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Jayden Solaris

Jayden Alexander Solaris is both a Player Character and a Non-Player Character (NPC) played by Archander, Co-Game Master of Aquila Flight.

Jayden Solaris
Reference Pictures First - Eyes, Second - Facial Arrangement
Personal Information
Species: Minkan, MODUS enhanced (originally Nepleslian)
Gender: Male
Age: 24 1)
Zodiac: Gemini
Height: 6'1โ€œ (185.42 cm)
Weight: 190lbs (~86.18 kg)
Build: Toned (Personal Trainer)
Hair: Black-Brown, Short, Curly
Eyes: Golden Hazel
Career Information
Organization: Nepleslia Star Navy
Occupation: Executive Officer/Tactical Officer
Rank: Lieutenant Commander (Old Nepleslian Rank)
Current Placement: 78th_tactical_battalion Aquila Flight

Physical Characteristics

Jayden is quite toned, looking as if he could be a personal trainer though not overly muscular, and is very well conditioned possessing strength, speed, and stamina beyond what his appearance displays. He is well proportioned for his height and weight, with his legs attributing to around 60% of his height. His skin tone is lightly tanned, bordering olive in color. He has a sharp chiseled jaw, golden hazel eyes, with a slightly slender nose, framed by a more oval shaped face and short curly dark black-brown hair.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Jayden is a very complex person, to say the very least. Outwardly, he is bold and brazen, often viewed by his peers as coarse, bordering harsh at times. This is largely attributed to a lack of interpersonal skills due in part to the circumstances of his youth and his upbringing. As a officer in the NSN, he is very passionate about his work and duties, is extremely driven and self-motivated, and believes in the cause though he doesn't always believe in the motives of those around him.

Beneath his hardened exterior shell, Jayden struggles with what and how he was raised to be against what his ultimate goals are. As his father's dream of Jayden being a powerful political figure clashed with Jayden's own desire to make a career of the military and to use his talents to bring the NSN's Starfighter Corps to the next level. This struggle often leads him to battle with self doubt and hesitation, though it is largely hidden from those around him. While having a strong sense of pride for his work, he isn't one to seek approval or admiration for such. However, if someone tries to take credit for the things he has done, Jayden is very prone to setting the story straight - usually at the detriment of the offender.

Adding even more so to his complexity, Jayden carries with him a strange sense of guilt over the death of his sisters and his survival. This has an exponential effect on the idea of being โ€œhis own worst enemyโ€, by way of thinking he's letting his sisters down and wasting the second chance he was given. It has led to his almost obsessive compulsive tendencies, and his workaholic nature.

  • Likes: Exceeding expectations, being productive and self-sufficient, being an asset to the Nepleslia Star Navy
  • Dislikes: Laziness, people that cannot do their job properly, babysitting grown adults
  • Goals: To raise the bar and set a new standard for what it means to be part of the NSN



  • Aisen Solaris - Nepleslian - Age: 47
  • Erena Solaris - Minkan (Formerly Nepleslian) - Age: 44 (looks early 30s)
  • Celeste Solaris - Nepleslian - Age: 6 (Deceased, would have been 27)
  • Serralina Solaris - Nepleslian - Age: 5 (Deceased, would have been almost 26)


Born early in the morning in the summer of YE 13, Jayden Alexander Solaris was thought to have been born with a silver spoon in his mouth, the third child of a financially blessed family. Though his family originally had strong ties with the Tre Empire, the Solaris lineage were actually largely in support of the Uesureyan Star Empire back in the early days of both the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia and what was to become the Yamatai Star Empire. Heavily invested in aerospacy technologies, a rather large amount of wealth was amassed, with the term โ€œOld Moneyโ€ generally bandied about when the name Solaris is mentioned.

