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Otarcael "Lilly" Livia

Otarcael β€œLilly” Livia
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 5' 8β€œ
Weight: 130 lbs
Bra Size: 34D
Organization: Star Military of Nepleslia
Occupation: Space Marine
Rank: Private
Current Placement: NSS Acadia

Otarcael "Lilly" Livia in Roleplay

Otarcael β€œLilly” Livia is a player character played by Teddo and is currently serving in the NSS Acadia plot.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5' 8” Mass: 130 lbs Measurements: xxxxxxxx Bra Size: 34D

Build and Skin Color: Otarcael is quite slim by Nepleslian standards, but is also quite a bit more filled in than the normal Nepleslian. Her overall build is closest to that of an average human of her age, weight, and height. Her shoulders are neither as narrow as a Nepleslian nor as broad as a Nepleslian. The same is true of her hips, which are not so large as a Nepleslian, but pleasantly curved. Skin is a rosy caucasian color. The rosiness, however, seems to be part of the skin itself, rather than from the blood underneath the skin. It is an inherited characteristic of her alien siring. Her bust appears to be only slightly on the large side for someone of her build.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Otarcael has a child-like, small face. She has a very smooth, unpronounced jaw line, coming down to a tiny, slightly upturned chin. The general shape of her head is somewhat 'mousy,' being more cherry-shaped than egg-shaped. Her nose is small and slender, curving elfishly upward at the end like a Dane. Her thin lips sit evenly between her nose and chin. Her needle-thin eyebrows curve ever-so-slightly over her distinct amber eyes. Her iris' are etched with a bold black outline, and the vibrantly bright yellowish eyes practically glow in contrast to their white background. Her pupils are smaller than a Nepleslian's, but are almost always fully dilated, except in very bright light.

Hair Color and Style: Even more indicative of her alien heritage than her eyes, Otarcael's silken hair is a fluorescent shade of pink. It has a healthy sheen to it, and generally falls past her shoulders. She puts her long bangs back, but they often fall into her face. In combat situations, and when piloting a power armor, Lilly has her hair braided into a tight french twist in the back.

Distinguishing Features: Amber eyes, pink hair, and a very slim build greatly distinguishes her from her normal Nepleslian brethren.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Having suffered through an unfathomably dark life in the slave markets, Otarcael generally wears a distant, vaguely sad expression. She is a terribly kind, compassionate person, but she generally shies away from others. When in a social environment, people get a strong sense that her mind is lightyears away from the conversation. Despite all this, she does lapse into periods of vibrant cheerfulness, letting her natural charisma shine through. This is generally when she is experiencing something she likes, or when somebody manages to get her to fully engage herself in a social environment. Otarcael has difficulty understanding how she feels about killing people. However, she is determined to prevent civilian casualties at any cost. Because of her delicate history, Lilly often has mental relapses, similar to PTSD. Furthermore, while she is phobically afraid of sexuality, it is the only form of intimate physical expression she is familiar with. As such, her physical contact with others is very limited.

Likes: anything as pink as her, flowers, open spaces, bright places, learning, positive emotions in others Dislikes: intimacy, intensive physical contact, aggressive people, enclosed spaces (claustrophobic), being alone in the dark Goals: Otarcael has no long-term ambitions. Currently, she tries to find the good in life and expand her limited knowledge. The former is somewhat difficult in her current environment. She is working to purchase and free as many slaves as she can find.



Otarcael's Nepleslian mother, Livia, was an illegal slave. Who her father was is completely unclear to her. His name was Otadis, and he was an alien known as a Nepleslian. She was primarily raised by Nepleslian slavers, particularly a very unpleasant man named Gerrin.


Otarcael was born to a slave named Livia. She recalls little of her mother, and has never known her father. At the age of seven, it was determined that Otarcael was no longer dependent on her mother, and Livia was sold off. Otarcael lived the next eight years of her captivity as a 'window item' in the flesh trade market. The slavers who owned her, however, more often used her as a domestic servant during this period, in hopes of making her at least somewhat 'cultured.' Her owners knew she was a piece of high-quality merchandise, and therefore saved her until she'd reached maturity, at which point they sold her for a healthy sum to a wealthy customer. Between the ages of fifteen and eighteen, she changed hands countless times, going from one place, back to market, then to another place more deplorable than the last. Midway through her eighteenth year as a born slave, the newly reorganized Nepleslian Imperium raided the underground market she was currently at. Suddenly finding herself freed from bondage, Otarcael was left to starve on the streets. She soon learned about the military, and within a few weeks of gaining her freedom enlisted in the Star Military of Nepleslia, with little more reason than to have food and shelter. She has since completed basic training, and attained the rank of P3C. She has recently been given her first active duty assignment. Having no surname, she adopted Livia as her last name upon enlistment. At the time, she wasn't fully aware of what a surname was.

Military Service

YE 31 - Present

Completed basic training and was assigned to temporary security detail on Golding Station, which was just reaching completion, and was not properly staffed. Her transfer orders came through for the NSS Acadia, just as Golding Station was attacked by pirates and overtaken. The incident was resolved by soldiers on the station, with considerable assistance from the crew of the NSS Acadia. Following this, Lilly was detained by IPG officials for questioning on the incident. No sooner was she released from IPG custody, getting a complementary shore leave on Nepleslia, than the Pisces Star Fortress came into orbit over the planet, as a result of the beginnings of the NMX invasion.

