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Lenny Binks

Lenny is an NPC on the Cirrus Station, played by The Essential Moon Man.

Lenny Binks
Lenny Binks
Species: ID-SOL
Gender: Male
Age: 6 years
Height: 8โ€™5โ€
Weight: 305 lbs
Organization: Nepleslian Arms and Munitions โ€œCirrusโ€ Class Research Station
Rank: CSS Member
Occupation: Station Security
Current Placement: Cirrus Station

General View

  • Build: Large, slightly chunky and muscular
  • Skin Color: Light tan
  • Facial Features: Somewhat egg-shaped head with a small nose and rounded jawbone
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Hair color and Style: Blonde, shaved close to the head

Lenny in Roleplay

First met in Episode 3:Sunny Day on Prilisa IV, Lenny is a large, hulking ID-SOL with the sweet disposition of a 10-year-old. Under normal circumstances, one would think Lenny would be somewhere other than working as a security guard on a science installation, however it appears the the massive ID-SOL is constantly given help by his best friend and partner in crime, George Resetti. The two seem to get along and know each other quite well, and Lenny always looks to George for advice and approval, often much to George's chagrin. Although he may not realize it, Lenny is exceptionally strong due to his ID-SOL nature. He is somewhat optimistic and very easy to distract, but overall a good person.

Character Data
Character NameLenny Binks
Character OwnerMoon Man
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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