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Phaedra "Wolf" Volkov

Phaedra “Wolf” Volkov
Species: Nepleslian Clone
Gender: Female
Age: 10 (Appears 28)
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 5' 10“
Weight: 145lbs
Bra Size: 36C
Organization: Nepleslian Space Marine Corps
Occupation: Space Marine
Rank: Staff Sergeant
Current Placement: 4th Fleet

Phaedra "Wolf" Volkov in Roleplay

Phaedra “Wolf” Volkov is a player character played by Cyborg aka DJ Moose and is currently involved in the 4th Fleet plot.

Her name means “Bright Wolf.”

Phaedra's Theme Song: Blow Me Away Phaedra's Battle Theme: Feuer Frei

Phaedra's Voice: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5' 10” Mass: 145lbs Measurements: 39-26-37 Bra Size: 36C

Build and Skin Color: Thin and athletic. Her slender body is well toned from basic training and her continual self dedication. Her skintone is pale.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Thin face with eastern european features, including well defined jaw and cheekbones. Her eyes are narrow and cat-like in shape. Her remaining natural eye is ice blue in color. Her facial expression is frequently stern.

Hair Color and Style: Her hair is without any pigmentation and appears completely white, a minor flaw in the cloning process. She wears it long, with a braid on the left side.

Distinguishing Features: Her left arm, leg, eye and part of her jaw are entirely cybernetic due a horrific injury she sustained. She has quite a bit of scar tissue around where her cybernetic limbs join with the flesh, as well as a jagged scar from above her left eye to the left corner of her jaw.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Driven and purposeful. Phaedra strives to do what she is ordered to do with the best of her ability. Part of this is due to the fact that she is a clone and military life is all she knows. The other part is due to a terrible event which occured early in her military career; an incident for which she was to blame. Phaedra has a bad reputation as “Someone who gets her teammates killed,” and she is seen as untrustworthy and unreliable. But it is because of those judgements that she pushes herself above and beyond what is required of her. Phaedra wants to show others that she truely is dependable and can get the job done. The result of Phaedra trying so hard often backfires, and others see her as a perfectionist and a suck-up. But the few people that Phaedra can call close friends know her truely as she is; she simply tries her best and goes 100% for anything. She is rather quiet but is always thinking, and will usually only speak up in a conversation when she feels she has something worthwhile to contribute. Tends to keep to herself, but it is mostly because no one trusts her reputation. After a few drinks she becomes slightly more outgoing, but this does not usually last long. This also tends to reveal too much about her past, things that she would rather keep hidden.

Trademark Gestures/Nervous Habits: Crosses her arms in front of herself, flexes her left hand, feels her scar with her right hand Likes: Fresh air, soft earth under her feet, experiencing new things, acknowledgement, close friends, physical activity or training, shooting, reading past military records or books Dislikes: Terrified of piloting mecha or wearing powered armor, cramped or confined dark places (e.g. an air vent, storage containers; She is okay with the normal confines of a ship, as they are usually well lit). People who don't give her a chance to prove herself. Goals: Strives to prove that she can get the job done. She also wishes to learn more about her predecessor, Lieutentant Commander Tanya Volkov.


Family (or Creators)

Rokin Isles Biological Processing Center Batch 00127 Unit 08 of 12 YE 26 Reason for creation: Replacement for losses incurred during the SMX invasion. Her predecessor was Lieutenant Commander Tanya Volkov, a Shosa who was killed during the Battle of Nepleslia. Phaedra recieved a photograph of the deceased officer, something she cherished as her only tie to a blood-relative. Phaedra did have some semblance of a family in the other clones in her batch; the twelve of them did everything together, including training and missions.


The first few years of Phaedra's life were rather uninteresting and typical for a clone born at a biological processing facility. She was cloned from the DNA of Lieutenant Commander Tanya Volkov, a Shosa who was killed during the Battle of Nepleslia.

Phaedra completed her basic training and was quickly sent off to advanced training for the Marine Corps. Here she was trained in many advanced techinques of warfare, including the use of powered armor. During her training Phaedra's instructors noticed her aptitude for ranged weapons and incredible accuracy. As a result of this, Phaedra was given extra sniper training to determine the extent of her abilities. She became most familiar in the use of powerful sniper rifles and used them with deadly efficiency.

Phaedra soon began live training in the use of the powered armor suits, conducting live-fire exercises with the rest of her Batch group. On one particular mission, Phaedra and her squad were to capture a land-based enemy strongpoint.

What exactly happened next is unclear, as Phaedra remembers little, and military censors were quick to confiscate any recorded footage from the power armor recorders.

All Phaedra remembers is leading her unit into an ambush by unknown foes. This in itself made her story hardly believable, as Phaedra's unit was on a training mission with pre-planned automated enemies.