As the only son and regarded as the next in line to head the Solaris business empire, it became very clear even before his first birthday Jayden was destined for greatness. Unfortunately, early in YE 17, all three children of the Solaris house fell ill to a mysterious and extremely aggressive virus. Doctors were completely baffled, they hadn't seen anything like it before. It was unknown whether or not the virus, which only affected just over 100 people on Nepleslia, came to be naturally or if it was some sort of biological weapon at the time and all attempts to save the two older girls seemingly failed. The oldest daughter Celeste was the first to die, just before her seventh birthday after fighting for three weeks. Two weeks later Serralina, the younger daughter, had passed leaving both Aisen and Erena completely devastated and nearly hopeless. Jayden however somehow managed to survive, which couldn't be explained through any tests, as if the virus just disappeared. The effects on his human body didn't magically go away however, and he was left with a degenerative disorder that left him severely physically crippled.

Despite this, Jayden excelled in his studies and pushed harder to make something of himself, spurned on by his father as well as his own guilt fueled drive. Due to his physical handicap, most of Jayden's youth was spent with special tutors that would come to the family estate and teach him. This had the effect of stunting his social skills, and more importantly his ability to develop interpersonal relationships. If he wasn't with his nose in some sort of book, Jayden often turned to computers and technology as an outlet from his incredibly structured life. A lot of his skill with computer systems was self taught and learned through experimentation and exploration. During these more difficult years, Jayden began to develop some of his workaholic nature as well as some of his tendencies bordering OCD.

It was just before Jayden's 13th birthday that Aisen was able to acquire a new NH-22C Yamataian body and a new chance at a normal life for his son, attributed heavily to the Solaris family's long standing ties to the Yamataian government despite being Nepleslian citizens. Arrangements were made with DNA collected from Jayden, Aisen, and Erena to be used as the coding for his new body. It was created as close as possible to what Aisen thought he should have been, instead of what the disease had left Jayden as. What seemed like a turning point for Jayden had only added more expectations he had to live up to. Both physically capable now as well as highly intelligent, he ascended to the top in his schooling and graduated three full years ahead of his peers.

With his father's influence as well as his impressive aptitude scores, sixteen year old Jayden was accepted into the NSN's ROTC program and earned a full scholarship to the War College of the Imperium though monetarily he didn't need the assistance. Again Jayden's tireless passion for learning and excelling as well as his drive and tenacity propelled him through the three year program at an accelerated rate, having completed it in two. Jayden graduated a double major and double minor, majoring in military aerospace systems and starfighter focused engineering with minors in leadership and information technologies. With his advanced training and being of actual legal age to join the military, Jayden was accepted into the NSN as a Lieutenant Junior Grade and pilot in the Starfighter Corps in YE 31.

Near the end of YE 33, Aisen had once again used his long standing ties with the Yamataian government to procure another body transfer for his son and surprisingly his wife Erena opted for a transfer as well to the new Minkan. For the first time since joining the NSN, Jayden requested leave long enough to go to Yamatai (Planet) where he met up with his mother and enjoyed a brief stay there in Kyoto. Together, they both transferred to their respective new bodies and finished the trip with a bit more catching up over dinner.

By YE 34, Jayden had established himself as an Ace level Starfighter Pilot, having demonstrated expert level skills in most fightercraft available to the Starfighter Corps of the NSN. Also during these years, Jayden was involved in a number of black op missions and joint ops with the Intelligence and Pacification Group. Though the missions are not privy to any eyes without proper clearance, it was through his actions on these missions that Jayden saw promotions and honors that culminated in his current rank of Lieutenant Commander (Old Nepleslian Rank) by YE 35.

Toward the end of the summer of YE 35, Jayden and his father Aisen experienced a bit of a falling out as their views of Jayden's career path differed greatly. While Aisen had always thought his son would use the military to propel himself into the world of Nepleslian politics, Jayden was quite displeased with the idea and thought he could better serve Nepleslia as a whole from within the ranks of the NSN and opted to continue his career as an officer. This rift created would mean a large strain on communication between father and son, mostly due to Aisen's stubbornness despite eventually approving of his son's choice.

