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Mridula Ituri Osei

Mridula Ituri Osei
Species: Iromakuanhe - Ivuori
Gender: Female
Age: 32 AR
Height: 5'10“
Weight: 160
Bra Size: B
Organization: Astral Vanguard
Occupation: Liaison to Solan Starworks/Biologist
Rank: Vaytulri
Current Placement: Bahram Wing

Mridula Ituri Osei in Roleplay

Mridula Ituri Osei is a player character played by PlaidMage and is currently involved in the Bahram Wing plot.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'10” Mass: 160 Measurements: Bra Size: B

Build and Skin Color: Mridula is of slim build, though her hips flare rather widely. Her arms and legs are long, and her digits agile, easing her work a bit. Her skin is a few shades darker than normal for her ethnicity - a light, chocolate-ish brown.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Mridula has sharp features - a pointed chin, pronounced cheekbones, thin lips, and a rather pinched nose, though none of these things make her exactly unattractive, just rather severe-looking. Her eyes, though, are large and welcoming, with the light luminescence typical of one her age. They're a clear shade of gray like the sky after rain. Since she is farsighted, she wears a pair of black spectacles that perch gingerly on her nose.

Hair Color and Style: Mridula's straight white hair is shoulder-length when it isn't pulled up into a tight bun. Her horns sweep elegantly back from her temples, curving up only slightly before the ends.

Distinguishing Features: Mridula marks her body rather extensively - there is a deep blue design on her face, sweeping just under her cheekbones, then going straight down until her jawline. Single stripes mark each shoulder, outer wrist, and outer thigh. A circle encloses her bellybutton, with another stripe coming perpendicular to her hips that goes around her waist like a belt.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Mridula is usually… austere. She carries around her datapad at all times, loathe to lose the important information recorded therein and enjoying it as a retreat in awkward situations. She is rather chill even with her family, with the exception of her sister Madhu - around her twin, she seems nearly like a different person, warm, friendly, and loving. Although she can be harsh at times, she seems to genuinely enjoy having company, and will seek out people to be around even if she's doing work that involves no extra input. She is always seeking new knowledge.

Likes: work, idle chatter, pacing the halls, salcra (at times), biology Dislikes: being seriously interrupted, sustained periods of loneliness Goals: to eventually make enough money to pursue her personal interests at her leisure, possibly in the company of Madhu



The rest of the Osei family are as seldomly-seen as one would expect of a bunch of Ivuori. Mridula's immediate family consists of her mother, Rama, her father, Prakash, and her identical twin sister, Madhu.


Mridula's family hails from the Mizar Enclave, so she is used to the noise and bustle of big city life. Growing up, she was only rarely separated from her twin - they would adventure through the streets of the city together when they were young, getting under the feet of festival goers and generally causing a ruckus. As she grew up, Mridula became more intellectual, preferring the company of scholars even as Madhu grew into a more physical role. Her family obtained for her a prajna tank with full access to OGNEIR, and she made very good use of it, but occasionally she would become lonely and seek a more personal education from one of her contacts in the fields of science. She eventually obtained her degree in biology and enlisted in the Astral Vanguard to apply her skills to a worthy cause.



Mridula is proficient in both defensive and offensive hand-to-hand techniques as well as the use of several hand weapons, including knives, pistols, rifles and light explosives such as grenades. She is in excellent physical form, with sufficiently high endurance to survive situations such as elevated G-forces.

Technology Operation

Mridula has had extensive courses in the use of NI systems aboard the Organoid craft employed by the Astral Vanguard, and understands how to properly utilize her own entry ports to interface with compatible systems. The use of standard-issue electronic devices and conventional computers has also been a part of her education.


Mridula is capable of using all standard communications found in the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth, in particular those employed by the Astral Vanguard. This includes laser, radio and MASC-enhanced variations in various formats and media. She is fluent in Saalsari and Haidasari, and can speak, read and write them correctly. She can communicate clearly even while under fire or in other unnerving situations.


Mridula is capable of basic medical techniques, including everything up to first aid, emergency care such as CPR or the Heimlich maneuver and the administering of preprepared medicine, such as painkillers or stimulants.

Knowledge [Products and Technologies]

Mridula is well-versed with the technologies of Solan Starworks, and extremely knowledgeable about those of the biology division. She has advanced training in biology, and therefore has perhaps a greater understanding of her work than some of her compatriots.


Mridula holds a degree in biology, and has experienced all the training and studies necessary to acquire said degree.


Mridula is capable of growing and 'repairing' organoid structures of basic types, as part of her training in biology. As a result, she can do minor ship maintenance if it's required of her.


Mridula Ituri Osei is currently a Vaytulri in the Astral Vanguard. She receives a weekly salary of 2000 KD per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
12000 KD Starting Funds

Items and Accessories


Standard Uniform

  • 2 Starship Duty Uniforms
    • Duty Jacket, Light Blue and Dark Blue w/ Gold Trim
    • Short Sleeved Mesh Turtleneck, Dark Blue
    • Uniform Slacks, Light Blue w/ Dark Blue Trim
      • Uniform Belt, Brown
    • Uniform Skirt, Light Blue w/ Dark Blue Trim
    • Reinforced Shoe/Boots, Black w/ Gold Trim
    • White Gloves w/ Gold Trim

Optional Uniforms

  • 1 Cold Weather Jacket, Arctic Blue Pattern
    • Heavy Mesh Turtleneck, Dark Blue
    • Cold Weather Pants, Dark Blue
    • Cold Weather Rebreather
    • Reinforced Cold Weather Boots, Black w/ Gold Trim
  • 1 Weather Jacket, Dark Blue /w Gold Trim
  • 1 Desert Uniform
    • Short Sleeved Shirt, Light Gold
    • Sleeveless Mesh T-Shirt, Dark Blue
    • Uniform Slacks, Light Blue /w Dark Blue Trim
      • Uniform Belt, Brown
    • Reinforced Shoe/Boots, Black w/ Gold Trim

Patches for Uniforms

  • 1 Division Patch, “Erla Miraiv” or “Graiv Haidan”
  • 1 Ship Patch

Workout Clothes

  • 1 Standard Workout Outfit
    • Sleeveless Mesh T-Shirt, Dark Blue
    • Padded Slipper-Socks
    • Exercise Shorts, White w/ Dark Blue Trim
  • 1 Standard Swimsuit
    • Two Piece Sport Bikini, Light Blue


  • 4 Sets Female Undergarments
    • Smart Woven1) Sports Bra, Black
    • Smart Woven Panties, Black

Firearms and Combat Gear

Standard Gear



  • Wallet, Dark Blue or Dark Gold
    • Identification Card, with Name, Corps and Home District
    • Homing Beacon Tab
    • Starting Funds
  • Glasses - two pairs

Personal Hygiene

One size fits all. Body temperature creates snug, comfortable fit.

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