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Lena Aldea

Lena Aldea is a player character played by SensualCoder.

Lena Aldea
Species: Nepleslian Mutant
Gender: Transfemme
Date of Birth: 19ζ—₯ 5月 YE 15
Organization: ISD/NDC Armed Forces
Occupation: ISD Agent/Tanker; Formerly mercenary, Ex-Nepleslian military
Rank: Trooper 3rd Class
Current Placement: NDC

Physical Description

Height 5'9β€œ (or 69β€œ ;) ) 175 cm
Weight 175 lbs. 79.4 kg
Measurements 36D-30-46 91D-77-117

Lena is a 5'9” (175 cm) tall Nepleslian. She has a curvy, pear-shaped body with tan skin and just-visible musculature under her surprisingly soft skin. She has a round face that usually wears a blank expression, contrasting with her icy blue eyes which seem to pierce into the object of her gaze. A single ragged scar marks her cheek, over her jaw, and part way down her neck on the left side. She has short bangs in the front, her hair reaching her shoulders in the back and usually done up in a ponytail, with a short-cropped undercut on the sides. Her hair is bleached platinum-blonde, except at the roots, where the dark brown of her natural hair color peeks out, and the undercut sides. Her ears are slightly elongated and pointed at the tip, speaking of some mutation or mixed ancestry. She wears two industrial piercings on the right ear.

Lena's body is toned, with a smattering of random scars ranging from knife cuts to shrapnel, and a couple of small-arms shot marks on her lower torso on the left side. Also of note are scars along her right forearm where a Mishhuvurthyar's tentacles grappled her. She has stylized tentacle designs tattooed over the scars using them as outlines, with the body of the Mishhu on the back of her right hand. On the back of her left hand, she has a stylized broken knife tattoo in the form of an NMSC combat knife on a gradient field of red that blends in to her natural skin tone at the edges.


Lena is confident, though soft-spoken, preferring action over words. She is steadfast in her resolve and implacable in her pursuits, but capable of exploding into furious action when called to; in this way she feels like she embodies the ideal of the tank, and has often wondered if she was born to be a tanker.

Despite her outwardly stoic demeanor, Lena is quite a thrill-seeker. She enjoys rocking out at concerts, whether attending or playing herself, partying and living it up when she gets the chance. Ever since Rok'Veru, she has developed a carpe diem attitude to life, and has always had somewhat hedonistic and libertine leanings besides.


Lena was born in YE15 on Kennewes. She was taken in by a Greenshirt-aligned gang called the Veridian Gale early on, orphaned by unknown parents. Much of her early life was hectic and brutal, but she survived and eventually joined the Nepleslian military at 18.

Only a year after basic training, Lena was assigned to the 1st Assault Fleet and was part of the action on Rok'Veru serving as a Maximus Heavy Main Battle Tank driver. During a failed push into a heavily-fortified Mishhu line, her tank was immobilized and most of her crew was incapacitated. Lena took control of the tank's turret and exhausted the tank's ammo, then utilizing small-arms and explosives to keep the Mishhu from overrunning the tank. She held off attacks for over two hours until backup came, relieving the exhausted and nearly-unconscious Lena, who had been in the middle of killing a Mishhu in close combat with only a broken knife at her disposal. Soon after, the Rok'Veru Offensive was over, Lena was recognized for her actions, and the war ended.

After a year of recovery and reserve duty, Lena decided to quit the Nepleslian military and seek some kind of adventure. She signed on as a mercenary with several small units, traveling and fighting and living it up as a part-time rocker. In YE38, she had joined up with another mercenary group and became part of the action that seized the planet Osman and established the OSO, which in time became the NDC. She was offered a position in the Internal Security Division, and after some initial hesitation accepted, seeing a chance to reinvent herself.

Skills Learned

Lena was trained in the Nepleslian Space Marine Corps, and possesses the standard NMSC skills.

In addition, she possesses the following skills:

  • Tanker: Lena is trained in the operation of armored vehicles, from APCs to Tanks. In particular, she was a driver for a Maximus Heavy Main Battle Tank called β€œThe Green Machine” during the Rok'Veru Offensive. She is capable of operating armored vehicles as a driver, gunner, and commander, and has skill in maintaining and modifying her vehicles.
  • Rocker: Lena plays the bass guitar and sings. She prefers hard rock, punk, and metal genres.

Social Connections

Lena Aldea is connected to:

Inventory & Finance

Lena Aldea has the following:

Section 6 standard issue clothing and equipment

Lena Aldea currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

Character inspirations:

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In the case phyrexus becomes inactive:

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Character Data
Character NameLena Aldea
Character OwnerSensualCoder
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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