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Zvraciek Svreziek

Zvraciek Svreziek is a player character played by antediluvianintransigence.

Zvraciek Svreziek
Species & Gender: Male Random Alien
Date of Birth: 20日 4月 YE 11
Organization: New Dusk Conclave
Occupation: Military Contractor
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: Training of infantry primarily and direct combat.

Physical Description

Zvraciek is an 8''9 and 1105 pound arthropod like alien of unknown origin and species. His entire body is covered in a kind of flexible plating-like carapace a faded, mottled dark brown and red that appears to be organic but closer observation reveals cybernetics and integrated biomatter that matches no known NDC designs. Much of it overlaps and interlinks, spaced out by a sort of black rubbery looking mesh like material. He has two arms and legs - the former end in long spider leg like fingers multi-jointed like his arms and arranged in a circular formation and the latter in wider almost pad-like feet with shorter clawed toes even on the back. However what is most striking is that he has eight additional limbs that emerge from across his back, each one ending in six slender claw-like fingers arranged in a way akin to a triangular hourglass. Said limbs are a bit thinner and more slender than his primary ones.

His face is usually obscured behind a dome-like helmet but underneath it is a face not any less unusual than the rest of his body. His head is not really circular but partially elongated and slightly flattened, almost like those of carabid and staphylinid beetles. This results in a sleek predatory shape with two noticeable eye-clusters on both sides obscured by smaller translucent dome-coverings behind which four bulb-like eyes peer, swivel, extend, and retract. Between them is a cluster of four eyes that provide additional precise vision and above those are a pair of retractable antennae of which there is a smaller pair underneath the left and right sides of his mouth. Speaking of that, his mouth usually appears hidden behind what appears to be a covering of exoskeleton but when need be, it retracts and reveals a nightmarish maze of various pinching, slicing, cutting, impaling, and tearing appendages more akin to an army of predatory limbs. Some of these appear to be symbiotic organisms of some sort but they appear to obey his bodily commands.


Zvraciek is a distant, slightly aloof, and very quiet person when he's not on his job. He appears withdrawn though one should not think he is not observant or completely asocial. Living alone he does not appear to have a great deal of personal connections though he is known to have a small circle of friends outside of his work mostly in the field of the arts primarily musical in nature, to the extent he contributes sometimes under various pseudonyms. In spite of this, he does not appear to be displeased with his apparent loneliness and isolation. More importantly, it does not seem to affect his work in any manner.

By contrast, he is known in the workplace for his sharpness in instruction and conversation, displaying a wealth of knowledge delivered with a rigid intensity and a stringent eye for details. Yet in spite of this, he is not known to be particularly strict and some of his trainees claim he almost comes off as more of some slacking guerilla or irregular at points. He makes a clear effort to know those under his command and ensure each one knows him personally as well as being supportive of both the talented and the faltering.

He enjoys reading political and philosophical texts in the native language of his kind though he is very quiet about whatever he specifically believes. His association with certain artists of a revolutionary and anarchist backing hints at his deeper convictions but even his close friends in the underground musical community have seen few, if any, indications of whatever he truly fights for. He does play guitar though it is something he learned later on after on with his primary instrument being a larger stringed instrument. Other times, he wanders wilderness areas, sometimes disappearing for days without a word before reappearing unannounced and undetected at work or amongst friends.


Wherever Zvraciek came from exactly is unknown but it was a harsher, less forgiving place than where he is now. He mentions having been ship born and his childhood having been unpleasantly violent, necessitating military training early on but anything past that is made quite ambiguous. He had settled with some group of colonists, he says, on some distant planet and helped to forge a new future. Something had necessitated larger scale political action there and he left due to disagreements with the ruling party. On a few occasions however, he has contradicted this story. Casual comments speaking of complete loyalty to his old leaders, mention of military deployments on their behalf, dissatisfaction with how things had been, wanderlust and curiosity, but whatever he says about this changes frequently depending on his mood.

