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Aerin Tatst

Aerin Tatst is a player character played by Kai and is currently involved in the SS Raider plot.

Aerin Tatst
Species: Yamataian
Gender: Female
Age: Born YE 03
Zodiac Sign:
Height: 5'
Weight: 90 pounds
Bra Size: 30B
Organization: Origin Industries
Occupation: Starship Designer, Captain
Rank: CEO
Current Placement: SS Raider

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5' Mass: 90 pounds Measurements: 32/28/30 Bra Size: 30B

Build and Skin Colour: Aerin is very short and skinny, and is built mostly along the average Yamataian lines, though is somewhat on the skinny side. She has a light tan from being outdoors regularly

Facial Features and Eye Colour: Aerin has a cute, somewhat rounded face, and large, green eyes, which have a black “Atom symbol” design that was a special request during her transfer to her Yamataian body.

Hair Colour and Style: Aerin's hair is jet black and straight. It extends to her mid-back, and the tips are usually dyed green.

Distinguishing Features: Aerin is easily distinguishable by her custom eyes and her diminutive stature.

Psychological Characteristics

Aerin Tatst

Personality: Although Aerin used to be a jovial, life-is-a party type, it was a simple facade to hide the grief over losing her father. However, after seeing her father's dreams fulfilled, Aerin was able to relieve the grief she had carried. However, her personality was not completely gone. While Aerin is now a very mature, business-like woman, she still know when and how to have fun, and will not lose an opportunity to do so. Random bouts of immaturity are to be expected from this woman, but she is no longer as gung-ho as she once was.

Likes: Dancing, doing unexpected things, deep space travel, designing starships Dislikes: malfunctions, party-crashers, threats to her company. Goals:

  • To mend her relationship with her mother (complete).
  • Become filthy rich (complete).
  • Bed an international celebrity (complete).
  • make origin the largest corporation in the galaxy.


Family (or Creators)

Jinkan Tatst: Father (deceased) Hanna Lee Tatst: Mother, Born BYE 17


Aerin was an only child. Her father was a small-time engineer and starship mechanic. Aerin's father taught her how to build, repair, and fly ships of many kinds. Her mother was very supportive of them and would often help on projects. One day All three were working on her father's latest and greatest design, a small cruiser for civilian use, when part of the ship's power supply became unstable and exploded. Aerin and her mother barely survived the blast, which killed her father. She was forced to switch bodies to Yamataian, and got custom eyes because she thought they looked cool. After the body switch she took it upon herself to finish her father's ship in his honor. Upon it's completion, she left her mother on Yamatai to seek her fortune. She became a pirate for a short while because it made her forget the grief of her father's death, but this upset her mother and strained their relationship. Not wanting to lose her mother for any reason she decided to do something good with her father's legacy and help the Nepleslian green faction, becoming a privateer for them. Though still not quite on perfect terms with her mother, their relationship is getting better.

Recently, she got together with a couple of her partners with the underworld, and formed a legitimate company; Origin Industries. In the process, she quit the world of war and opted to go the way of her father as a starship designer.

The SS Raider

After simply designing became too much of a chore, Aerin longed for the great black sea known as space. taking Personal command of the company's flagship, the SS Raider, she began a search for a crew.

She and The Raider are currently puttering around the core systems, picking up potential crew members and training those who qualified.

Mending the heart

In YE 29, Aerin made a trip back to Yamatai. It was there that, with the knowledge that she had completed her father's legacy, and with a new found maturity, Aerin was finally able to come to terms with what had happened that fateful day in her past, and to mend ties with her mother after what she had done. Though Aerin never talks about it, she now enjoys a rejuvenated relationship with her mother, even if it is normally long-distance.

Running the Company

The sheer amount of time and effort it has taken to run a company is starting to play on Aerin; She's somehow managed to start maturing. While at first the woman tried to party her days away when she didn't have any ideas, she now commonly goes through paperwork or does business meetings. Although, wanderlust has not yet been lost. Whenever she can, Aerin has been taking her days off to search the Kikyo sector, both for prospective employees and markets. While out and about though, she still can't seem to get away from business. However, when war struck the Yamatai Star Empire, Miss Tatst's business empire was not unharmed. After being booted from her starting place, Aerin set up camp in her company's new space station, and began to grow the business.

However, she still isn't done doing what she set out to do.

