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Tamara Novikov

Tamara Novikov is a Human Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia Rear Admiral, currently the Commanding Officer of 4th Fleet's Battlecruiser Division. She was created by the 'Great, wonderful, Penguin' Gamerofthegame. Pronounced 'tah-MAH-rah'

Tamara Novikov
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Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Height: 6'2 (188 cm)
Weight: 136 lbs (61 kg)
Organizations DIoN
Rank Rear Admiral
Occupation Fleet Officer
Current Placement CO, 4th Fleet, Battlecruiser Division

Tamara's Body

Build and Skin Colour

Tamara is quite tall and shows it, although oppositely she is very thin. One might think, looking at her with violent interests, that she might make a good baseball bat. That is not to say she doesn't have muscle, but even then its almost kind of sickly in appearance. Thats not to say she is a stick figure, though. But this isn't the easiest to notice through her sheet white Albino skin. She is one of the very rare Russian lineages in this speck of 'human' space.

Facial Features and Eye Colour

Her face is some what well rounded in oval shape, her face keeping to it's host body's fairly thin appearance. Her chin is some what pointed outward, although stays rounded off. Her lips are a light pink, possibly due to her Albino qualities, and is pretty thin. Her nose is defiantly pointed outward, although is also small at the same time, giving her a slight odd mix-mashed over all look of big and small. Her eye sockets almost seem to be deeper into her skull, although they aren't, and hold her light pink iris eyes.

Hair Colour and Style

Her hair color is a silvery-grey, a ragged mop of hair that is kept to her skull without much care put into it usually save for a pat down with her hand and maybe a quick brush if its being unruly.


  • Height: 6'2 (188 cm)
  • Mass: 136 lbs (61 kg)
  • Bra Size: 32B

Tamara's Personality

Truthfully, some 'otaku' nut might dub Tamara a 'Tsundere'. She has a tendency to be fierce and quick to anger, and albeit her fairly weak physical attributes she has a lion on fierce-additional-drugs ferocity to her when she is angry. At the same time, though, she is kind, caring, and fairly easy to be moved by something emotionally. She knows this, and she is annoyed by it, attempting to get out of such situations when she can and instead shedding whatever tears needed somewhere alone. Its not to be said that she can't be calm and control herself, though, as that would be a lie. And lies are bad.

Likes and Dislikes


Guns, Zoya (Both), Space as a whole, Cats, Trees, Chicken


Neko, Zoya being dead, Candy, Fish, being on the receiving end of a 'Boot to the head'.

Tamara's History

Her mother thought she was in love once, although after the first pregnancy and his running out on her, she should have learned. But no, she didn't. The second one came, and he ran again. Although a gang in Neplesia didn't take to kindly to this, not one bit. A father stayed by his family. If you were a father who didn't, then you were better off dead. Oh hey, guess what happened to Dad? Yeah.

Shortly after giving birth to Tamara, her mother feel ill once again, just like with Zoya four years ago. This time, though, she didn't stop coughing blood and she just got paler and paler. The very same gang that killed the man who sired those children got her to a doctor (Can't have people hanging in their turf, or those people might rebel), but he said it was far to late. Zoya started the domino train, and Tamara just helped it along. She died not to long afterwards while attempting to feed her albino child. Not knowing what to do, the gang that aided them in the past got the two children to a orphanage.

The Orphanage was a massive building, filled with children in many states of disarray. Time passed. No one wanted to buy some 'sickly' albino child, and Zoya refused to go without her, much to the orphanage's reprimandment. But that changed when Zoya was 13, and Tamara 9. Zoya's skin began to turn pale, and her hand was covered in blood when she coughed. There was no doctor for Zoya, though, but it wouldn't have mattered. Zoya was a fighter, although no mother. Yelena had more to fight for. And so, Zoya died only a month after the sickness began, much to her sister's sobbing. And now she was alone in the world, her handful of friends always dwindling on the possibility of being adopted. But no one wanted that one albino child, who's family died of illness. Why waste the effort?

When Tamara was 13, just as Zoya was, she didn't get sick. No, something else happened during that year. A terrorist, hell bent on sending a message to end Yamatai's rule, missed his target of a senator's ship and instead crashed into a orphanage. Few were killed, surprisingly. But the orphanage was destroyed. And into the world Tamara had to go, into the streets. Through begging, stealing, and other rouge arts (That didn't involve the sexual kind), she made by enough. For a short time, when 14, she joined a gang and learned to fire a gun with a surprising amount of skill. But she left the gang after ending the lives of three officers who were only doing their job. Luckily, though, Karma took a good eye on her. The orphanage was repaired not to long afterwards, and she was able to rejoin its ranks and get a education until she was 17, when she was kicked out into the world.