Awards, Honors, and Promotion Record

Award ImageAward NameDate PresentedNotes
Private 3rd Class March 4, YE 311) Date character was approved for duty.
General Defense Ribbon June 12, YE 31 For defense of Starbase Golding Station



Lilly's entire life has been spent as an entertainment piece. Most of these skills are of the sexual domain, although she also has considerable experience with dancing. However, Lilly is determined never to use the more intimate 'skills' ever again.


Lilly is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from others through headsets, ships, ground vehicles, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. She is fluent in Nepleslian. She can speak and write it (with some effort) correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, etc. Lilly is skilled in field communications and is proficient in all rudimentary forms of communication (hand signals, flashing lights, etc). It should be noted that, while Lilly is a native Nepleslian speaker, she has only learned to write it in the past year. She has fully learned it, however, and experiences only minor difficulty when writing more complicated things like reports.

Strategy (Tactics/discipline)

Lilly can understand tactical commands and work with her troop to follow those commands efficiently. She knows the importance of teamwork on the battlefield, has been intensively trained in discipline and morale, and is able to recognize the command structure even while under extreme pressure (combat, etc). Lilly is able to recognize ambush points. She knows basic math in order to calculate distances, etc, and can use a tactical map.


Lilly has had many years of experience performing just about every kind of chore imaginable, from beating rugs to picking things up without bending her knees while standing in front of her owner. She tends not to do that one anymore.

Fighting and Physical

Despite her weak looking body, Lilly is exceptionally dextrous. She knows how to do some basic acrobatics, and is quite flexible. Lilly went through specialty training to become a power armor pilot, and is capable of properly operating one without A.I. assistance. Lilly received intensive hand-to-hand combat training (primarily focused on disabling and/or killing opponents) and has followed up that knowledge with a rigorous training program. Weapons she is trained in include pistols of all types, knives, grenades (and other forms of explosive weaponry) and rifles of all kinds. Lilly is in excellent physical shape and has considerable endurance.


Having the unfortunate fate of living in shackles generally encourages people to pick the lock. Lilly can generally get herself through any simple mechanical lock. Her dexterity also extends to her hands, which have managed to smuggle quite a number of things out from under her captor's noses.

Survival and Military

Lilly knows how to survive in hostile environments. She can build shelters, hunt and forage for food, build a fire, etc. She can camouflage herself and is familiar with guerrilla warfare tactics.




  • 2 Pullover shirt, green, with rank patches on shoulder pads and name plate
  • 4 T-Shirts, white
  • 4 underwear, white
  • 2 Khaki cargo pants
  • 1 Beret, green, with flash patch
  • 1 pair gloves, leather, black
  • 1 pair boots, black
  • 6 pair boot Socks, white
  • 1 Belt, dark brown


  • 2 Tank tops, green, with fleet number on the right chest
  • 2 Pairs of ankle length pajama pants, khaki
  • 1 Pair of slip-on flexi-shoes, black

Workout Clothing / Swimwear

  • 2 Short-sleeved mocks with fleet number on the right chest, Green
  • 2 Work-out shorts, khaki
  • 1 One-piece bathing suit, green, fleet number on right breast
  • Expensive designer swimsuits

Off-Duty/Civilian Clothing


  • 1 pair identification tags, metal, with name and town of enlistment
  • 1 Canteen, 1 quart
  • 1 Wallet with the Marine Corps Insignia plated on it.


Weapons, Weapon Accessories

  • 1 Pistol belt, black, with Nk-lr holster
  • 1 Automatic Pistol, Nk-lr "Knuckler", with 2 extra HJP double magazines

Purchased Slaves

Since discovering the huge market for slaves, especially Occhestians and Helashio, Lilly has made it her personal goal to purchase and free as many as she can find.

Name Species Date Freed Status
Occhestian Still in box
Helashio Still in box
Occhestian Still in box
Occhestian Still in box
Occhestian Still in box



Order, 5/17/31
Lorath Occhestian In A Box With A Collar and Control Device! (Pirating the UOC, TC: 66-80, IC: 5337-6297-139)
Helashio In A Box With Collar And Control Device! (Pirating the UOC, TC: 60-79, IC: 4737-3533-132)
Lorath Occhestian In A Box with a Collar! (Pirating the UOC, TC: 65-79, IC: 5192-5903-137)
Lorath Occhestian In A Box With A Collar and Control Device! (Pirating the UOC, TC: 66-80, IC: 5337-6297-139)
Lorath Occhestian In A Box with a Collar! (Pirating the UOC, TC: 68-80, IC: 5429-6777-140)
Expensive designer swimsuits (female) (Pirating, TC: 71-96, IC: 6873-2361-159)
Fancy scarves (Pirating, TC: 25-83, IC: 2132-2215-106)


Otarcael β€œLilly” Livia is currently a Private in the Star Military of Nepleslia. She receives a weekly salary of -50 DA- per week.

Entered active duty (OOC): March 4, 2009 Last Paycheck Received: See below (31=2009)

Paychecks are added every weekend.

Total Savings Deposit Withdrawal Date Reason
6300 DA SMoDIN Salary
6350 +50 5/11/31 Salary
6400 +50 5/17/31 Salary
100 -6300 5/17/31 Open Market Purchase
150 +50 5/27/31 Salary
200 +50 5/31/31 Salary
300 +100 6/17/31 2 Weeks' Salary
350 +50 6/21/31 Salary
400 +50 6/27/31 Salary
450 +50 7/04/31 Salary
Current Total 450 DA
Character Data
Character NameOtarcael "Lilly" Livia
Character OwnerTeddo
Character StatusInactive Player Character
OOC Date: March 4, 2009

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