KMS Chaos

When the Star Army of Yamatai approached Aerin about starting a new space station within the Ketsurui Military sector, the woman jumped on the opportunity. Personally heading to the site of her company's newest asset, she even braved a Mishhu blockade, but, as fortunes would show, her small patrol of ships was not quite enough to make it through. Fortunately, the Unlucky corporate ships were rescued by Star Army vessels, and the trip was able to continue. After a few weeks in the Sector, however, the space station had been established and the CEO grew restless, so once again they braved the Mishhuvurthyar blockade. After another Tense battle, the beleaguered crews of the embattled origin ships were once again rescued by the SAoY. Unfortunately, Aerin's precious flagship, the SS Raider, was heavily damage din the battle. Aerin's unsure if the spaceframe has enough left in it to survive being rebuilt again, but Aerin is hoping to rebuild the first ship she ever made and keep it flying for her company.

Dawning Concerns

Dawning Concerns

Luca Pavone and the ISC phoenix and crew came aboard Dawn station. The rest is history and has been turned into several TV docudramas.


Engineering and Design

Being an engineer's daughter, Aerin knows her way in and out of a ship's systems. She can easily customize existing systems or build her own. She can also fix ships. She has invested a lot of time into these skills, which ultimately flowered in an ability to design starships of various types.


When Aerin was young her father taught her basic self defense skills, over the years she has expanded her skills and is now proficient at using most common weapons and a few low-end power armors, and she can easily fight in zero-g, a skill learned as a pirate.

Starship operation

Aerin's father taught her how to pilot most kinds of spacecraft. She is capable of standard flying, and a few complex maneuvers, depending on the capability of the ship she is flying. She cannot, however, simply sit in a pilot's chair and fly any ship, rather she must take the time to figure out the controls first.


Aerin received basic mathematics training, to including up to algebra and trigonometry. She is very skilled in Geometry and uses her skills to help her design starships. She can mathematically figure out how much stress a given joint will take when loaded, and can use this knowledge to properly support pieces of a structure.


Aerin is familiar with the communications systems in her ship and is able to communicate with most other characters fluently. She is very fluent in Trade, but knows no Yamataian whatsoever. Her orders are sometimes ignored due to her carefree attitude, and her tendency to chat with the people she is giving orders to.


Aerin is a great dancer… in her own mind. Just don't tell her she sucks or some of the residual pirate might come out.

Aerin has studied Astronavigation and is capable of calculating courses, both STL and FTL, with the help of a ship's computer. She has a working knowledge of the galaxy, and can navigate with only a starmap and major 'landmarks', though this is nowhere near accurate enough for FTL travel.



  • 5 Origin Industries Uniform, Female Captain's variant.
  • Star Army Type 30B Female Duty Uniform (Long sleeve) x2
  • Star Army Type 31 Field Uniform x2
  • Small Jewelry Box (Costume Jewelry)
  • Large box full of blankets, sheets, and pillowcases
  • Blanket


  • Barrel of Nepleslian Whiskey
  • Barrel of Yamataian Rum x2
  • Barrel of Yamataian Wine
  • Crate of Helashio Liqour
  • Barrel of Yamataian Rum
  • 20lb chocolate bunny x2
  • Shipment of cookies
  • Padded case of 18 Various Lorath Wine bottles
  • Barrel of Yamataian Wine x2
  • Box of garden vegetable seeds x2
  • Bags of Flour


