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Rüd Grülik

Rüd Grülik
General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: Abwehran, Nacht Bewohner Height: 6'11“
Gender: Male Weight: 300 lbs
Age: 7AY/ 25 standard years Eyes: Blue
Organization: Origin Industries, OriSec Hair: Bald
Occupation: Security Officer Skin: Gray
Rank: Private
Assignment ISC Roc

Rüd Grülik is played by Blackbird Lore and currently active in the independent Roc and Roll plot. If he were to have a theme song, it would likely be Live Like an Outlaw by SYOR.

Physical Characteristics

Description: Rüd- pronounced Rude by the lazy- Grülik is intimidatingly large in every sense of the phrase. He has a tall and broad torso to accommodate his four shoulder joints. When not covering his eyes, a thick pair of goggles hangs around his neck. His chin, brows, and nose are wide and all rather flat. He also has quite the collection of tattoos. Add to that his immortal grin and dark gray skin, and Rüd could just as easily be a gleeful and vivid storm cloud on its way to ruin your picnic.

Distinguishing Features: Basically everything: he's HUGE, he has four arms, his eyes visibly glow when he's not wearing his goggles, and he's covered in tattoos. Hard to miss.

His tattoos deserve a mention all their own, however. Starting at the elbow of his upper left arm and continuing all the way down to his middle finger is a series of rings varying in breadth. The other four fingers have uniquely designed dragon heads, their mouths open as if swallowing the fingers whole; the top of their heads begin at the knuckles and their snouts reach down to the distal joints (little ones just before your nails). On the palm side of these fingers is a word: “Fear” on his thumb; “Hate” on his index; “Rage” on his ring finger; and “Jealousy” begins at the heel of his hand and runs to the tip of his small finger. His left shoulder and bicep are dominated by a single, dark purple- almost black- dragon, its tail curled around his bicep near the elbow, wings curling around his arm, and its fiery red, beady eyes gazing out from the peak of his shoulder. His left shoulder blade is covered by the orange-yellow outline of a sun: it's depicted as a circle within a circle, a series of zigzags filling the space between them and 8 wavy triangles spreading outward from the largest.

On his right shoulder blade is a single circle reminiscent of the moon turned Yin-Yang. A white crescent makes up a small portion of the right side with a single black dot in the center; the rest is dominated by blackness with a white circle centered within it. Beginning at the base of his spine is an obelisk structure outlined in an eerie black-green color and reaches halfway up his back, and around it is a faint golden aura. An eye rests at its base; it is the Eye of Ra, only it is centered rather than angled, and the curly-q at the bottom extends from both the left and right. His right shoulder and bicep are tattooed similarly to his left; all of that space is dominated by a red dragon of similar stylings, but its eyes are white and soft, and it seems to lack the animosity of its ebon brethren.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Rüd is and always has been rough around the edges. He's been fighting for fun and a fast buck as young as sixteen standard years, and is constantly physically challenging himself. He's very laid back, and to many he's too laid back, but that's no concern of his. While he may seem and behave very shallow, Rüd is driven by his own very powerful personal philosophies. On the surface, he seems a wanton brawler living day to day with no long-term goals of his own- in fact, he doesn't seem the sort of man to plan at all (which is true). A true wandering spirit, Rüd Grülik has never lived in one place for more than two standard years- his hometown excluded. This Abwehran is on an eternal quest to expand his repertoire of experiences. While not usually a deep thinker, he's begun to think more philosophically in the last few years and is currently working to “purify” himself mentally. He can get along with anyone provided they're willing to do the same, but is quick to his fists if someone gets uppity. He'll never beat around the bush, and won't put up with others who do. Occasionally he has problems with authority figures.

His philosophy is based around the idea of 8 Powers: the 4 Positive Powers are Love, Compassion, Joy, and Honesty; the 4 Negative Powers are Hate, Rage, Jealousy, and Fear. He believes these are the core drives of all sentient action, and has committed himself to living solely from the Positive 4, though he's had some trouble with that in the past.

Likes: A good fight, lazy weekends, people, the nightlife, STEAK, experiencing new things, heavy bass in his music, and comedy

Dislikes: cheating, timid, anal-retentive or demanding people, getting angry, vegans, traditional religion, restrictions,

Goals: Learn and experience as much as he can- he wants to be one of those old people that has a new story to tell or a new lesson to teach every time you see them.



Mother: Ula Grülik

Father: Emil Grülik

Siblings: -Grigori (M) -Klein (M) -Dietrich (M) -Lola (F)

Emil is an architectural engineer, and is always reserved, stalwart, and calm. Ula is a housewife, soft-spoken but iron-willed. The source of their monogamy is due to the latter's overbearing and controlling nature; paired with Emil's easygoing and submissive personality, things work well in their family (so long as Emil doesn't play around). Rüd is the eldest of the Grülik children and 2 Abwehran Years older than Grigori, the next in line. Rüd maintains strongest ties with Grigori and Klein, they being nearest to his age and also the most respectable. He finds Dietrich to be a generally whiny brat, and Lola is simply too young for them to have much of a relationship. He's on good terms with his mother, but still holds a grudge against his father since the day of his second trial.


Rüd Grülik was raised in a very social and loving family with a comfortable and sustainable paycheck to provide a safe environment. Rüd, however, was never content with safety. Even in his earliest years he was always pushing the envelope on what he could and could not do. Some might have called him a wild child, but the young Nightwalker simply had a curiosity so pervasive it demanded he discover everything first hand. He had enough close calls in his first 5AY to fill three lifetimes, and yet he continues to fear nothing. If anything he's become hardier. Also discovered at a young age was his love for friendly- and sometimes not so friendly- competition. He fought his friends almost every day, and when he had enemies, there were often repeat occurrences. He tried his hand at every sport available, if only to say he had done so. Despite his aggressive nature, he made friends easily enough. He was never in the limelight, unless someone was using him as a prime example of things one shouldn't do, but Rüd never cared. He's always known he was a little different and accepts that every one's a little different… or “spicy,” as he likes to say. And he knew, after his first trip to the surface, he was meant for so much more than living beneath the land.

