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Bastilen Dieudonné Wreno

Private Third Class Bastilen Wreno is a Nepleslian who serves in the SMDION. He is played by Bilgecrank.

BAHS-tah-lin Dyuu-do-NAY reh-NO
Species Nepleslian
Gender Male
Age 23
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Height 6'2“ (187.96cm)
Weight 198lb (89.81cm)
Organization SMDION
Current Placement 4th AASP Fleet
Rank Private 2nd Class
Occupation Tech Expert

Bastilen's Voice and Theme

Bastilen in Roleplay



Father: Arnaud Wreno

Mother: Ginette Wreno (Maiden Name: Sarkozi)

Physical Appearence

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 23
  • Height: 6'2” (187.96cm)
  • Mass: 198lb (89.81cm)

General View

  • Handedness: Right
  • Build: Bastilen is tall, with a more built athletic build with hair being rather common all over his body.
  • Skin Color: Mild tan color, with all of his scars being a darker shade.
  • Facial Features: Bastilen has a solid, structured face, with smoothed edges and a smooth jawline. His nose has a strong bridge to it, cutting only at the top, but become level with the rest of his forehead on the way down.
  • Eyes: Bastilen's eyes have been replaced with two cybernetic eyes with black metal scleras, and two light blue lenses. These eyes are connected his mindware and possess functions of night vision, telescopic vision, and infrared vision. The wires connected back to his occiptal lobe appear just below the surface of his skin on either side of his face, level with his eyes.
  • Hair color and Style: His dark brow hair is done in a short, loose style. He also keeps a shortly trimmed beard on his chin.
  • Distinguishing Features: Scars decorate his face and body in painful, bladed strokes. One cutting through one of his eye brow and cheeks, with another one crossing it at the cheek bone. Two, small errant scars sit on either side of his face, one just above the left of his lip, the other on his right cheek bone. Though the worse is is eyes, which are a collection of violent cuts and scarred tissue surrounding his dark eyes. The rest of his body is also dotted with scars, particularly on his left arm. Bastilen also has a mindware implant.

Mental Characteristics


Bastilen is one who typically regards anything he detests with a simple sneer, letting people know of his approval or disapproval by the shift of expressions on his face. Overall, he is self-contained, polite when can be, blunt when he bothers to speak, and very proud of his work and his nation. He holds himself to high standards of performance, feeling the weight of failures more heavily than others. This is so much so that Bastilen is often dismayed by even his successes if they're not done as well as he likes. Yet, despite the strength of his successes and failures, he is a soldier who feels events, thoughts, and ideas on a jaded level, sometimes even surprising himself on how unaffected he is by things so terrible.

That said, the level of dissonance between the well-adjusted individual he wants to be, and the person he became is infuriatingly large for him. Prison made him suspicious and wary of the kindness others show to him, and made him wary of trust. Socially, he could be considered someone to have a good time with if he were to bother opening up, getting past his wariness of others. Otherwise he is simply there, watching others with that bored, traveled expression on his face. That, or fiddling with something.

Preferences and Goals

  • General Likes: Playing with the cutting edge of technology, smoking, alcohol, people who speak their mind, handling problems swiftly, guns of all kinds, the occasional good time, being asked to fix something.
  • General Dislikes: Seeing things he's worked on being abused, getting strange stares, being disregarded because of his past, anything that goes against the interests of the Imperium.
  • Religion: None
  • Favorite Color: Blue, particularly Cobalt.
  • Lucky Number: 2
  • Clothing: Civilian attire usually includes a T-Shirt, over-shirt, and jeans of some sort.
  • Food: Bastilen prefers foods that are salty and tart in flavor.
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • Goals: To dig himself out of the hole he's put himself in, and make something for himself.




Bastilen Wreno was born in YE 11 as the son of a miner and a bartender in the lower sections of Funky City. He spent a majority of his early traipsing around the forgotten streets of the massive metropolis, playing games with friends, finding unique things to show his mother and father, and hiding away when he wanted his lonesome. He was a little explorer, looking up and down the ruins and dodging gangs to find his neck mark. All in all, he had a normal childhood, hanging with his friends, getting in trouble, and occasionally making a name for his knowledge of the streets, and their nooks and crannies.


