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Kaeya Harris

Kaeya Harris is a Work In Progress played by Kyah.

Kaeya Harris
Species & Gender: Female Human
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Mechanic
Rank: None
Current Placement: ISS Brimstone

Physical Description

kaeya is 5'9, muscular, with Thick thighs and DD bust size, hour glass body, slightly tan skin color, small carrot tattoo on her left bicep inside a silver gear cog 2), left eye yellow, right eye blue, dark red hair in a high pony tail, double helix earrings - both silver, snake bite piercings - Gold, round eye shape, no body hair, Carrot scent, slightly deep female voice, round head shape, Black Square glasses, concave nose with straight base, pointed chin, thin lips, silver ring on her engagement finger.


Kaeya is hard working, energetic, fun loving, and quirky. Kind hearted and caring, she generally tries to help those in need, or those seen as mistreated. Having gone through the abuse under her father, she hates to see that kind of treatment done to anyone else, and is easily infuriated by anyone doing it. Has a soft spot for sweet and fluffy objects, on top of tinkering with new gadgets. Her goal is to settle down with Bunnera, to develop a supportive home and family, while also following her passion for machinery.


Kaeya Harris was born 9ζ—₯ 6月 YE 14 in Kyoto. Kaeya grew up in a mid-class family with an abusive drunk father and absent mother, so to escape her troubles she would often play and fiddle with technology. Kaeya had an affinity to gadgets and machines, Kaeya would go on to building her own car from parts she would find in car yards, and she often stole parts, being arrested 3 times for theft. When she reached her late teens she met a bunny girl named bunnera harris who would later become her girlfriend, moving in with her to escape her father. Kaeya proposed to her while at buns parents house, thus becoming her faience. Her and bunnera ended up traveling after a while, looking for a new place to live. They traveled across the interdependent territories, and eventually ended up on Vice in the reservoir system. There they ran into the captain & crew of the Brimstone, who where in a jam when they bumped into them. Having been caught up in the chaos of the mess that they had landed in, ended up having the go with the crew aboard the ship for their own safety.

Skills Learned

Here are Kaeyah's acquired skills and technical abilities.


Experienced in boxing and street brawls


Trained with pistols

Maintenance and Repair

Self taught, likes to see the ins and outs of machines to understand them, tinkers


Break dancing & rollerskating


Cooking & laundry

First Aid

Knows how to disinfect and treat minor wounds, can also bandage up and stitch

Vehicle Operation

Knows how to drive and drift cars, no license

Social Connections

Kaeya Harris is connected to:

  • Bunnera Harris - Faience
  • Bailey & Lester Harris - Parents in law

Inventory & Finance

Kaeya Harris has the following:

Kaeya Harris currently has 16000 DS.

OOC Information

This page was created by jack_pine on 03, 27 2021 at 11:54 using the Character Template Form.

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Character Data
Character NameKaeya Harris
Character OwnerKyah
Character StatusWork In Progress
PlotsISS Brimstone
Made using GMghost
β€œBuns favorite carrot”

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