But regardless of the truth to Phaedra's story, the results were clear: All four of Phaedra's comrades in the unit died, and her suit of power armor was badly damaged. The damage to her power armor made ejecting impossible and nearly cooked her alive inside the cockpit, black smoke filling the tight space. Somehow Phaedra managed to escape from the blackened tomb, but at the cost of highly corrosive coolant drenching most of her left side. Phaedra managed to crawl away from the burning wreckage, but she soon blacked out from intense agony as the corrosive materials ate away at her flesh. She was soon discovered by a survey craft monitoring the live-fire exercise and was evacuated to the training facility medical center. She underwent immediate surgery to amputate her destroyed limbs in an attempt to save her life.

When Phaedra awoke in the med bay, she discovered the terrible extent of her injuries as well as the deaths of her squadmates. As soon as she was conscious, she was thoroughly interrogated by an intelligence operative. Phaedra spilled what little information that she remembered, but the agent was not appeased. The agent easily blamed Phaedra for leading her teammates into an ambush, and she regretfully acknowledged her mistake. And then the agent left as quickly as he had come, leaving Phaedra with many doubts about what had truely happened. She was met by her friends and together they mourned the death of the four of their comrades. Phaedra grieved in the knowledge of her failure, and vowed to never again fail her comrades.

The next year was long and difficult for Phaedra; as she was gradually implanted with cybernetic replacements for the parts of her body she had lost. Once the implants had taken effectively, she then had to regain the use of her new limbs and eye. This was an especially lonely and frustrating time for Phaedra; while she was still recovering, most of her friends had already completed their training and been shipped out to their new assignments.

Once she had been declared physically fit, Phaedra was required to repeat most of the training she had already completed. Repeating the training was necessary to ensure the complete functionality of Phaedra's implants, and she willingly repeated the entire training course without complaint. She impressed her instructors with her willingness to succeed and she demonstrated this by exceeding her previous test results by a large margin. Phaedra also found that her skills with sniper rifles had improved; her cybernetic arm granting greater stability and her cybernetic eye granting greater accuracy at long range.

Phaedra completed her advanced training with high recommendations, but until she mastered her fear of piloting powered armor and completed the qualifications, she was unqualified to use it.

Medical Record

Suffered amputation, smoke inhalation and severe burns as a result of training incident. Left eye replaced with a infrared and telescopic implant, small portion of left jaw replaced with standard military-grade alloy, left arm and left leg replaced with standard military-grade cybernetics. Prescribed Endurance pain suppressant on an as-needed basis, although the amount allowed shall not exceed the recommended dosage. Klempsomorphirine can be administered by medical personnel after appropriate diagnosis of severe pain.

Psych Eval Results

PTSD (in remission) due to physical and mental trama inflicted from training incident. Myctophobia and Claustrophobia triggered in cramped, dark places; especially in the cockpit of mecha or powered armors.

Service Record

NSS Acadia

Shore Leave: Roger Wilco

Phaedra first met up with the crew from the Acadia while they were on shore leave at Roger Wilco on Nepleslia. Phaedra had trouble fitting in with the rest of the crew during most of their time; her usually rigid discipline was looked down upon when the crew was not in a combat situation. Many of the crew viewed her either as the annoying new recruit, or the aggressive war-junkie; especially Master Chief Fian. Phaedra was able to spend time getting to know some of the crew individually; she accompanied Amelia on an errand, one which allowed Phaedra the chance to experience celtic music, as well as Amelia's singing talents. Sometime later, the crew met up at a dingy bar and Phaedra there tried vodka for the first time; a beverage that somehow felt familiar to her. Relatively at ease from the alcohol she consumed, Phaedra was also able to have an insightful conversation with Harrison; a conversation in which she accidentially confessed to her involvement in the training incident. Much to her relief, Harrison agreed to keep it a secret.

Shortly after this, all hell broke loose in a fight involving a certain Captain Miller. With a gang of ID-SOLs attacking the bar, Phaedra had managed to gather her rifle and found her way to the roof of the bar. There, Phaedra exercised her skill with her sniper rifle, taking out at least three of the attacking ID-SOLs as they fled the scene. She had intended to capture one of the ID-SOLs alive, but the ID-SOL ended up bleeding out before she could extract any information. Phaedra helped Anselm carry the ID-SOL he had been successful in capturing back to the shuttle before the crew shipped out; but after a somewhat annoyed comment by Fian, she ended up dragging the unconscious ID-SOL out of the shuttle by herself before the shuttle lifted off.

