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Fieke Amsel

Fieke Amsel
Species: Abwehran Nightwalker
Gender: Female
Age: 8 AY1)/28 SY2)
Height: 5' 11โ€œ
Weight: 390
Bra Size:
Organization: OriSec
Occupation: Security Officer
Rank: Corporal
Current Placement: Dawn Station

Fieke Amsel in Roleplay

Fieke Amsel is a player character used by Gwathdraug and is currently unassigned. Her last assignment was as bodyguard to Origin Representative Karen Merkur with the Star Army of Yamatai's Fifth Fleet during YE 35.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5' 11โ€ Mass: 160 Build and Skin Color: Fieke has a very lean but muscular build. Her skin is chalk white.

Eyes and Facial Features: Fieke has neither large nor small, rounded eyes that - like all Nightwalkers - are a glowing blue colour. Her face is soft and rounded, giving her a very youthful appearance.

Hair Color and Style: Fieke has very short cropped, straight, black hair.

Distinguishing Features: Due to light sensitivity, Fieke is almost always found wearing a pair of thick, black goggles.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Raised by parents with a heavy military background and among the slightly rough conditions of an underground Nightwalker city, Fieke has learned to expect hardships in life. A bit headstrong, she jumped at the chance to get off world and joined OriSec to appease an appetite for adventure. She is friendly, but sometimes becomes depressed when a person reminds her of a close family member.

Likes: Her family (except Harman), Fixing broken hardware, Isana's cooking, Adalrik's stews (all the other stuff he makes could use some work), Learning history and law, storytelling. Dislikes: Using computers, Harman, Being alone, People hiding her goggles (going blind is bad). Goals: Fieke's wants to travel around and have lots of adventures and then return to her family with many a story to tell.


Family (or Creators)

Fieke is the third of seven children. Only two of her siblings share the same mother while the other three belong to her father's second and third wives. Fieke is extremely close with her father and his fourth child, her youngest half-brother. Besides those two her best relationships are with her own mother and her father's third wife, Brynn.

  • Adalbert Amsel: 26 AY/92 EY, Father

Head of his family, served at one point in the Weltraumflotte.

  • Helmine Amsel: 22 AY/78 EY, Mother

Adalbert's first wife, also served in the Weltraumflotte. Now she teaches unarmed combat to the children of the Amsel Family along with performing the various housekeeping tasks while the other work.

  • Isana Amsel: 25 AY/88 EY, Second Wife

Adalbert's second wife. Works as a chef and manages all food related problems for the family.

  • Brynn Amsel: 21 AY/74 EY, Third Wife

Adalbert's youngest wife, Brynn repairs broken hardware for a living.

  • Callan Amsel: 9 AY/31 EY, Sister

Fieke's oldest sibling. Age difference accounts for distance between the two, along with her frequent absences for studying.

  • Harman Amsel: 7 AY/24 EY, Brother

The middle child of Helmine's children. Much closer in age to Fieke than Everard these two siblings have the worst relationship out of all the Amsel children. Harman's decision to join the Weltraumflotte is one of the main reasons - along with her inherent wanderlust - that Fieke avoided the military and sought out employment with OriSec instead.

  • Adalrik Amsel: 5 AY/17 EY, Half-Brother

The only other male child out of the Amsel Siblings. Unlike his brother, Fieke and Adalrik have a very good relationship. Adalrik currently helps around the household and assists his mother as an apprentice cook.

  • Elsa Amsel: 4 AY/14 EY, Half-Sister

Isana's youngest child. Elsa is Herman's favorite sibling and therefore the young girl has a somewhat chilled view of Fieke. While she is not out-and-out hostile to her half-sister, Elsa will often ignore Fieke.

  • Lenya Amsel: 2 AY/7 EY, Half-Sister

Youngest of the Amsel children and Brynn's only child. She is friendly towards Fieke because of the relationship between Brynn and Fieke, but neither of the siblings know each other very well on a personal level.


Born in AF 254 (YE 11) Fieke has never lived during at time while the Empire was at war. But, she heard many stories from her father, and a few from her more tight-lipped mother, of their time in the Weltraumflotte during the Pirate Wars. These tales of exaggerated adventure and underplayed horror were eagerly soaked in by the young Nightwalker and awakened her wanderlust at an early age.

Not all of Fieke's childhood was filled with old war stories though, like any child she had her full share of education, physical training, sibling rivalries, and chores. The adults in her family taught all the children basic knowledge โ€“ with most of the lesson coming from her father โ€“ and any field that he, or one of his wives, lacked knowledge in was supplemented by books. This has led to the children being very well read and offered them the ability to concentrate on subjects they enjoyed.