Several important things happened around the time of his coming of age ritual. On the first day, as he trekked out into the wild yonder, his second sibling was born. During his time without civilization, he came to realize some very vital and important things about himself and his life; some he vowed to change, others he vowed never to compromise. Upon his return, he was psyched for the second step: the test against his father. That endeavor, however, ended in just under five minutes with Rüd the shocked victor. He accused his father of holding back, which was denied, but Rüd remains unconvinced to this day. The third trial, designed by his mother, was to test his restraint and will-power. Over the course of the day, he was presented aggravating and ingratiating situations and conversations designed to make him explode with rage or indignation. Despite knowing it was the test, Rüd Grülik nearly failed several times. His success was met with a wonderful celebration the whole block was invited to.

As an adult he ventured out into the galaxy, one step at a time. It began with the military- a short-lived career as Rüd was never very good with conformity. Immediately thereafter, he got a job on the surface as a bouncer. Rüd Grülik was great at his job and loved every day he worked there. Once he'd accrued enough cash to get off planet, though, he left, and began his quest across the stars. He went everywhere he could, keeping jobs only long enough to ship himself elsewhere. He visited the capitals of Yamatai and Nepleslia, many of the planets and stations in the United Outer Colonies, made a brief and difficult excursion through Elysian space, and even managed to visit the Freespacers for a period of time before their disappearance. During a large portion of his travel, he was a mercenary and as such got his hands dirty with a variety of weapons and equipment illegal for non-military personnel to utilize. Due to his size, he was always manning the heavier firepower. He left when internal struggles led to the death of four teammates and a complete overhaul of the unit.

He did a brief stint with Origin on the premise that it would sate his desire for travel and conflict, but found the lack of action too bland and returned to the field of freelance work.

Service Record

YSS Genesis

The Science vessel quickly revealed itself to be an assignment too dreary for the needs of Rüd, and the Nightwalker resigned at the crew's earliest convenience.


After more wandering and revisiting old friends, Rüd landed a job on Kyoto escorting a small package from the warehouse district to some nondescript drop-off in Nepleslia Prime's own Funky City. The courier, one Ellen Katsuragi, was accompanied a Fyuunen named Jolokia Nyezeh. The three made the delivery, but not without stirring up trouble with the recipients– admittedly an accident on the Nightwalker's part. They escaped the ensuing gunfight with Ellen being the only one to suffer a dire injury. In an attempt to lay low, they slipped off planet once more and headed for Hinoki Pagoda, at the behest of a previously unannounced AI.



Rüd has been fighting all his life, and has extended experience with a variety of fighting styles found across the galaxy. As such, he's proficient in a great number of combat scenarios. He has a heavy preference for hand-to-hand one-on-one skirmishes- namely utilizing his homeworld's Auswerfen Eisen and a crude form of the Elysian Pankration- but is also very capable with large, two-handed weaponry given his size and background. If it's large and goes boom, he's probably handled it. He's also had a very small amount of time in a Power Armor, but is by no means as skilled as a fully trained soldier.


Due to his years spent traversing the known Universe, Rüd has a vast wealth of names, places, and the stories that connect them stored in his mind. This also includes all sorts of both relevant and trivial pieces of information: rumors, local headlines, crimes, weddings, and general fun facts about various races, places, things, and activities. This has also led him to be quite the storyteller under the influence of alcohol.


When imbibed with alcohol, Rüd Grülik has a tendency to speak with much more finesse; coincidentally, he likes to tell stories as he gets drunk. This can often lead to very interesting tales. Everything from hitting on Nekovalkyrjas to raiding a Red Nepleslia warehouse for food and everything in between. If you can think of something, he probably has a story that could go with it.


While not a particularly talkative person, he is a quick learner in some things: languages is one of them. The only language he can write fluently is the Unterweldt dialect of Abwehran. He can, however, read and speak: Hochweldt, Yamataian, Nepleslian, and Elysian, although fluency varies, and he should never be expected to converse with 'important people' of another race; he's not much of one for grace.


Rüd has driven a variety of land-, water-, and space-based vehicles, and as such is quite capable in most vessels smaller than a frigate. Anything built specifically for atmospheric flight, however, he has no training with. He's also quite the handyman, able to make a variety of small-time repairs. However, he is no mechanic and does not understand every working part of every single craft he's ever worked on.


As a soldier and mercenary, Rüd Grülik has come into contact with a variety of explosives and has taken a certain liking to them when fists are not an option. He's able to readily identify most types, especially those designed for ambush or breaching strategies, and knows a variety of ways to jerry-rig them for unique or makeshift purposes.


Rüd has worked in a variety of groups, from the Abwehran standing military to a group of mercenaries sailing the dark skies. He's been placed in a number of situations requiring him to command and control a group of individuals reporting directly to him. While lacking the formal training of most military officers, he knows the signs of a troublesome or weary subordinate.



  • Black Sleeveless shirt
  • Black Cargo pants [7]
  • Black Socks
  • Brown Boots
  • Nightwalker Goggles


  • Flask engraved with an emblem of undisclosed origin
  • Empty cigar case
  • Lighter, embossed with insignia matching the flask
  • Data Jockey


Rüd Grülik is currently working freelance for Ellen Katsuragi. He is paid per job.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
Character Data
Character NameRüd Grülik
Character OwnerBlackbird Lore
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Plots17th Kasairyuu Power Armor Wing

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