Regardless, when he first came to the NDC he began doing miscellaneous jobs. Manual labour primarily but also musical endeavours, well enough that it paid for his daily expenses fairly well especially when he became connected to various avant-garde underground movements. Yet out of the blue, he would one day apply to the New Duskerian Legion for a training position and after sufficient testing, demonstrated his skills in both combat and leadership sufficiently. He left his other jobs save for his musical occupation and began work on helping to train new generations of soldiers primarily in his own specific brand of asymmetrical warfare, wilderness survival, and guerilla tactics.

Skills Learned


His visually imposing form is backed up by a powerful body conditioned for survival and slaughter alike. While his large size and armoured body makes him appear lumbering to some, he moves with a deceptive speed and precision and not just on two legs. On all 12 limbs he's been described as skittering like an overgrown house centipede. Moving over rough terrain and steep surfaces is his specialty and as an arthropod, climbing comes quite naturally to him. He does not swim very well but once he hits the bottom of a body of water, he can creep and crawl fairly quickly as long as he can sustain his air supply.


Zvraciek has an extensive knowledge of hand to hand combat, armed or empty handed, as well as a familiarity with a variety of fire-arm types. Rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, squad automatic weapons, explosive launchers and so on are familiar to him through whatever combat and training he had before he came to the Conclave. He seems especially skilled with high calibre weapons with his homeland using small arms configured to fire payloads typically associated with far larger weapons. He is no less deadly as a martial artist, having a particular interest in martial arts and when combined with his numerous limbs, he can violently overwhelm many targets in a complex barrage of strikes, trapping and tearing a part limbs, gutting and desecrating unsuspecting flesh, and crushing through bone. His fighting style bears a passing resemblance to Kali, Eskrima, and other Filipino martial arts and his ability to use multiple weapons in each limb only supports this. However, he is also skilled to an extent with spears and whips though he does not appear to have the know-how to effectively dual wield such weapons at the moment.

Survival and Military

Whether they were taught or genetically inherited, this carapaced creature in some ways seems more fitting for the wilderness than he does a battlefield. Those who have trained under Zvraciek have noted that he seems almost feral in his behaviour if not for his somewhat detached self-aware demeanor. He has been seen burrowing into the earth to make interconnected foxholes, creating shelters out of vegetation and an uncomfortably sticky looking fluid, creeping around unnoticed in the presence of large prey animals, and in more than a few gruesome cases stalking, capturing, killing, and then preparing prey for consumption with little more than his bare limbs. Those under his command might not end up being as bestial as he but they will definitely know a thing or two about blending in to the natural ebb and flow of the natural world. Unsurprisingly, he is also a highly skilled guerilla fighter but oddly enough, he also is capable of extremely aggressive infantry tactics that come off as incredibly out of place in the context of his stealthier side. When he goes on the offence, he prefers a single incisive strike concentrated towards a targeted weak point meant to strike a decisive victory or at least severely maim the enemy before falling back. He appears to have some experience working with armour though not to the degree NDL or other militaries would implement them.


An inevitable part of fighting in situations where the enemy has an advantage in numbers, control, and resources is to do so unfairly. Unfairly in this case meaning traps of the detonating variety. Whether DIY explosives or military grade hardware, Zvraciek has a keen eye for knowing how to make sure his deadly devices aren't seen until you notice your arm and a sizeable portion of your lower body have taken an abrupt absence. Sometimes, he'll split his traps into two phases; in one a bomb is hidden in an area that while difficult to find isn't impossible to do so. Yet as it is disposed of or moved around, those placed elsewhere are activated with the intent of throwing the enemy off and leaving them vulnerable to follow-up attacks. For this reason, he is known to be an advocate of remotely controlled drone-bombs due to them being able to adapt to situation quickly and able to even stalk or ambush targets.

Medical and Science

Beneath his armoured carapace, an array of foreign matter biological and robotic lays claim to a strange internal habitat customized from the ground up to suit his needs. Maintaining it is not an easy job and he's had to learn the ins and out of this compact ecosystem in a capacity beyond what he was taught in order to keep it working. Subsequently, he has gained a solid grasp of how to treat wounds and injuries mundane and severe as well as the technical knowledge of how to maintain, repair, install, and modify augmentations in a living body. He does not truly consider himself a medic and his methods are somewhat rougher; he'll still leave the serious conditions to properly trained medical personnel. However his expertise with implants and augmentations allows him to assist others with an impressive self-learned know-how.

