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TC 2281-47D "Jillian"

TC 2281-47D “Jillian” is a player character played by Madi Harper.

TC 2281-47D “Jillian”
Species & Gender: Female Nepleslian
Date of Birth: 20日 4月 YE 20
Organization: NDC: Biohazard Rapid Response Force
Occupation: Site sterilization and sample collections
Rank: V2Z- Harvester, Second Class/ Mechanized
Current Placement: Awaiting Assignment/Standby

Physical Description

Jillian is much like her batch sisters, derived from Rose Ironhart-Pine's genetics. Like her gene mother, she is a brunette with green eyes, high cheekbones, a narrow, squared jawline, a rounded chin, and thin nose. Her body has a powerful skeletal structure, if it seems a little thin on muscles, though she has very little problem lifting well over a quarter again her weight if she lifts with the legs. While her catlike saunter accentuates the wide hips and narrow waist on this young woman, any Yamataians would instantly recognize that she's visibly spent her life in unreliable artificial gravity.

On her right bicep is a tattoed serial number, corresponding to a chip in her hand. Under the hairline at the nape of the neck is a surgical scar from the removal of an explosive device Hades used to terminate unruly clones.

Jill's sense of dress can often be thought of as “overly practical,” with her preference for heavy jackets and dark cargo pants, shapeless or long tees that cover the scar on her abdomen, and her uniform. She doesn't often leave her house except at night to track down restaurants for carry out so she can return to her studies.

Her smell is nothing special, stinking like a human, though she is religiously clean and one of the few minor pleasures that she allows herself is a sweet scented soap.


Jillian has only ever known abuse in her life. Her early life as a Hades shock clone was violent, and often brutal. This leads her to be withdrawn and bristly, prone to stress if not under stress, and in a constant state of fear.

She is, however, grateful that the NDC has treated her as a human being, caring for her in a way she's never been treated before. She's intelligent, and knows her loyalty is bought by her superiors' kindness.


Jillian was birthed as an organic command unit by Hades, meant to be a dangerously intelligent, weaponized version of the fixation of the Hades leader. Thomas's obsession with Rose and Thorn Ironhart led him to steal samples of their genetics and copies of their soul transfer information, weaponizing and twisting this to serve him.

When his staff wasn't busy experimenting on, modifying, and weaponizing innocents, their boredom was on full display with the many emotional scars and negatively reinforced conditioning of the organic command units.

When Hades assaulted the S6S Anvil in the Sanctum system, fourteen Thorn clones were captured, by various means. Jillian had been on a fireteam assigned to kill Rose and take her children

Jillian was the only survivor, and only because a medic showed compassion after she was run through by a WRAITHS operative's sword, destroying her uterus and lacerating several internal organs.

Since her recovery, Jillian has seen what the Mishhuvirus can do, and dedicated her life to its extermination, joining BRRF as a site sterilization and sample collections specialist.

Skills Learned

Communication (Speaks, reads, writes Nepleslian Trade, familiar with NDC comms techniques and operations)

Equipment Operation (Expert level proficiency in Revenant power armor systems, Dragon's Breath plasma throwers, and Storm Rifle class weapons.)

Survival (Can identify edible plants, avoid predators, hunt, purify water, and build shelters with minimal equipment)

Medicine (Working knowledge of epidemiology and disease prevention, first aid and combat medical treatment, expert in sanitizing techniques and wound sterilization, expert in decontamination procedures and chemicals)

Science (Can sort and organize samples, is familiar with standard laboratory practices, proficient in collecting samples from various life forms, and can maintain clean room standards)

Social Connections

TC 2281-47D “Jillian” is connected to:

Mark Tazar Dating

Rose Ironhart-Pine Gene donor

Elizabeth "Spark" Hartbrook-Pine Sponsor

Inventory & Finance

TC 2281-47D “Jillian” has the following:

Standard issue clothing and equipment

TC 2281-47D “Jillian” currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

This page was created by harpermadi on 12, 09 2019 at 00:48 using the Character Template Form.

In the case harpermadi becomes inactive:

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Character Data
Character NameTC 2281-47D "Jillian"
Character OwnerMadi Harper
Character StatusActive Player Character

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