Largely involved in R&D to update and return relevance and prestige to the NSN's Starfighter Corps and Nepleslia's air and space supremacy programs, Jayden shifted to more of a support role until early in YE 37 when he was issued orders to become the Executive Officer of a brand new squadron comprised of elite pilots from all over the NSN. Under the command of Captain Nero Vega, Jayden became the second in command of Aquila Flight.



Jayden is extremely capable in the use of all communication systems employed by the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia both in combat and non-combat situations. He is able to issue and receive orders effectively under stress without faltering. Due to being raised in a bilingual house Jayden is fluent in Trade (language) and Yamataigo (้‚ช้ฆฌๅฐ่ชž). During college he took courses giving him some knowledge of Ly'thir. He is a decent public speaker when the need arises, though it remains a marginally used skill since graduating from the War College of the Imperium.


Having formal training from his time in ROTC as well as his years of service as an officer of the Nepleslia Star Navy, Jayden's ability to lead tends to be more by the book. He understands the value of morale and the integrity of his unit, and while he should be able to inspire those under his command or be capable of clearly stating orders to get the best results possible for the task assigned, however Jayden's lack of interpersonal skills prevent him from being as effective as he would like to be. Jayden is not a physically imposing figure like many command level officers of the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, however, he is the type to lead by example and therefore expects those under his charge to do as he would.


As expected of Starfighter Pilots in the NSN as well as Marine Cavalry, Jayden is proficient with Power Armor use as well as most Marine weapons. While not quite to the level of more well trained Marines, Jayden is able to hold his own in a number of Nepleslian Power Armors.

Starship Operation

Jayden has proven himself to be an Ace level Starfighter Pilot, with expert level knowledge of the operations of all Nepleslian fightercraft and their systems as well as . As such, Jayden is also cleared to pilot experimental and prototype fightercraft and starfighter systems.

Knowledge - Military

Much of Jayden's studies have revolved around grooming him for service within the NSN, reinforced by his time at the War College of the Imperium and continued education while in active service. As one of the youngest command level officers within the NSN, Jayden displays a greater than average knowledge of the combined workings of the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia.


Between his pre-military studies, his War College course work, and his continued education during active service, Jayden has a Master's degree in Starship Engineering with a primary focus area in Starfighter systems.

Maintenance and Repair

With his intimate knowledge of all currently fielded fightercraft by the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, Jayden is highly proficient in maintaining and repairing starfighter systems and components as needed provided the proper tools are available.

Technology Operation

Originally taken up as a hobby during his youth, Jayden found his love of computers made his R&D work exponentially easier and more efficient. He is capable with any computer system currently fielded by the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, easily able to access, create, and modify files and information.




  • 2 Button-up short-sleeved overshirt, blue, with rank patches on shoulder pads and name plate
  • 4 T-Shirts, white
  • 4 underwear, white
  • 2 Blue jeans
  • 1 Garrison hat, blue, with flash patch
  • 1 pair of finger-cut gloves, leather, brown
  • 1 pair of shoes, brown
  • 6 pair boot Socks, white
  • 1 double-strap belt, brown
  • Naval Service Dress Blues (full outfit with white pistol belt, gloves, pants, and boots)


  • 2 T shirt, white, with fleet number on the right chest
  • 2 Pairs of ankle length pajama pants, blue
  • 1 Pair of slip-on flexi-shoes, brown


  • 2 Short-sleeved mocks with fleet number on the right chest, blue
  • 2 Work-out shorts, light blue
  • 1 Pair of trunks, blue, fleet number on right leg

Weapons and Weapon Accessories


Addition Notes

Jayden enjoys regular pay from the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia as a currently ranked Lieutenant Commander (Old Nepleslian Rank). However, due to his family's lineage and wealthy background, Jayden has a significant amount of funds at his disposal.

Additional Information

Character Data
Character NameJayden Solaris
Character OwnerArchander
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Born June YE 13

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