As Little Bastille, as his mother called him, grew to be a teenager, he began to find himself searching for more interesting things to do. One particularly favorite activity was to break things. Bastilen loved smashing things to satisfy his little, growing mind. Bottles, toys, old cars, and mailboxes, nothing was safe from his teenage wrath. That is, until he decided to break the Volumetric TV remote just as his father came home from his bar one evening. Seeing his son cause such devastation on such a personally forced the man's hand, and was told that if he ever wanted to enjoy the light of day, he needed to fix the remote he destroyed. Fearing for his life Bastilen hastily began putting the remote back together, only to find that the item was not built quite as simply as he hoped.

Yet, something else clicked in his mind, the intricacies of the device itself enraptured him. He had no idea just how the remote looked under that plastic covering. Somehow, some way, those little engrained wires in the silicone made it so that buttons changed channels. This realization in itself set Bastilen on a path of a lifetime, but in the short term sense, it meant that he began to disassemble everything in the house, much to his mother's and father's dismay.

His teenage years were then spent with his computer, and other handheld electronic devices, learning how they worked, how code made programs run, and just why the blender would stop working. He even went so far as to ply into the age old past time of hacking networks, just for fun. The boy was young, energetic, and free, and he learned to love and appreciate the fine craft of electronics in their assembly and function. Soon, it was common knowledge that if there was a computer, electric, or wiring problem, you went to Bastilen, because if he didn't know what to do, he'd figure it out.

Blinded By Hatred

Come the latter years of his teenaged life, the streets of Nepleslia began to ignite in an urban war unlike which the planet hadn't seen in many years. Much like his friends, Bastilen took to the fight with guns in hand, his young mind powered by the ideals of an independent Nation. The days were filled with a righteous air that made every decision fit to the common goal. It was a great time to be young; Even the apparent deaths in the street only strengthened the hearts of young adults like Bastilen.

That is, until one fateful day when his gang, fighting under the color of the greens, made a move onto a warehouse that contained arms that supported the reds. Bastilen's purposes were extra firepower, and making short work of a security pad that held shut the door to said warehouse. The building itself seemed relatively undefended upon approach, and the keypad in question was proved easy work save for one thing. One of the wires necessary to cut were attached to a small cylinder, a part of this particular keypads make that was completely unnecessary. Though, before Bastilen could warn his allies of foul play, they had already come under fire. The Reds, tipped off by one of the Greens as Bastilen later discovered, tore them apart.

Only one member of the mutilated assault group survived the hail of gun-fire, a single person who struggled himself to his hands and knees with three bullets still fresh into his abdomen. Bastilen was still breathing, and still able to move, and the particularly cruel and brutal Reds took advantage of this toughness by gouging out his eyes with a combat knife, and sending him back home as a warning. The blind man hobbled across the well-traveled sidewalks he had learned so well as a boy, and almost found his way back, before collapsing from blood-loss, only to be found later by his gang.


Taking The Cause Higher

With a few months spent in recovery, Bastilen learned to adjust to his new cybernetic eyes. The Street Wars themselves escalated into space while the Nepleslian had been recovering from his dire wounds. Bitter that he had been taken out of the fighting for so long, he signed on with the first Imperial recruiter he could find and was sent off to basic. At the training facilities that were quickly formed at Funky City's center, Bastilen learned to capitalize on his past experience as a nerdy little explorer. Yet the training seemed to drag as he anticipated the meat of the war trudged along by as he was caught up with the skill of the Marines.

Luckily, he was able to get in on the final battle before the war was to end, The Kennewes Offensive.

Look At Your Hero Now

Slated to go into the second assault after the first wiped out Kennewes' defenses with surgical strikes. Bastilen was sent in to isolate threats in outlying provinces while the third and forth waves continued direct assaults on more major fortifications. Things went smoothly, as the Reds were mostly under-equipped to handle the ELEMENT series in full-force. However, the squad ran into a small hitch at the town of Enterprise, and lost two of its members to a trapped explosive device. The four soldiers responsible for it were found amongst the prisoners taken in the town. Of course, a few of Bastilen's squad mates felt the tinge of revenge tickle their trigger fingers when confronted with their enemies, who were smug for their kills. Yet, they held to the regulations concerning prisoners of war.

