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Hector Pontius

Hector “Ponty” Pontius is a player character played by raz.

Hector “Ponty” Pontius
Species & Gender: Nepleslian Male
Date of Birth: 13日 2月 YE 14
Organization: Nepleslian Star Navy
Occupation: Starship Captain
Rank: Captain
Current Placement: NSS Battle of Nexim Arsenal, Battlegroup Havoc

Physical Description

Hector stands 6'3“ tall and is well-built for a Nepleslian Star Navy officer, with broad shoulders and developed musculature that makes his uniform look just-right. He has large deep-set green eyes and silver hair, having gone completely grey very prematurely in his life, which is close-cropped at the sides and is brushed forward on top with the front being cut straight across just below his hairline. Although his skin is thick and weathered, and still maintains a base tan from his youth under Nepleslia's rough and polluted skies, he is nonetheless pallid from years spent crewing the darkened confines of Nepleslian Star Navy warships. He has an aquiline nose that juts out at the bridge soon after sprouting from his browline and finishes in flat nostrils. “Marionette lines” crawl out from the edges of his mouth, making him look somewhat grim when his face is at rest. Hector's square jaw sits higher than his pointy cleft chin, giving him a sharp look to his face.


Ponty speaks with a discerning shortness and usually gets to the point without mincing words. He dislikes his nickname, thinking it nothing more than a lazy transmutation of his surname, but has never made strides to correct the habit of others or slow the spread of its use. Nonetheless, he can be jovial and collegiate, especially after a few drinks, and is quick to partake in the crude camaraderie that most every Nepleslian is brought up to know.


Hector was born in YE 14 in Funky City on Planet Nepleslia. Just like Hector would one day become, his father was also a naval officer with military heritage stretching back to the Tymian Empire and its clones while his mother was from a family of upper-city Green aristocrats whose men served as planetary soldiers in the Uesureyan Star Empire. So, of course, Hector was destined to serve as well. But not before he tried his teenaged hand at running with Funky City's hardest street crews to wage block-battles in the lower reaches of the mega-city. Those adventures never amounted to much other than the scars to prove he'd undertaken them, and he attended Kennewes University when he was done with gang wars and self-imposed hard times.

At university, Ponty gained his nickname as part of the rifle speed shooting team (it was easier for his peers to say than “Hector” or “Pontius”). Additionally, he played a mellophone in the marching band during his sophomore year. He graduated with double degrees from its College of Engineering and School of Linguistics, at the latter of which he studied Seraphim due to a fascination with the Second Elysian War that started the year he was born. After graduation, Ponty attended Naval Corps Bridge School and subsequently received his commission as an Ensign in YE 37.

He rose through the ranks relatively quickly. This was due in part to his skill in the naval sciences and warfighting, but also due to attrition and the needs of the Star Navy resulting from skirmishes leading up to and including the Kuvexian War. Ponty fought at the Battle Of Glimmergold as the XO of a Carnivore Class Cruiser, the NSS Bewilderment. After the war drew to a close, he was promoted from Commander to Captain and given command of the NSS Battle of Nexim Arsenal, an Hray-class Stealth Gunship assigned to the 1st Assault Fleet's Battlegroup Havoc.

Skills Learned

Hector Pontius has the following notable skills:

Inventory & Finance

Hector Pontius has 1,500 DA, some Nepleslian uniforms, one analog gold watch, a Zen .45 Compact, a M3AWS Carbine, a Styrling Dart, a Na-W/P-08 V2C, and a bowie knife.

OOC Information

This article was created on 2021/02/11 20:32 using the namespace template.

All of the years and life milestones are based on the Yamataian Calendar. For example, he graduated at 23 years old, which is 20 years old in Earth years.

In the case raz becomes inactive:

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  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO
Character Data
Character NameHector Pontius
Character Ownerraz
Character StatusActive Player Character
Nepleslian Personnel Database System
Career StatusActive Duty
RankCaptain (NSN)
Date of RankYE 43

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