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Wii Matsobuki

Wii Matsobuki is a resident of Funky City. He is played by Bilgecrank

Wii Matsobuki
Wii, with his neice, Carina Sanroma
Pronunciation: Wee Matts-Oh-Boo-Kee
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 5'0โ€œ (152.40 cm)
Weight: 154 lb (69.85 kg)
Organization Francia City Administration
Rank Director
Occupation City Planner/Manager
Place of Living Francia City

Wii's Voice and Theme

Wii in Roleplay

Not currently in a plot.



  • Father: Ikashi Matsobuki(Geshrin, Age 50): Tall, skinny, and thinned boned. Ikashi would not seem intimidating, but he has a flaring attitude that could run you down.
  • Mother: Nancy Matsobuki (Nepleslian, Age 49[Maiden Name: Vickensmall]): Short, Nancy is unforgiving when you mess with one of her babies.
  • Sister: Suku Matsobuki (Nepleslian, Age 25): An angry young girl, who's concern is to make sure you don't piss her off.
  • Brother: Masaru Matsobuki (Nepleslian, Age 28): Noted as 'the book' for being able to soak up information and data like a sponge and being able to use it when needed.
  • Brother: Nabuo Matsobuki (Nepleslian, Age 28): Perverted, and it shows in his inability to remove his line of sight from any sort of female naughty area.
  • Brother: Shigeru Matsobuki (Nepleslian, Age 25): Big, dumb, and good for getting things from high places as he is very tall.

Other People

Physical Appearence

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 29
  • Height: 5'0โ€ / 152.40 cm.
  • Mass: 154 lb / 69.85 kg.

General View

  • Build: Thick shouldered, muscular arms, wide chest, thin waist, short muscular legs, 9 size foot.
  • Skin Color: Tanned Flesh-Colored skin.
  • Facial Features: Angled face, medium forehead, normal brow, structured nose, wide mouth, roughly jutting chin.
  • Eye color: Purple.
  • Hair color and Style: Jade hair, cut inch-length short, no style.
  • Distinguishing Features: A pair of moon-shaped glasses that he often wears to correct his eyesight. Wii usually wears rather formal clothing.
  • Usual Appearance: Usually wears his glasses, dress shirt(white), tie(blue), tie bar(silver), vest(black), belt(brown), dress pants(black), usually keeps the knife hidden under the pantleg, black Socks, wingtips(black)

Mental Characteristics


Wii is a bright fellow, with a bright spirit to match. Despite being shorter than most people, he has a taller mentality than most. Though, a parallel to his height is his level of mischief and the general eccentric behavior that he often revels in. One his favorite tricks just so happens to be 'playing dead'. Otherwise, Wii Matsobuki is a fairly care-free individual that is slow-to-anger.

Wii also has a bit of a dark side to him. When it comes to a job, Wii can be rather merciless and unforgiving. He won't worry too much about getting blood on his suit if he's paid the right amount.

Likes, Dislikes, and Goals

  • Likes: Money, cleanliness, being respected, unusual objects, relaxation, alcohol, class.
  • Dislikes: Bills, staining, the rude, short jokes.
  • Goals: To further reaches of his power and wealth, that or live a care-free life.


Wii Matsobuki was born of a middle-class family on Kennewes, he is the first child of the family, making him the eldest of five. From birth, Wii was taught that the good life comes the hard way. He was always the older brother to his younger siblings, from protecting them from threats, to guiding them through life. Even at a young age, he searched for opportunities to make money to support the family.

As he got older and the family moved to Nepleslia, Wii began to look to greater things. He liked to make money in large amounts as much as possible, and then spend it all first smartly on bills, then the rest on cool stuff emptying his wallet by the end of the week. Wii's weakness became the shiny possessions around him, and soon he found himself on the streets with less than reputable fellows. His young years were spent helping his parents get the kids rolling and making money off certain engagements outside of the family.

By his twenties, Wii was actually performing fairly well. The man was able to afford some nice clothes and glasses correct his vision. Though he wasn't about to stop there, he was going to keep going until he was sitting on the top. Wii would use his connections to earn the money he needed, but he understood he needed to make some new ones if he wanted to get where he wanted.