But, this also caused Fieke and her siblings to have very little interaction with non-family members, a problem they tried to remedy by having each child work as an apprentice under one of their parents. Fieke worked with Brynn at her repair shop, where, even though she was always friendly with the customers she met, she didn't meet many due to her having a greater interest in the internal mechanisms of the machines she was to fix than she did in expanding her social skills.

During this time Fieke's childhood feuds with her brother Harman lessened as she had to help support her expanding family and found herself genuinely interested in the repair work. Both her and her brother had known for a long time that joining the Weltraumflotte was both of their goals. But, when her older brother verbalized this wish and began extra training to prepare himself Fieke also asked to be allowed to train more. Her father refused, stating he had only let her brother get off working because he was older and that she would have plenty of time later to prepare herself.

Refusing to join the same organization as her brother, Fieke was dismayed when Harman joined the Abwehran Armed Forces in AF 258. Then, in AF 259, when first contact was made with the Yamatai Star Empire the girl cursed herself for being so stubborn, but she refused to let all the new prospects tempt her into breaking her word. AF 260 came and Origin Industries, a privately held company, established a contract with the Abwehran Empire. With that also came the news that they would be willing to hire Abwehrans to work in their company. Taking an eager look at the security division of the company, OriSec, Fieke realized that this was her best chance to do what she wanted. After getting her family's approval the young Nightwalker packed her sword and a few sets of traveling clothes and then left, hopefully to find adventure and come back with many-a-tale.



Fieke can write and speak well. When talking in front of crowds she pulls upon her experience in story-telling, often for dramatic effect.


Like all Nightwalkers, Fieke was trained by her father in the use of the sword and in this particular martial art she excels. The swords her family uses are shashkas, sharp, guard-less sabers that are adequate for either slashing or stabbing. Her mother taught her how to fight unarmed, but she showed much less skill in this and can only go as far as defending and attacking a single opponent or defending herself from a pair.

OriSec trained Fieke in the use of all their standard issue weapons ( OriSec Standard Issue ) and in the use of the Impulse Powered Armor.


Fieke knows Abwehran Imperial Law and much of her people's history - with an emphasis on military history in particular - and wishes to learn of the many different histories and laws of the other cultures. Due to memorizing many of these facts she has a good memory.


Fieke has a certain amount of skill with story-telling. While not currently good enough to do much with it, she enjoys using these skills to entertain her family and friends.

Maintenance and Repair

Fieke has been taught to repair, to some degree, broken hardware and mechanical devices. This mainly serves as a basis for learning more or quickly repairing not too damaged things.


Fieke has physically trained herself through learning both how to use a sword and unarmed combat. She has also been trained in general physically endurance by Origin Security and can run long distances with equipment.

Survival and Military

Fieke has a general knowledge of camouflage and concealment. She also knows how to tie various different knots and can perform very basic first aid.





  • 1x Hygiene kit
    • 1x toothbrush
    • 1x tube of toothpaste
    • 1x bar of soap
    • 1x bottle of shampoo
  • 2x white towel with OI logo
  • 1x bathrobe, white, with OI logo.


Component Name Part Number SP Weight
Frame Billet Nerimium OI-M2-F3103 4 3
Insert Mil-Spec OI-M2-L3103 N/A 3
Power Assist Mil-Spec Nanomuscle OI-M2-N3103 N/A -30
Computer FATE Type S OI-M2-C3103A N/A N/A
Armor Billet Nerimium OI-M2-A3103 8 10
Helmet Impulse II OI-M2-H3102 1 1
Power Supply Assault Backplate OI-M2-P3201 N/A 2
Total N/A N/A 13 -11


Fieke Amsel is currently a Corporal in the OriSec. She receives a weekly salary of 400 KS per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
31800 KS 28800 KS First draw of pay upon promotion to Corporal
570 KS 63030 DA Purchase of Impulse Powered Armour System
1140 DA - - - - Conversion of assets from KS to DA
10740 DA 9600 DA Second draw of pay at rate of OriSec Corporal
27540 DA 16800 DA Third draw of pay at rate of OriSec Corporal
188340 DA 160800 DA Fourth draw of pay at rate of OriSec Corporal


OOC Discussion

First character I've made for SARP, hope it is good since I have no idea what the standard is.

Character Data
Character NameFieke Amsel
Character OwnerGwathdraug
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Actual current age as of 1-31 of YE 36 is 7.1423 Abwehran Years. Her last Abwehran Birthday was on August 17th YE 35 and her next birthday will be March 6th YE 39.
Actual current age as of 1-31 of YE 36 is 25.3624 Standard Years. Her last changing of age in Standard Years was on September 21st YE 35 and her next will be on September 21st YE 36.
In Origin Colors, with OriSec logo
Corporal Amsel last collected pay on August 22, YE 39 at the pay grade of Corporal as set by the Origin Industries Pay Scale, she has had a record of continuous service with Origin_Security since May 20, YE 32 and had previously drawn pay on October 15, YE 35.

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