  • 1 Standard Energy Pistol with holster, and 5 extra magazines
  • Bone-cutting saw
  • Box of 20 Type 30 Concussion Grenade (White stripe) x2
  • Box of 20 Type 30 Electromagnetic Pulse Grenade (White body with green stripe) x2
  • Box of 20 Type 30 Incendiary Grenade (Red stripe)
  • Box of 20 Type 30 Scalar Pulse Grenade (White body with orange stripe) x2
  • Box of 20 Type 30 Signal Smoke (Colored) Grenade (Thick gray stripe with colored inner band) x2
  • Box of 20 Type 30 Smokescreen Grenade (Thick gray stripe)
  • Box of 20 Type 30 Stun Grenade (Silver Body) x2
  • Box of 20 Type 30 Tear Gas Grenade (Yellow stripe)
  • “M'Cel” 40/30mm Grenade Launcher
  • 1 shipment of IWI FL-10 “Porcupine” Flechette Rifles
  • 5 Shipments of IWI LCP-9 “Vigilant” Sidearms x3
  • Crate of Artillery Parts
  • Crate of Gun Parts x3
  • Crate of Lorath Ammunition - Antitank Caliber (41mm - 89mm) x2
  • Crate of Lorath Ammunition - Antivehicle Caliber (30mm - 40mm) x33357-2499-110)
  • Crate of Lorath Ammunition - Large Caliber (11mm - 19mm) x2
  • Crate of Lorath Ammunition - Light Antivehicle Caliber (20mm - 29mm) x3 4347-5257-124)
  • Crate of Lorath Ammunition - Small Caliber (5mm - 10mm)
  • Crate of Lorath Ammunition - Very Small Caliber (1mm - 4mm) x2
  • Crate of Lorath Missile Warheads - Antimatter x2
  • Crate of Lorath Missile Warheads - Training x3
  • Crate of Lorath Missiles - M-Size x4
  • Crate of Lorath Missiles - Mi-Size x2
  • Crate of Telescopic rifle sights x4
  • FMR-1 Stalwart Enforcer x2
  • FMS-1 Linear Rifle “Stalwart Special” x2
  • LSDF “Ek'yra” Railgun Service Rifle
  • Lorath hand-cannon x5
  • Mortar Launcher x2
  • Side-by-Side Hunting Shotguns x3
  • Scalar Mine
  • Shipment of 100 Zen Arms 10mm Covert Ops Pistols
  • Small Artillery Piece x2
  • SMX Flash Warhead
  • SMX Frasworstch Battle Pod
  • SMX Whifgurflumik Battle Pod
  • Subspace Skipping Missile x2
  • Star Army Weapons Pod
  • Quintessent Hyperspace Torpedo (dead pilot brain)
  • Battle Cannon x2



  • Box of Pornographic Magazines
  • Several tons of literature
  • Shipment of expensive textbooks (educational and great for display)
  • Single Book (Novel… With A Mostly Naked ID-SOL On The Cover… Such Flowing Hair!)
  • Several more tons of literature

Tools & Supplies

  • Box of handheld radio sets
  • Brainwave Helmet x2
  • Signal Wire
  • Star Army Survival Kit (Old Type)
  • Star Army Tool Locker
  • Survival kit x2
  • Sword Polishing Cloth x2
  • Box of brand-new airfilters (Civilian and Starship)
  • Nepleslian Automotive Tool Chest and Tool Set


  • Bloody Star Army Rank Pin
  • Brand new starship control panels
  • Broken Communications Satellite
  • Sensor-shielded compartment kit (easy smuggling!)
  • Severed Wing (Elysian)
  • Sex Droid x2
  • Ship's wardroom table
  • Shipment of (Elysian/genre) Movie Disks
  • Shipment of Computer/Video Games
  • Ships Black Box
  • Silver dining utensil x9
  • Someone's desktop sculpture x11
  • Speakers
  • Star Army rank pin x7
  • Sturdy wooden bedroom furniture, Yamataian manufacture
  • Pack of twelve shot glasses
  • Elysian-made Scented Candles
  • Karaoke Machine with Microphone and songs
  • Silver dining set
  • Several Mattresses


Aerin Tatst is currently a CEO of Origin Industries. She receives a weekly salary of 1500 KS per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Money
11000 KS+8,000 Loan
0 KS -11000 Initial investment in Origin Industries
1500 KS+1500 weekly Pay from OI
3000 KS+1500 Weekly pay from OI
4500 KS+1500 Weekly pay from OI
6000 KS+1500 Weekly pay from OI
7500 KS+1500 Weekly pay from OI
9000 KS+1500 Weekly pay from OI
500 KS - 8500Loan paid off
18500 KS + 18000 12 weeks pay from OI
16250 KS - 2250 Bought stuff
61250 KS +45000 30 weeks pay from OI (5-20-10)
106250 KS +45000 30 weeks pay from OI (1-16-11)
133250 KS +27000 18 weeks pay from OI (6-14-11)
214250 KS +81000 54 weeks pay from OI (6-24-12)
194250 KS -20000 Salvage special offer
184250 KS -10000 Salvage special offer
292250 KS +108000 72 weeks pay (1-28-14)
Character Data
Character NameAerin Tatst
Character OwnerKai
Character StatusActive Player Character

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