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Iskandar 29-1 Andellion

Iskandar 29-1 Andellion is a Active Player Character played by darkborn202.

Iskandar 29-1 Andellion
Species & Gender: Male Type Three Freespacer
Organization: New Dusk Conclave
Occupation: Student
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: Osman University

Physical Description

Iskandar stands at five foot ten, weighing in at around 145 pounds; his body is very lean, bearing very little muscle. That is not to say that he lacks any muscle. For the past couple of years he’s been working to erase early traces of malnutrition, which has been hard, especially since his light skin tone seemingly seems to accentuate his skinniness.

Iskandar’s amber eyes constantly seem to be darting around, his rather hawkish face mostly unobscured by his black hair; aside from the annoying errant strand over his eyes, his roman-esque styled hair is short enough to not cause him any grief, though long enough to be enough of a mess when he wakes up in the morning, as well as covering the top half of his somewhat small, square ears. Furthermore, on the left side of his rather messy hair, Iskandar has dyed a slim streak of his hair a riotous mix of white and red. Iskandar tends to keep a clean shaven face, disliking facial hair.

Iskandar, as appropriate for a freespacer, has mindware installed on the nape of his neck; although some ports are clearly salvaged in appearance. Furthermore, Iskandar’s light blue and lavender diatoms extend from the sides of his neck, down the shoulder, and run down his arms, up to the palm of his hand. From the top of his thoracic vertebrae to the bottom of his lumbar, he has slightly protruding cybernetic braces, interspaced every 4 individual vertebrae apart. And as of just recently, he has a G1-N2 “Geist” Advanced Interfacing Implant 2.0 planted on his neck.

The patterns his diatoms take are inconsistent: at times they appear organic and almost like an extra set of veins, and other times they appear as if they are circuitry with their sharp angles, and the occasional seeming arcane glyph. On his limbs, patches of light red lichen grow in supplement with his diatoms, giving his arms a seemingly patchwork appearance. Further complimenting the aforementioned sense of patchwork, on his limbs there are, from time to time, synthetic muscle and skin in place of skin; this artificial replacement is, while sturdy, not originally meant for appearance. Therefore, his limbs, especially his arms, can seem almost like a mess of tones.

Iskandar’s casual clothing choice is very Nepleslian- what with his heavy cargo pants, rather large t-shirt, boots, and even a duster! However, he has acquired some quirks- namely from his distaste of Nepleslian ‘griminess.’ He has a rather large and heavy scarf that he prefers to wear almost like a gaiter- while many times it just hangs around his neck, he’ll pull it up whenever he feels like an environment is too dirty to his liking. He also has this weird double glove setup going on: the bottom layer is a thin, elastic cloth that’s almost like a sleeve; it extends from his wrist all the way down to his hands. Over that, he wears a standard set of fingerless gloves.


Iskandar, while at first seeming to be a quiet individual, is really just reserved when he is not fixated on anything. He typically remains silent when in situations he is not fully comfortable in, and prefers listening rather than speaking. However, when engaged in topics he has a fascination for, then his entire demeanor changes, and he becomes a chatterbox as he rushes to explain what is happening, how so, and why it is exciting!

Furthermore, Iskandar has a sort of strange compilation of both hyperfocus and rapidly changing attention span; when engaged in activities or in interesting topics, he’s prone to ignore many other things, even to his detriment. Idle chatter, hazardous weather, and other people are all sidelined in favor of that one task he has to complete; in fact, if one annoys him enough when he’s in such a state, expect him to be snippy. However, he can be enticed to pursue another activity… to which he immediately snaps his hyperfocus onto, seemingly forgetting the previous task until either reminded of it, or finished with the new one.

Obsessive behavior aside, Iskandar loves explaining how things work; he can chatter away in his peculiar way of speaking when speaking about subjects he loves, whether it be about manga, anime, and comics; how mechas or fighters work; or even just how the way the solar phenomena work. And just recently, how sound vibrations and instruments work, as well as the Orchestra and Crescendo systems operators have. If it catches his interest, expect him to pursue it and discuss it enthusiastically, often to the point where it becomes annoying.

