IPG Operators: Preliminary Affairs

Chandler was re-deployed after a brief R&R session in the barracks. The mission didn't last long for him, however, as Nelew Enev'rana assaulted him and crushed a portion of his skull, nearly knocking him unconscious and smashing a neural inhibitor installed during his previous assignment aboard another ship in the Marines.


With Chandler in critical condition, he was shuttled back to Nepleslia via a medical transport and dropped off, a team of doctors replaced the damaged skull portion and pulled the remains of the inhibitor out of his head. However, upon returning to conscience, Mikhael began displaying several tendencies that could best be defined as psychotic. Several days, a battery of mental tests and a chunk of an attending's right ear later, Chandler was deemed mentally unfit for military service, sedated and detained at a high-security prison on Rok'Veru.

But Fate has a mysterious way of twisting peoples fates in the most convenient of ways. Chandler's prison was (incidentally) struck in the first waking hours of the Mishhu attack and a massive escape attempt was mounted. In the inital rush for the breached prison walls, many inmates died; either due to security measures within or Mishhu Rippers without.

A handful of prisoners, through either immense luck or skill, made it out alive. Among them was Chandler.

Time Passes

Rok'Veru fell to the Mishhuvyrthar, and in that process a legend was born, of a ghost that walked the streets of a ruined city, felling the squids; a walking saint - or demon - with a high powered anti-materiel rifle, appearing to fix a severe situation and then just as quickly disappear. These reports; gathered from the few remaining refugees and veterans of the Rok'Veru battles, say that - for all intents and purposes - the mysterious stranger disappeared on a date coinciding with the detection of an unregistered single-pilot shuttle departing the Rok'Veru atmosphere and exiting scanners at FTL speeds, headed in the general direction of Nepleslia Core.

In reality, Chandler was attempting to flee Rok'Veru. He wanted to be done with the IPG and the Mishhu as badly as anyone else on the planet, and was driven enough to break away, armed with his old kit (held at the prison) and some 'new' gear, pried from the clutches of the dead and dying amongst Rok'Veru's ruin and ashes.

Fugitive agents, of course, never stay fugitives for long, and Rowey was promptly detained and sent to another military prison, where he was held for the remainder of his previous sentence. He was recently released back into the world, where he has since sought to distance himself from organized military life as quickly as possible, in order to pursue a life of his own. Unfortunately, bills have to be paid, and so Chandler has once again found himself thrust into the world of contractually-endorsed violence.



Mikhael's Initiate training revealed a specific, innate knowledge of the art of arming and disarming military-grade explosives and improvised explosive devices. He displayed a particular aptitude for room-breaching and rigging buildings for demolition; and to a lesser degree, sabotaging many land- and air-based vehicles' power sources to explode. As to where he obtained this aptitude from and why he has it - no-one can say, and most people are content to not ask, given Chandler's preference to not speak and history of unprovoked violence.


Specifically focused on military and civilian transport shuttles; Mikhael was trained as a pilot in both the Corps and the IPG. This training was further reinforced during his wanderings as an independent, and it's fair to say that he's an above-average pilot in comparison to those lacking his training and/or field experience.

Fighting/Physical Fitness

Mikhael received higher-than-average marks on his rifle marksmanship training while in the marines, and later displayed an impressive aptitude for hand-to-hand and close-quarters combat, which the IPG sought to refine by further training him in room-clearing and offering courses in urban warfare and specialized hand-to-hand training, which he accepted. Further bolstered by prison time (getting shanked is good incentive to learn how to hit someone and guarantee they'll stay down) and field usage, Mikhael displays a near-artistic proficiency in dispensing violence at point-blank range. In addition, he is an impressive distance runner and has displayed some interest in parkour.


Chandler received basic medical instruction as part of both his Marine Corps and IPG training, and as such can treat most basic wounds and conditions such as shock, overheating, frostbite, and various other maladies.


Chandler also received basic survival instruction in the Marine Corps, and can build basic shelters, identify edible plants, purify water, and employ basic land-navigation skills.


Stealth: it's the first and last line of defense for any good Initiate, and the central focus of their training. How to disguise yourself, how to blend into a crowd, change your name, your face, your whole life. Pick a lock, dip a pocket, hide a note somewhere to be retrieved later. Get in, get out, and don't get caught.

Technology Operation

IPG operator training includes a basic course in network infiltration and data mining, primarily focused on secured and unsecured private networks. Mikhael wouldn't be able to hack into the DIoN High Command, but if someone needed him to crack a datapad or place a backdoor in someone's personal communicator to record call data, it's likely that he could do it.



Standard Wear

  • N/A

Public Wear

  • 3x patterned button-down shirts (black w/ grey stripes, brown w/ blue stripes, red/gold floral)
  • 5x athletic shirts
  • 3x cargo pants (coyote tan, black, black)
  • 2x denim pants (acid-washed blue, grey)
  • 5x underwear, boxer-briefs (black)
  • 10x pair Socks (white)
  • Hiking boots, calf-height (beige)
  • All-weather jacket (black)



  • Styrling Silver Special .45 Handgun
  • 3x magazine, .45 Silver Special
  • Styrling Shot 12
  • 12x shells, 12 gauge buckshot
  • 8x shells, 12 gauge slug


  • Styrling Everyday Armour, vest and trousers (non-Durandium plated)


  • EM-G8 Type 33 Datapad

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