Technology Operation

Zvraciek has demonstrated an uncanny skill working with drones, controlling them almost as if by mind by using the complex implanted devices both flesh and metal within his body. During training missions, NDC soldiers commented that the machines seemed to act as if they had a mind of their own; one as cunning and dangerous as the unseen predator that was hunting them down from dusk past dawn. While he did not bring any of the drones from his homeland with him, he does not appear to have much trouble with the ones from his current employers and once he modifies them so they can synchronize with his systems it's hard to tell he's new to using them.


Was it indoctrination that made him believe what he does or was it his interests in morbid outsider art that brought him to such ideologies? The musical circles he finds himself in note that Zvraciek's ideals tend to not to always run congruent with those of the NDC from his skepticism of profit motives and free enterprise to how he appears to have a great deal of skepticism towards many civil rights and the political structures they're embedded into. He is well read on a variety of political literature from wherever he came from and has been known to collect revolutionary and anarchist texts, some of which are quite old and out of print, along with tomes of more arcane and occult philosophies. Of course, this aspect of him is purposefully kept hidden at his workplace (most of the time) but if one can prove themselves to think along a similar line there's a chance he'll let slip more than he would even when in a civilian context.

Social Connections

Zvraciek doesn't have a concept of a biological family, something that has drawn eyebrows from friends and colleagues. His parents didn't either according to him; his kind do not form such bonds as reproduction is only a means of maintaining populations and little else.

He is a member of the artist collectives Gnostic Warfare Division, The Stillbirth Temple, Circle of the Tyrants, and Perversion Organ, playing a variety of harshly surreal and boundary pushing musical genres. In particular, he has played with or assisted behind the scenes bands such as Profanation Orgy, Chasm of Rot, Gnosis Eater, Lunar Invereted Dawning, Impurity Consekrator, and Chaoplasmoid.

He doesn't seem to enjoy making too many connections at work but he is friends with a few recon and light infantry officers. However he is fairly discrete about his personal life around them; many of them don't know of his musical career and many aren't really sure how truthful he is about his past life.

Sometime before he came to the NDC, he was traveling with Maleirzwan Agdol-Vazaiyir and Seidreainne Liorghaire. It appears they had been involved in military action sometime before that as well.

Inventory & Finance

Zvraciek Svreziek has the following:

Augmented Carapace-Armour

Some think it's his “skin” and they're not really wrong but they're not fully correct either. Whatever Zvraciek's “natural” carapace is like is unknown due to the fact that it's been tinkered with and “edited” so many times as to practically be more of a suit of armour attached to his body. Interwoven organic and metallic components form its outer shell made flexible with a thinner cartilage-like alloy covering a sort of ballistic moss-mesh that separates plating and allows for more flexibility. It is the equivalent of a suit of powered armour scaled up for an enormous organism and it is noted that robotic servos and what appears to be some sort of cultured muscle mass colonies slightly augment his strength though they appear to be more for fine limb control.

Internal Augmentative System

Whereas his carapace is meant to protect him, his network of robotics and symbiotic biomass on the other hand allows him to network the various foreign organisms and implants in his heavily modified body and take use of a number of data-sharing and processing systems, making him somewhat of a cyborg. A lot of his armour's power actually comes from how it's connected to this network of metal and flesh, partially “living” through its complex processes. It is both the majority of his cybernetics and his physical enhancements, such as the targeting programs he runs through his various eyes, the data analysers for his sense of smell, taste, and hearing, or and the colonies of organisms that help to take care of his internal processes and even assist with some light repairs in the case of damage.