Yet one seemed to run his mouth, a particular Red who was very proud in taking down an AIR2 with nothing but a few explosive materials and a little cunning. His words proved to be a little too much to the bitter, angry Bastilen. So the soldier singled the man out and shot him, in front of his squad mates, in front of his superior, and the populace of Enterprise itself. For his act of cruelty against a prisoner of war and violating one of the statues in Nepleslia's doctrine of war, Bastilen was detained, court-martialed, and shipped to Abjection.


Insanity Below Freezing

Abjection was not a nice place, cruel in its treatment of the weak bodied, minded, and hearted. Being sent to such a place is a severe punishment for killing a single man, but war crimes were war crimes. People were placed alongside the worst in galaxy, and some of the most clinically insane. Bastilen was assigned to the IPG Rehabilitation and Reeducation wing for therapy, but spent most of his time stewing in his cell. For three long years he faced prodding trials, psychological instructors, and the turmoils of prison life. The parole board released him upon seeing positive results on his R&R trials, and a glossy record of good behavior.


Retraining A Weapon

Upon release, Bastilen was instantly entered into a technology dissonance training to train him on the modern and advancing technologies in the Democratic Imperium. Once again, he spent a great deal of time performing a great deal of training, and this specifically to catch up with three years of lost time. During the time he was able to increase his relations with the Free State, learning about them and their technology, even going so far as to take a mindware implant so he could understand their polysentience.

The First Shot

Bastilen was cleared for service in the 4th Fleet, and served his first mission in a bloody boarding operation over Rok'Veru. In it, as a Private 4th Class, he was able to display his talents and bravery through a miriad of hacking and breaking. Yet, even Bastilen was surprised at his effectiveness, and his ability to follow orders to the T. However, the crude reality of his reeducation was most realized in his handling of NMX Neko prisoners aboard the ship they sought to capture. Through a lot of blood and wires, Bastilen assisted the Cavaliers, his new unit, into a solid victory and capture of the enemy leader.

Digging For Problem

The next operation was fraught with frustration as Bastilen relived his childhood memories of visiting the mines with his mother. Only this time, the visit was made with a great deal more equipment and power armor. The rich ore dens were teeming with a raw resources, but also with dangerous enemies. Unlike his previous mission, Bastilen distinguished himself in using proper resources provided by the mining crews to work their way through the tunnels. This was especially helpful in freeing Wulfe Stones from a collapse and getting him to medievac.

Service Record

  • Participated in the Assault on a Rok'Veru system installation displaying a great deal of ferocity and merit.

Medical Record

  • None


Fighting and Physical


Even though Bastilen grew up nerding out on all sorts of technology, he did so along the streets of Funky City, learning to fend for himself when the time came to do so. He's able to keep himself focused during a fight, instead of allowing him being gripped in the moment of conflict. The streets taught him how to squeeze the trigger of handguns and rifles, swing knives, punch only when it mattered, and even use grenades during the street wars.

Marine Training

Military training solidified Bastilen's proficiency at altering any situation using force. During his run at Funky City boot, he was pushed intensely, and built considerable endurance. He also trained extensively in hand-to-hand combat should he ever be engaged close up, along with familiarization and training with all modern, standard-issue wargear(weapons, power armor, and other militant devices). Bastilen is especially proficient in the use of the ELEMENT series armor and armor operating system, though he has also been caught up on the more modern Hostile and Aggressors.


Abjection taught Bastilen that any creative man can turn anything into a weapon, and the soldier has taken this to heart.


Bastilen is, of course, fluent in Nepleslian. He can speak and write it correctly and efficiently. Basic training also made him familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, ships, ground vehicles, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. Finally, if there are no other means to send messages by, Bastilen can perform more rudimentary field communications, and is proficient in their use.



