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The overlord for the YE 31 Mishhuvurthyar invasion (Second Mishhuvurthyar War), Reiaz is a Umbral - or Dark Mishhuvurthyar - whom is from the progenitor race from which the first Mishhuvurthyar were based on. While not coined an 'infection queen' like his predecessor Melisson, his origins are similarily unknown and it is implied that he is very ancient… a life dating more than a century and from how Melisson explained it, he would actually be older than her.

Reiaz's position is more or less equivalent to that of Taisho Ketsurui Yui for the Star Army of Yamatai; he is the ultimate overseer of all the Mishhuvurthyar fleets sent in the YE 31 invasion, and has pegged for their objective to conquer all systems and factions in that region of the universe. He does not advocate any truces with the sentients of that area and if agreeing to any it would likely be just a temporary measure to make the factions feel safe while the Mishhu momentarily concentrate elsewhere. Yamatai is the first because it is the biggest faction, and he intends to work from the top down.

Reiaz is a creature of brooding, calculating evil. Dark, ancient and patient; he has little use for compassion, pitilessly exploits weaknesses and has little use for the living beings of this region of the universe, seeing his conquest of the region as the act of cleansing it - annihilating 'vermin' before it proves to become too dangerous. He is seen by the standard of his kind as a peerless, nigh-immortal warrior. He holds a degree of disdain for Melisson whom 'like to waste time toying with her prey', 'giving someone a fighting chance' and pursuing the thrill of 'overcoming the odds' - instead favoring a ruthless usage of overwhelming force to crush opposition.

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