"Hellhammer" Assault rifle

The weapon's actual name is long and unwieldy to the point he doesn't even bother using it but this terrifying weapon's horrific roar and large calibre have earned it this far more fitting title. It is Zvraciek's signature weapon, a somewhat slower firing assault rifle that launches large rounds normally suited for smaller autocannons or heavy machine guns. While its firing mechanisms are somewhat primitive and its recoil understandably heavy, it is quite reliable having been put through quite a bit of abuse. More importantly, the weapon appears to be made of some sort of almost living cuticle-like biomatter - parts of its body shift and twitch, stretching out or contracting, allowing him to easily add and move attachments across its body as well as to lengthen or shorten its shape to a slight degree. It can fire automatic, semi-automatic, or with three round bursts and he's modified it to use larger calibre NDC rounds. Some of the modifications he's made are a slot for “batteries” that allow for the firing of energy-jacketed rounds, a specialized “spider eye” scope meant to be used with multiple eyes, a slot for adding in foreign computer devices (though he's still working on how to network it with NDC tech), and a clasper-segment he claims he plans to attach “gun-organisms” to.

Wrathprayer Encoded Armament System

According to Zvraciek, his people are able to “encode” weapons into their bodies assuming they're sufficiently prepared. When he left, he had given up some of these but kept one. These weapons are comprised of a mixture of synthetic and organic parts (including the organisms that frequently function as their munitions) that when “evoked” by a mixture of neural signals and specialized internal processes assemble the various components at a formation point, disassembling them if need be. The wrayprayer in particular resembles a quartet of tubes resembling very stiff, dried our hercules beetle grubs connected to a series of complex internal components and with holes where faces should be while the “legs” are used to stabilize the weapon against his two primary arms. Said barrels are shrouded by a square-shaped shroud that keeps them held in place. They a bio-electrical propulsion system to launch small spikes rapidly at short ranges though they can be fired more with higher force and range in a shotgun like spread pattern albeit with less accuracy and a considerably slower rate of fire. He needs to “reload” them by converting some specialized biomass, sustained by his diet though he can inject certain substances to accelerate their growth to a degree or even “directly” load pre-made rounds though this is somewhat awkward to do due to the complexity of the process. He is currently attempting to see if he can modify it to fire smaller NDC munitions.

Trial of Denial

“You would be surprised how useless a firearm can become when the enemy has the jump on you.” That's the explanation Zvraciek usually gives as to why he carries a quartet of combat batons with him. He wields one in each hand and currently knows how to simultaneously use four of them. The batons themselves are simple in design; 15.5 inches long with a grooved handle and band-reinforced head with a curved tip, containing an impact resonator allowing them to send an additional wave of concussive force into a target when they hit. However, they also have retractable blades roughly nine additional inches and made of a reinforced mineral-reinforced material, allowing them to achieve gruesome wounds up close. However, the concussion emitters cannot be used when the knives are out. Instead, the knives can use an encoded molecular reshaping procedure to turn into a curved sickle like form to allow for differing combat techniques.

40 MM Cased Grenades

Variable Detonation Plasma Explosive

An NDC made explosive equivalent to 30 or so handheld [faction:ndc:ordinance:s6-pg|S6-PG's]] in terms of its explosive force and only just a little larger size wise. They can be set to utilize proximity, timed, or remote controlled detonation.

Launcher System

Rather than throwing grenades, Zvraciek's armour contains a launcher system encoded into the armour rather than his body. Located on either of his shoulder, this simple and innocuous swivelling barrel almost looks like a small rotted log protruding from his body with a hollowed out mouth. However it can launch grenades a great distance and when combined with his targeting computers, a great deal of accuracy. He has to load the grenades through a special suction tube and often uses his arms to do so though sometimes he pre-loads it though this creates the problem of there being volatile explosives packed into one particular part of his body.

Mysterious Floating Cybernetic Biomatter Fragment

Of every unique item Zvraciek owns, this one is by and far the most perplexing. When fully manifested, it resembles a beach-ball sized clump of dark rotted red brown biomatter made of decaying arthropod limbs interspersed with old cybernetics embedded in the decaying mass. It has an unpleasant odour and a strange effect around others, able to emanate some sort of psychic whispers in a wordless language of some sort. Even Zvraciek himself cannot understand it though it has a “soothing” effect on his dreams. He has not told anyone else about this but this strange clump is in reality another living thing (or rather, a fragment of one) and it contains some sort of advanced signal system within it. It helps him to send communications further and more securely though that is only if it agrees to hide itself in his armour and even then, only if it sees it as appropriate. It otherwise lies in an inert, observatory state when with him or left alone in his home.

Zvraciek Svreziek currently has 3000 KS.

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