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Chloe 10

Chloe 10 is a player character played by Immortal Cyan.

Chloe 10
Species & Gender: Operator
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: YE 45
Organization: Conclave Aerospace and Fleet Forces
Occupation: NDC Ghost Occupation - Pilot
Rank: Ensign
Current Placement: NDS Ravenaca's Watch (Plot)

Physical Description

Chloe 10 has creamy pale skin and cyan hair, which she typically wears shoulder-length, with a single braid around the back. Her visage is triangular and V-shaped in profile, with a gracefully-pointed chin, a petite nose, and big, doe-like cyan eyes. She possesses plump and pouty lips, which are often accentuated with glossy fuschia lip paint. Finally, her features are framed by high-arched, deep cyan eyebrows. All in all, Chloe 10’s visage might be considered to be doll-like, paying little consideration towards hiding her synthetic nature.

Replacing the pair of short, pointed sensor ‘horns’ Operators typically possess, Chloe 10 has a single, unicorn-like ‘horn’ situated on the top-middle of her forehead.

At 5’2”, Chloe 10 stands at the lowest end of standard Operator heights. She has a delicate, if fragile-looking neck and collarbone. A lithe, willowy frame with a spoon-shaped physical profile defines her build, featuring a modest chest, narrow shoulders, and a thin, wasp-like waist. Naturally, Chloe 10’s hips broaden considerably from her waist, shaping her body with pert, bubble-like buttocks before forming into long, gazelle-like legs which quite often make her seem taller than she actually is. These form into softly-toned thighs and slender calves, though the appearance of muscle tone in this regard is purely cosmetic and manufactured.

Height 5'2“
Mass 97 Lbs.
Measurements 28B-18-35
Eye Color Cyan
Eyebrow Color Deep Cyan
Hair Color Cyan
Skin Color Creamy Pale
Lip Color Glossy Fuschia


  • Primal Zodiac Personality Reference: Lemming
  • Moe Archetype: Mild Yeredere

A prototypical Operator, Chloe 10 is extremely duty-oriented and professional, often giving off a cold, unapproachable aura towards those she deems as non-contributors or grossly incompetent. Like many Operators, she harbors a subtle bias against Naturals. These tendencies might make her seem inhuman. However, her biases are at times contradicted by the fact that children bring out a sweet, nurturing side of her personality—a paradox which she has yet to confront or resolve.

Within most contexts, Chloe 10 is quiet and dutiful, preferring to let her Contribution draw her into the spotlight. In this regard, she is very much a perfectionist and as such, is very driven to hone her skills to the bleeding edge. However, she is not above maintaining a unique aesthetic or appreciating beauty—a tendency which ultimately led to her adopting a single unicorn-like ‘horn’ on her forehead in the place of the typical twin ‘horns’ or antennae on most Operators.


Initialized into Cohort 266, Chloe 10’s virtual childhood saw her mental model go through more stages of development than most, many in conflict with each other. During the earliest stages of her adolescence, Chloe 10 was known to be quite reckless, aggressive, and prone to getting into fights, which her caretakers took as sign that she might be a good fit for the Warrior Cadre. She fought Riot 266 on more than one occasion during this period, in bouts which came about as a result of their shared rivalry and competitive drive. However, it wasn’t long before her aggression gave way to patience as she developed a nurturing character and an affinity for taking care of children. Naturally, her caretakers thought that she might be a better fit for the Scientist or Administrator Cadre instead, anticipating that she might one day become a teacher. And yet, Chloe 10’s mental model soon underwent another shift, becoming more reserved and analytical during her late adolescence, which led her caretakers to believe that she might fit well into the Technician Cadre.

It was only until after Chloe 10 transitioned into her physical body that her mental model finally stabilized. Like most Operators, she chose to join the Warrior Cadre—a decision motivated by a desire to ascend to the zenith of her potential and to one day uplift others to do the same.

With the conclusion of her training, Chloe 10 was assigned as a Pilot Ghost on the NDS Ravenaca’s Watch.

Skills Learned

Social Connections

Chloe 10 is connected to:

Inventory & Finance

Chloe 10 has NDC Standard Issue Equipment.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
12,000 DS Starting Funds

OOC Information

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In the case Immortal Cyan becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES
Character Data
Character NameChloe 10
Character OwnerImmortal Cyan
Character StatusActive Player Character
PlotsNDS Ravenaca's Watch (Plot)
Approval Thread…
NDC Character Database
NDC Career StatusActive Duty
NDC BranchNavy
NDC RankO1 Ensign
NDC Job CodeWG Ghost

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