Iskandar also still holds some traits common to all freespacers: while he’s more comfortable planetside than most freespacers are, he still enjoys space a great deal more than actual biological surfaces. And he hates, hates small creepy crawlies. Whether it be insects or vermin, Iskandar is disgusted by these creatures and will either attempt to kill them, get away from them, or ignore them to the best of his ability. Iskandar is also very… free with property. While he understands that people hold items as personal property, with friends he often uses such items at his whim, though he always ensures to return said item. And while he doesn’t steal from stores.. Obviously… in a pinch he would take a necessary item and use it if the situation was pressing enough for it. Returning it after he was finished, of course.

Iskandar isn’t without his flaws; as noted before, his hyper-focused mind often leads to obsessive-like behavior, which at times has led to detrimental effects such as lacking the care to feed or clean himself. And just recently, Iskandar has started to get shy. While it can be overridden by his enthusiasm, increasingly there are times where he stops mid-sentence and just retreats in an embarrassed shell- and more often in front of girls. And finally, Iskandar can seem slightly irritable: he can oftentimes cut people off when he wants to make a point, and people have noted that he seems to be a fan of telling others to be quiet, even when they already are. Iskandar also has a number of odd little quirks to him. One such quirk is that he not only speaks with some Freespacer jargon, but also shortening other words, sometimes to the point where his shorthand speech sounds confusing to others. Another little quirk of his is that he never physically turns left- he always turns right. If he must turn left, he spins 270 degrees right in order to go left. Other small stuff is a love for putting random, exotic ingredients (sanitized, of course) into his food, and bopping his head to nearly any song with a good beat. He still wishes he has a good set of headphones.

Iskandar, when faced with conflict, will go one of two ways: a panicked flurry as he mutters to himself and habitually tells others to be quiet, or an almost 180 degree turn around as he instead just faces the source of the conflict blankly for a moment before continuing on, seemingly ignoring it.


Iskandar 29-1 Andellion was born 29日 1月 34 in the Void Dancer. Iskandar was rescued from the Void Dancer at around early YE 37, by Frank Andellion, a Nepleslian salvager working for the Second Chance Salvage Company. The company had found the derelict mothership inactive, but still mostly intact, and took the chance to pick the ship apart. Frank found Iskandar in the biological fabrication facility still alive, and took him as his ward.

Frank theorizes that since the mothership’s polysetience transceiver was down, and that they found the ship floating near a nebula, that the ship avoided detection for the better part of the year. Furthermore, while the ship was disabled, there was enough power provided to keep the living facilities; and he thinks that Iskandar survived by virtue of that. Finally, while he couldn’t find Iskandar's specific birth date, he was able to piece together that Iskandar was born sometime in YE 35.

With that and just a portion of Iskandar’s assigned number, Frank decided that 1/29 would be a good birthday. Whether or not that’s true, Frank has no idea. But with the basics set, Iskandar began his life with the Nepleslian salvager. And the next two years were rather eventful. Between pirate activity and activity in Neplesia where there was civil unrest, Frank eventually decided that a safer job was necessary. But during this process of switching jobs, Iskandar had seen plenty of power armor sights, and they immediately caught his interest, and a budding fascination began with them.

The two then began working as shipbreakers in a shipyard. In that time, Iskandar filled his time either working, or using his spare money to buy small things that caught his interest. During this time, Iskandar began to show himself to be very proficient in electronics. There were even a couple of times where Iskandar helped extract a couple of functioning AI systems. The next four years were spent repeating the same task over and over again, broken only by the occasional periods of unrest on the planet below. There were some moments of excitement, such as when Iskandar managed to work with a Na-A/M-02a WarBear.

Very early on, Iskandar found this process of breaking down ships very.. Tedious. While it did offer its interests, Iskandar wanted to do something more. He often expressed interest in trying to learn something- as he never really received a complete education in the derelict mothership. And Frank was worried, especially with Iskandar’s rapid aging. While his aging process was slowing down, he was still growing at lightning speed compared to a standard human. And so, with what little money he had saved left, Frank managed to get Iskandar a ride to the NDC to enroll in Osman University.

Skills Learned

Iskandar has the following notable skills: Knowledge- Iskandar’s memory is peculiar- give him a topic that he actually wants to know, and he expresses near perfect memorization. Most other topics he tends to be actually a bit clueless in.

