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Ashley Granger

Ashley Granger is a player character played by Alexander Greene.

Ashley Granger
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Species & Gender: Female Human
Date of Birth: 25日 9月 YE 18
Organization: USO Section 6
Occupation: Field Scientist
Rank: APFS
Current Placement: Research & Study

Physical Description

5`5in,Tan,Bruette long hair stops at butt,Eye color Ocean Blue,Nice Curves, Double C Cup


Kind but Flirty with GIRLS, Very helpful in difficult situations, Very Determined and focused in everything she does. Ashley's main goal in her journeys is to get married and have kids with her wife. Ashley's other goal is to find her sister Alice Granger.

Likes: girls, kids, nature, fashion, kitten, loves science. dislikes: guys because they want lewds, rain because equals bad hair day, dogs.


Ashley Granger was born YE18 in the frontier settlement of Gelic on the planet 188604. In YE28 the settlement of Gelic was wiped out by a local band of bandits who were seeking to extort protection money from the locals. When refused, the bandits returned that night and slaughtered the settlers. Ashley is the only survivor as far as she knows.To this day she seeks any possible survivors, and to study the fields of science to help others and hopefully prevent this kind of event from repeating.

Skills Learned

Communication is fluent in trade language

Marksmanship Ashley is a decent shot with most small arms, but her aim improves great when angered.

Tactical works well with a team but does not like over authoritative team members.

Science Ashley has a great love of everything science and studies each of the major fields of science.

Social Connections

Ashley Granger is connected to:

(mother)Sara Granger - deceased (father)Scott Granger - deceased (sister)Alice Granger - [unknown]

Inventory & Finance

Ashley Granger has the following:

  • -1 R1-SPA, or “Revenant” power armor
  • -1 USO-P1, 8 extra magazines
  • -1 RKAR-A1, 5 extra drum magazines, additional barrel(integrated suppressor)
  • -1 Edjia Battle Rifle
  • -1 40. cal pistol, 8 extra magazines
  • -1 Sheska
  • -1 combat utility knife
  • -1 DR1 motorcycle
  • -1 property: two story house, three bedroom. located in Section 6 neighborhood
  • -1 Section 6 dress uniform
  • -kitten: named snowball with white fur.

Made on

  • -5 mini skirts, polka dot pattern of various colors
  • -5 low cut T-Shirts, polka dot pattern of various colors
  • -4 pairs of high heels, black, purple, hot pink, and polka dot
  • -1 sexy black biker outfit back from home.
  • -2 tank tops, black and white
  • -2 T-Shirts, black with “money can only buy you love for a little while…”, white with “i'm too good for you because i'm pretty.”
  • -3 tight skinny jeans that emphasize the butt
  • -various lingeries
  • -datapad with ear piece
  • -labcoat
  • -2 yoga pants, 1 black and 1 white
  • -1 black hoodie with “A.P.F.S.” rank and name adorned on right breast

Ashley Granger currently has 38000 DA.

OOC Information

This page was created by ashley_granger on 12, 24 2017 at 20:41.

In the case Alexander Greene becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? No
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No
Character Data
Character NameAshley Granger
Character StatusInactive Player Character
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