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Rekkin Barran-Ae Karch-Tre

Rekkin Barran-Ae Karch-Tre is a player character played by SirSkully.

Rekkin Barran-Ae Karch-Tre
Species & Gender: Tsumi Male
Date of Birth: Pre-YE1
Organization: Sewerdogs / Section 6
Occupation: Warrior
Rank: TBA
Current Placement: Sirris VI

Physical Description

Though not elegant as some other Tsumi like to make themselves, it would be hard to deny that Rekkin has a certain rough around the edges, gruff charm to his battered and scarred form – standing at a slightly above average 10’1” tall and with a lightly tanned body made up jagged scars held together by lean muscles he is quite clearly a force to be reckoned with, the most notable scars being a Glasgow Smile that runs horizontally across his face, a tattoo across his broad shoulders depicting a child being discarded to wolf-like creatures, the burns on his chest/lower neck and the loss of his left lower arm. This lost arm has been fixed via a cybernetic replacement, just as strong as his original limb though understandably more durable – it is a mix of gunmetal grey plates with golden highlights that have all but worn away from use. Where his shoulders are broad Rekkin’s body tapers inwards once you get beneath his pectorals, leading into his strong core and stone-hard abdomen – his lower body and limbs1) clearly have a lot of power behind them, with his toned rear leading into a pair of strong thighs and calves while likewise his broad shoulders transition into equally strong arms that bear many small scars amidst larger ones.

Underneath all of Rekkin’s damage and physical trauma he was once a handsome man, a broad jaw leading up his well-define jawline to meet up with pronounced cheekbones and a nose that has clearly been broken multiple times – the warrior’s eyes are naturally a vibrant green in colour, though war and fighting lead to the loss and replacement of his left eye. Angry trails of scarred flesh lead away from the black sclera and white iris that offers a basic HUD and nothing else his original one could not already do. His hair is a dark brown, not quite black but close, and kept mid-length as it is often swept back to show there is in fact a snapped-off stump of a left horn next to the half-meter-long horn that starts above his right eyebrow and curves back to point not-quite skyward. His deep brown hair leads into a pair of faintly bushy sideburns and a dense moustache that are linked together by a field of stubble that can hide even some of the smaller facial scars under the right lighting.


Rekkin has two prosthetics grafted into his flesh, one is his left eye – a rather basic visual sensor that feeds directly into the warrior’s CNS and provides a very basic heads up display while the second after-market addition is his metallic left arm. A durable replacement from the shoulder-down of equal strength to its fleshy predecessor with the only notable additional functionality being that the limb is capable of splitting at the elbow, providing two forearms and two three-fingered hands capable of moving independently at the joint before reconnecting to become one solitary limb again – it simply provides a fifth hand when Rekkin deems it useful, such as when reloading a sidearm.

Both cybernetic replacements are not by choice, it was simply to help Rekkin continue to function as best he could after suffering a few rather drastic injuries that would’ve hampered him otherwise.


Rekkin is a prime example of the Tsumi very much being a people who are taken in to be tempered and made stronger by conflict, he is a warrior and proud of it too – celebrating after a hard fought victory is very much a trait of the Tsumi that he revels in though needless boasting out of the blue and hyping up your abilities for no reason is not something Rekkin is known for, maybe when he was younger but age has nulled that mindset considerably.

Out of conflict the one-horned warrior is a rather warm and generous host, often embracing close friends – though you wouldn’t suspect it after seeing him fight, really fight. When overtaken by the mists of conflict Rekkin’s mind taps into a more animalistic and primal side, more often than not guttural growls can be heard from his helmet as Rekkin’s armour-clad form charges to enemy and shrugs off bullets with axes at the ready. He fights with no quarter, while not quite suicidal Rekkin does seek a glorious death in the midst of battle.


Rekkin never knew his parents, he was too young to form memories of them before they no doubt died at the hands of another Tsumi – regardless the small boy was all but abandoned to the slums, forcing a young Rekkin to quickly adapt or die. It was by no means an easy life, each day being an uphill battle to scrounge around enough to stay alive until the next day.

As adolescence came creeping into his system Rekkin found what he saw to be a way out, an old, blind hermit who kept a rather lavish blade in her hut – not wanting to die in the filth like a pig Rekkin tried to take this regal blade with every intention to sell it, only to have the blind woman thoroughly whoop his ass with a cane. The blind woman could have easily killed young Rekkin and sated themselves on his flesh but no, she liked his gaul – enough to teach the boy how to throw a real punch.

He was a quick learner, joining the military as a young man who’d had the knowledge from a previous generation of warrior imparted to him – as with any Tsumi, Rekkin had a thing for war and was damn good at it. While not quite a being of legend he did rise through the ranks quickly, though the scars that began building up on his tough hide spoke of the challenges he went through to get to where he is today – a proud and somewhat wiser warrior who knows his days are numbered.

Skills Learned

Fighting: Being a Tsumi warrior Rekkin is of course a formidable fighter, favouring his four axes and long rifle over everything else – the one-horned man moves about skirmishes with a kind of ‘swift ruthlessness’ as he dashes about and delivers devastating strikes enough to cleave a lesser fighter in half. The blinding anger that numbs his mind in the heat of battle turns Rekkin into an almost mythical figure, managing to push on through major injuries and get the job done - only to nearly collapse of exhaustion and injury post-battle. Physical: Being a specimen of what an individual blessed with good Tsumi genetics can accomplish Rekkin is quite a powerhouse of an individual, usually relying more on speed and dexterity during combat rather than tactics that rely purely on brute strength - his incredibly lean physique provides Rekkin with a high degree of mobility and surprising strength.

Inventory and Finances

Tsumi Power Armour(wip) 4x Tsumi Axes(wip) Tsumi Long rifle (wip)

OOC Information

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Character Data
Character NameRekkin Barran-Ae Karch-Tre
Character OwnerSirSkully
barring the synthetic lower left arm

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