Mid-twenties, the Matsobuki had decided to reach for a higher education, despite waiting so long for it. Just so he could further his range of capabilities, he took a few courses in engineering. Following his graduation he returned to the duties of shady life and waited for an opportunity to rise. A year into the Northern Expanse operation, a job came up with the offer of managing a project out in the north. Wii hopped for the imperial contract, and made himself Director of a point out north in the expanse.

Most of the next three years of his life could be summed up in the history of the point itself.



Wii is fairly educated due to the schooling he received when he was younger. He's well spoken in certain circles. He can only speak and write Trade though. He also can use electronic communication devices as well.


Being the eldest of five, Wii often helped to raise the family and those skills of keeping his brothers and sister going. He often helped with laundry, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the toddlers, and making sure the kids are driven the right way.


Wii is good with a harmonica, and as is able to play different pieces of music with it. He is also good with telling stories and singing lullabies. Lastly, he has a rather excellent acting ability brought on from how well he lies to people.


A lot of people on Kennewes are familiar to fighting. Wii is no exception, as he is an intensely good hand-to-hand fighter. He knows the use of knives and is even a skilled fencer(High-school Elective.) Wii is skilled in the use of pistols, and rather good with an SMG. He's only used rifles on rare occasions, and as a result is not good with them.


As big brother, and a man who's thrown in the center of a crowd full of different cultures and types of people, Wii has learned how to deal quite well between these people. As such, he is usually a spokesperson for any tough group he's in, and usually does a lot of the talking to make sure everything moves smoothly. A person can also come to Wii with more personal problems, or things they can't seem to understand, and Wii will help them understand.


Despite his nice and open side, Wii can turn into a devil in a second. Gaining money the easy away means giving hard consequences to other people. He's able to break and enter into people's houses silently, and end their lives just as quietly. A persons wallet isn't safe in their pocket when he's around, as it may end up in his hands before the end of the day. Living the streets also gives Wii the right streetwise to stay alive out in the open.

Another ability of Wii is his ability to lie and con. He has a knack for bluffing his way out of situations. Due to a remarkable acting ability, and a bit of intense training, he's also able to 'play dead' extremely well.


Typically, Wii just usually drives a car from place to place like most Nepleslians. Though, if things get heavy, he's able to maneuver quite well out of those bad situations. Along with that, he's familiar with trucks, motorcycles, is an okay bus driver.


Wii has a masters degree in Civil Engineering.


Being so shady and discreet in his under-the-desk dealings, Wii makes for an excellent politician. He has a knack for playing crowds, and inspiring people despite his tiny stature. Though, at the same time, he also can listen to those under him and organize a faculty of workers to complete common goals, or find someone who can organize them for him.




  • 1 Fedora, black, with dark grey lining
  • 1 Pair of moon-shaped glasses
  • 1 Lounge coat, Black
  • 4 Ties, solid blue, solid blue with white pinstripes, solid red, and black
  • 1 Tie bar, Silver
  • 7 Vests,
  • 7 White dress shirts
  • 7 White T-Shirts
  • 2 Belts, black, brown
  • 6 Dress pants, all black
  • 12 Pairs of boxer briefs
  • 7 Pairs of black Socks
  • 1 Pair of wingtips


  • 12 T-Shirts, different styles on each
  • 3 Pairs of pajama pants
  • 3 Pairs of jeans
  • 4 Pairs of white Socks
  • 1 Pair of tennis shoes
  • 1 Pair of work boots

Weapons, Weapon Accessories


  • Pocket Watch, with the engraving of the globe of Kennewes
  • Cellular Phone, blue
  • Black Wallet, with silver plate
  • Class Ring, silver, with blue gem
  • Harmonica
  • Black Cane, Hammerhead Design, Metal Hammer, Ivory Grip, Metal Shaft.


  • Current:
  • Income:
  • Expenses:
Character Data
Character NameWii Matsobuki
Character OwnerBilgecrank
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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