Maintenance and Repair- Due to his time as both a salvager and a ship breaker, Iskandar knows the ins and outs of how ships work. While he spent most of that time actually tearing the ships apart, admittedly, he has learned how ships work, and can do a decent job at fixing small issues. And due to his fascination with mechas, he also knows how to fix them. Has he actually done it? No- he only broke apart one decrepit, already broken mecha! But he certainly has read all he could about mechas.

Mathematics- Iskandar is actually really great with mathematics. He can calculate complex math problems very quickly without needing a written or typed source- but it’s also not quite in his head. He has this odd quirk where he has to mutter out the equations in order for him to keep up with them, and he treats his hands as an abacus.

Fighting- Due to living life constantly on the lookout for things such as pirates, criminals, and unrest, Iskandar has some skill in firearms, mostly personal weaponry like pistols. He also has some street fighting skills- if you call knowing when to stun someone long enough to back up for enough room to shoot a pistol skills.

Rogue- Iskandar’s expertise in rogue largely is focused around lock picking and fitting himself into tight spaces to get around; there have been plenty of times where he had to sneak past irate rioters, or even pickpocket overzealous Greens, or criminals.

Cooking- This is a weird one. Iskandar doesn’t follow any standard recipe, and indeed, what he cooks never seems entirely normal. He’s very good at making wacky and weird combinations of food together, and they always seem to go either into a disastrous mess, or a wonderful cuisine.

Technology Operation- This is where Iskandar truly shines. He knows six-cog and binary almost as well as he knows Trade, and he can whip up codes with extreme quickness. They may be bug-ridden, but he can fix those over time! He’s also shown himself to have a proficiency in not only hacking, but also counter-measures as well.

Social Connections

Iskandar 29-1 Andellion is connected to:

Frank Andellion (Father)

Inventory & Finance

Iskandar 29-1 Andellion has the following:

.455 “Judge” Variable Revolver, modded- Gifted to Iskandar from Frank, it didn’t take long for Iskandar to put his own little touches on it. Namely, the small recoil compensator on the barrel of the gun, and the little emitter he fit onto the underside of the barrel. The small recoil compensator does exactly as advertised- though, unfortunately, it doesn’t quite reduce the kick to a 7mm’s level. The emitter on the underbarrel is his real pride. A little wire is tightly guided to a little makeshift button on the handle, just above and behind the trigger. Pressing this button causes a toggle which causes a thin, short beam of plasma to burst out the emitter, acting as a small blade of sorts. While Iskandar is slightly disappointed with the fact that the plasma is actually very very weak- while it’s good for parrying, it might as well be a stun baton. As a result of his tinkering, the revolver has obtained a bit of a ramshackle look to it. (300 KS base + 100 KS Recoil Compensator + 150 KS weak plasma attachment = 550 KS)

Dual Datapad and cover- Iskandar managed to collect two different datapads, and he managed to also procure a leather cover that bound these two in almost a book-like pattern. They have protective film that he can just flip over to access both, or leave one or both covered for the screen’s protection. The left datapad is where most of his more ‘professional’ knowledge is stored. Various books, blueprints, and the like are stashed within this datapad, and a large, self-made plug in takes up the lower-left corner of this datapad- it acts as a jack where he can plug in his mindware with the datapad. The other datapad is for more personal use. Various pictures, games, music, and even some books are stored within this datapad- and while some areas are under far greater lockdown than what they should be, this datapad is overall meant for Iskandar’s more entertainment needs, and as such, is slightly less secure than his professional one. Connecting these two datapads together, aside from the leather cover, is also various wires that act to give the entire look a threaded, almost book-bound look. (2 x 50 KS = 100 KS)

3 100 round boxes of .455 ammunition A S6 Exercise Uniform Cold Climate Suit S6 Travel Backpack 4 pairs of Osman University Uniforms Other basic clothing necessities- underwear, socks, and the like. Standard Hygiene items Lockpick Set

Iskandar 29-1 Andellion currently has 8000 DS.

OOC Information

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In the case Darkborn202 becomes inactive:

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Character Data
Character NameIskandar 29-1 Andellion
Character Ownerdarkborn202
Character StatusActive Player Character

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