She tried to get a job, but she was a skill-less individual with no money. So she joined a last ditch effort as a dock hand at a space port. One known for dock hands losing their hands under crates. She made it through fine, though, as not to long after she started working she joined a cargo freighter's crew as a security member. She wasn't meant to be a permanent addition, but something about her grew on the she-captain, and she insisted it. Tamara had no other home, so she agreed. There it was how she learned her skills in the spacers trade, also getting that from her family heritage.

She turned 22 and bid the Freighter, the people she knew as a family, good bye after the captain gave birth to a child and wanted to grow roots some where. The ship passed onto her, and she manned that fairly old vessel for a month before it broke down and was hauled to a junkyard to be sold. She bought a smaller freighter and became a small time, albeit albino captain for a little while with a crew of three, excluding herself.

On those two ships she shared many adventurers with her new found family, although the second was not to be, as it crashed into a sea body upon one reentry. Ship trashed, the crew parted ways.

She turned 24 not too long before that event, and wandered about, looking for a ship to buy or join. She found none that really had a spot for her, and her funds got gradually less and less. However, chance came by her. One of those lucky things that almost never happens to people, but the universe is a big place. Lots of chances.

A rookie FIO agent (Who later got reassigned some place else, Tamara knew not… Nor… cared.) thought she was a pirate. Few had a similar description of Tamara, ya'know? However, something appealed to the rookie even while Tamara was weakly attacking him and trying to get away from the agent's clutches. And he knew of the majority of the woman's record not to long after detaining her. It would be trouble on him to let her go, she might flab. So instead he black mailed her. Seeing that she was in a bit of a rut, he sent her to the Star Military of DIoN. And if she left or told a peep of why she joined, he'd fiddle those pirate charges to be real. Wouldn't be to hard.

So Tamara did. She passed trough basic with some problems due to her stature, but got to Naval corps none the less. That, however, she succeed through with ease.

Captain Novikov, or Captain Tamara as she prefered, was her new title. Captain out of Naval corps wasn't THAT uncommon, especially for slightly older people such as Tamara. Nepleslia needed captains for her new ships, after all!

Following years of distinguished service, Captain Novikov was transferred to 4th Fleet to captain one of its new cruisers, the NSS Minotaur. She participated in the actions at System 87I and Rok'Veru Offensive, where her aggressive ship-handling caught the notice of then Flag-Captain Valencia Ironside. Following the action, Minotaur continued to serve as an attached unit to the 3rd Assault Fleet.

Upon her return to Nepleslia Prime at the conclusion of offensive operations, she found that she had been summarily promoted to Rear Admiral and recommended for command of the planned Battlecruiser Division. The coveted position was a near guarantee of independent action and commands as well as the Grand Admirals' trust.



Tamara was tutored at the Orphanage rather well, as she was pretty good at math. Pretty good as in not failing like most of the class, as the teacher was frequently away and the substitutes taught very little of what they were supposed to do.


Tamara is a tall, but still weak woman. She isn't good at anything to physical, although she does have a keen eye and a quick finger. Her gang ways and times on a ship has trained her in a wide variety of weapons, legal or illegal, civilian or military. The vast majority of it, though, is Ballistics and not energy weapons, although she still knows how to operate energy weapons to a passing degree.

Technology Operation

Tamara is well versed in how to operate a variety of computer systems, as well as how to figure out to operate ones not to alien from the norm. She knows how to operate Kessaku tech, as well as other various techs. She isn't any computer engineer, but she knows her way around the hypothetical keyboard.


Tamara knows Nepleslian quite well, and can read and write (Albeit with a shaky hand for the latter) with a good vocabulary. Japanese, though, not so much. Verbally she does decent enough to know the small basics she was taught, but she knows very little about the various dialects, let along how to read them. She can operate radio and such equipment with a passing degree.


Tamara is has a good head, and can use it to boss people around. Something that she personally loves. She is good about keeping her head in times where many others rely on her, and knows her ways around a battle field. She isn't much of a public speaker, though, in mass crowds. She always has that fear of messing up. She also, due to her quick to anger ways, isn't to good about working in diplomatic situations. Unless its aggressive!

Starship Operations

Tamara is able to fly a vessel, as well as operate most vessel systems to at least a working degree. Thats not to say she does anything to well, as she has never had any real schooling past her piloting mates popping her down in the chair and saying, 'Okay, this controls this, etc. Now lets try flying around this Asteroid belt.'


She can cook fairly decently, as she has had to do the cooking for herself and quite a few of her friends since she was 10. Thats not saying she is a chef, though. As usually she cooked basic things.

Character Data
Character NameTamara Novikov
Character OwnerGamerofthegame
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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