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Emmathyst Caver

Emmathyst Caver is a player character played by club24.

Emmathyst Caver
Species & Gender: Delsaurian Female
Date of Birth: YE 10
Organization: N/A
Occupation: Digger
Rank: Leader
Current Placement: Crew 32

Physical Description

Emma stands at 6'4 and weighs 80kg a lot of which is muscle attributed to her long time occupation as a digger on Delsauria. Like most Delsaurians her head is wide as her shoulders and almost box like in appearance with a ridge of small spines running down the centre, each angled back towards the back of her head.

Emma's scales are a dark ash colour with a wide teardrop shape and roughened surfaces again from her life spent as a digger. Her face, to the contrary to the rest of her body is soft and almost kind in appearance although not by choice, contrasting her dark scales is a set of intelligent blue eyes.


Emmathyst is a hard working type, she will not tolerate slackers in her teams regardless of their task and is often dismissive of those who were born into their wealth or possessions, believing the true way to wealth is through hard work. Despite her naturally kind looking face Emma often carries a stern tone with authority even if she is not the one in control of the situation.

While she expects those under he to work Emma is not cruel and will often reward her team for their efforts, as well as assisting them with more personal tasks.



Emmathyst was born into a small family of diggers with her two parents and an older brother who came only 2 years before her, as she grew she became more interested in the family trade. Within several years she was asking for more and more information of mineral mining and trying to learn techniques to help her own endeavors.

At the age of 10 in YE 20 she became an adult and a small family ceremony was held after which immediately began working with her parents and brother in earnest, fascinated by the prospect of finding something interesting among the dirt. Her teen years and early 20's were largely uneventful with her daily routine becoming more refined and faster as her skills improved. Like prospecting however the good times are few and far between and slumps can last for years, her family fell into one such slump in YE 33 when the mines her family had spent years building collapsed.

After losing the mines her parents made the hard decision to move into a larger settlement and get jobs within the community to continue living, Emma and her brother Damiond however went out and started a new mining site together with several others. In the beginning of YE 39 the pair had built up an their roster of 32 and founded the crew, that night they had a celebration for the official founding of the group and toasted to their long future, which was to be short lived.

After only a year of operating an attack from well organised pirates decimated their small headquarters and saw to the death of most of the crew leaving few survivors. After the attack the group was disbanded and Damiond returned to their parent's house to work and live with them leaving Emma and several other Delsaurians to rebuild.


Skills Learned

Emmathyst Caver has the following skills:


Growing up around rocks and minerals, as well as spending her lifetime mining and working with them has demanded knowledge of their composition and how they react in the presence of other elements and substances. Being taught by her father as well as figuring it out through action Emma has an understanding of the chemical science involved in efficient mining.


When you don't have thousands of KS to pay for a huge drill machine you have to make do with hand tools and utility items such as explosives and chemical agents designed to act as both catalysts and reactants. Emma was taught by her mother how to effectively place and distribute explosives based on their yield and chemical reaction as well as being taught how to use catalysts to speed up other processes.


Having worked within a crew outside of her own family for many years as the leader, Emma has built up her leadership skill and can effectively lead her team on expeditions and jobs. Over time this developed into her commanding tone and physical stance which often conveys authority even when she has none.


Life on the surface of Delsauria is tough even for the natural inhabitants, while they don't need to wear special suits just to breathe the living conditions are harsh and the environment unforgiving. While still a child her parents made sure she understood that to survive she would need to work hard and be able to find food and water and live on the bare minimum.

Social Connections

Emmathyst Caver is connected to:

  • Damiond Caver - Brother, Alive
  • Mother - Alive
  • Father - Alive

Inventory & Finance

Emmathyst currently has:

  • 15 000DA
  • Digger uniform with protective equipment built in
  • Personal mining multi-tool
  • Handheld drill with power pack
  • Large backpack full of various small explosives and reactants for various mining operations
  • Sealed suit for use outside of Delsauria atmosphere and conditions

OOC Information

In the case club24 becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO
Character Data
Character NameEmmathyst Caver
Character Ownerclub24
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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