Growing up in an urban planetscape has taught Bastilen how to fend for himself when on the streets. Particularly, he is able to blend into massive city conditions well and handle the everyday problems of a modern Funky City urbanite with relative ease. He is familiar with what colors to and not to wear on particular streets, and capable of finding that information should he be unaware. He is also proficient at blending in with crowds, though his eyes make such an action difficult.


Military training gave Bastilen the means to survive in more debased and hostile environments than the bullet-ridden Funky City. He's capable of making make-shit shelters, hunting and foraging foods, building fires, navigating unknown terrain, and other major survival needs. He can camouflage himself and is familiar with guerrilla warfare tactics.


In a fair combination of the lessons of camaraderie on the streets, and the drilling in the military, Bastilen has been trained to think and work as a unit. He can understand and give out tactical commands and work with his fellow Marines to follow those commands efficiently. Bastilen is also able to recognize terrain well for the purposes of navigation, ambushes, and other means of making to the advantage of himself and his squad.


Technology Operation

One does not grow up a hacker and Funky City streetwalker without grabbing a few less-than-mentionable skills when it comes to electronics. Bastilen is capable of hacking through secure networks, creating viruses, setting keyloggers, planting bugs, rooting out passwords, and capable of doing so subtly by either working through proxy or any other secure method. He's also able to crack various electronic items, rooting out firmware and reprogramming it to his purposes. Finally in a more physical sense, Bastilen is capable of electronically bypassing(physically or through the system itself) computer terminals, keypads, and any other of lock or control mechanism run by programs. In short, if it is guarded by any sort of electronic device, chances are that Bastilen can bypass it with enough time and the right equipment.

Technology Operation

Bastilen's forte and life-skill, the Funky City native spent a good quarter of his life absorbed in electronics and other forms of technology, and pursued the knowledge behind their workings with a fervent passion. As a result he's quite capable of operating a wide range of devices and computers and use their OSs effectively to(and against) their purposes. Due to his private life, and extensive military training he is familiar with all major programming languages and the firmware of military and some commercial technology. As a Tech Expert, he is also proficient in interfacing with A.I. systems new and old and also capable of tapping into the polysentience.

Maintenance and Repair

When one disassembles a thousand little devices to learn their purposes, one eventually learns how to put them back together. Because of this, Bastilen is capable of reassembling, fixing, and maintaining a great many kinds of electronics, and assessing damage if their issues aren't due to errors in programming. Due to this training, he's also capable of repairing broken cybernetics and access if a cybernetics firmware needs updating or repair.





  • 2 Tank tops, green, with fleet number on the right chest
  • 2 Pairs of ankle length pajama pants, khaki
  • 1 Pair of slip-on flexi-shoes, black


  • 2 Short-sleeved mocks with fleet number on the right chest, Green
  • 2 Work-out shorts, khaki
  • 1 Pair of trunks, green, fleet number on right leg

Weapons and Weapon Accessories


  • 1 pair identification tags, metal, with name and hometown
  • 1 Canteen, 1 quart
  • 1 Wallet with the Marine Corps Insignia plated on it.
  • Salvage Case with:
    • Coffee Machine (S Halna, TC: 74-34, IC: 2499-15595-100)
    • Rolling chair, cushioned (S Hoshi No Iori, TC: 65-56, IC: 3697-11481-114)
    • Holographic Projector with Speakers (repairable) (S Halna, TC: 67-72, IC: 4814-3297-131)
    • Mini Fridge (S Elysia, TC: 8-89, IC: 769-6732-97)
    • Major components of an AI system (Star Army of Yamatai, TC: 93-90, IC: 8427-417-172)

Pins, Bars, and Other Awards

Rank Bars

  • Private 3rd Class Bar
  • Private 2nd Class Bar


  • Rok'Veru Campaign Medal
  • Orbital Assault Badge




Current Amount of Money
3390 DA
Income Expense
9250 5860
Income/Expense History
Item Name Income Expense Total
Starting Pay 6000 0 6000
Salvage Box 0 5860 140
Mission Bonus 500 0 640
Mission Bonus 1000 0 1640
P3C Salary (12/03-08/10 35-Weeks) 1750 0 3390

Alternate Art

Character Data
Character NameBastilen Dieudonné Wreno
Character OwnerBilgecrank
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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