Mission 2: Brotherhood and Sisterly Love

Phaedra arrived aboard the NSS Acadia with the rest of the crew from Roger Wilco; quite impressed to be aboard her assigned ship. She settled into a room near to the canteen and showers, and Amelia soon joined her there as a bunkmate. After a small window of downtime, the crew was assembled and briefed. The Master Chief then explained the events that occured at Golding, and then hijacking of the NSS Emden. The crew's mission was to board the Emden and recapture it from the pirates. But unfortunately for Phaedra, this meant that she was going to be dealing with her fears sooner than she anticipated. To take her mind off her anxiety, Phaedra cleaned and stripped her rifle, and then procured a more suitable weapon from the ship's armory. Phaedra equipped her combat armor and then reported to Chief Rui in the hangar for training. Despite the dark thoughts and memories that overshadowed her mind, she hid her anxiety well. But Amelia noticed that something was bothering Phaedra, despite the short time they had been friends. Phaedra dismissed her concerns quickly and sought out the PA she would be using. Finding a HOSTILE, she confronted the armor like a hunter eyeing down a fierce predator. Phaedra refused to let her fears control her; for every step she took she relived the horror of the incident in vivid detail. Phantom pain wracked her body, but yet she forced away her fears; determined to be the best she could be. After Phaedra climbed inside the HOSTILE and accustomed herself to the machine; Harrison opened up a private channel to her. He recognized the fact the Phaedra actually was able to seal herself inside a PA was notable event. Phaedra thanked him for his concern and listened to his advice for piloting.

The next day, Phaedra was able to complete a test launch and landing, but she was out of the HOSTILE the instant she was able to disembark. As the attack commenced, Phaedra was tasked with transporting Squad Gamma's weapons. She stayed close to the Chief and Amelia as they made their way to the Emden. Despite being uncomfortable in the extreme, Phaedra was able to endure until she landed in the Emden's hangar and then literally jumped out of the armor suit. After they landed, Amelia again was concerned that something was bothering her. Phaedra initially replied curtly, but then offered to explain everything to Amelia after this was over with. With that, Phaedra readied herself for the battle ahead. When the order came, she followed behind Morris and made her way down the corridor. After eliminating several hostiles, Morris headed for the computer core, while he sent Phaedra to the canteen. Using her infrared eye implant, Phaedra identified heat signatures within the canteen and then blew the door open with a breaching charge. She eliminated three hostiles and discovered a large group of hostages. Suddenly pirates who had hidden behind some cold storage crates opened fire upon Phaedra. At the same instant, Amelia leapt into the room and pushed Phaedra into cover, taking a wound in the process. Angered that she caused her friend harm, Phaedra dispatched the remaining pirates, saving a hostage from one of the gunmen and then beating the gunman into a bloody pulp in frustration. After helping the wounded Amelia to the hangar for medical treatment she returned to the computer core to assist Morris there; covering him as he reset the core. It was there that a Mishhu attacked, killing several Marines before Chief Rui arrived and distracted it. Part of the computer core exploded, sending shrapnel in all directions. Phaedra's face was nicked slightly and far from serious, but it bled profusely. Henry was also wounded as he attempted to finish resetting the computer core. Phaedra placed medicagel on his leg wounds to stop the flow of blood.

Eventually the hostiles were neutralized and Phaedra helped Amelia limp toward the med area that had been set up in the hangar. Phaedra followed the line of Marines to the canteen, where she acquired food for herself as well as Amelia. She also was able to officially introduce herself to Victor, due to the fact that the first time they met was when Anslem was seizing on the ground. Phaedra brought the food to Amelia, only for a high ranking officer to announce that Nepleslia was at full on war with the Mishhu.

Mission 3: Between Lambs and Wolves

Phaedra was dropped with the rest of the Marines onto Rok'Veru to assist in the evacuation of the planet. Phaedra equipped a NIGHT and its small size helped to avoid triggering her claustrophobia. She provided overwatch for the rest of the crew, taking out important targets designated by her squadmates. After Keladrian arrived, Phaedra was ordered to change places with Trey and to escort him to the Chief's position. As she relocated, Victor Adair also arrived. Phaedra told the two new arrivals to hold their position so she could escort them to the Chief, but Viktor countermanded that, saying that the orders were to move to Harrison's position instead. The result of this was the new recruits making their way to the rally point by themselves, without an escort. Phaedra confronted Viktor over this to make her disagreement clear, but in the end the new recruits ended up at the correct place. Phaedra later explained the reasoning for her actions to Viktor, and the two of them acknowledged their fault in the confusion, despite the result being the same.

Phaedra was then sent through the ruined streets to retrieve Alex and scrounge up some ammo. She met up with Alex and then retrieved the ammo left by a dead Marine. On the way back to the rally point, Avel met up with Phaedra and Alex, and the three of them returned to meet with the squad. And then a Sunburn was shot down.

The squad was sent to hold off the Mishhu until the crew of the Sunburn could be retrieved. Phaedra took up one of the flanks and dropped any Ripper that fell into her sights. After the pilots were retrieved, the remaining Mishhu were scattered by an artillery bombardment. The shelling caused Phaedra to be buried in rubble, and she only pulled herself out of the rubble after the remaining Marines had taken to the sky in a shuttle. Determined not to be left behind, Phaedra boosted to full speed to catch up with the shuttle. She attracted a large amount of fire from the remaining Rippers, her shields giving way and one of her NIGHT's wings shattering under the fire. But thanks to some quick thinking by Avel, she made it into the shuttle relatively unscathed.

The marines arrived back on the Acadia, only to be quickly sent back down to the planet.

Mission 3.5: Back into the Frying Pan

The Marines were sent back down to the planet to create a diversion by detonating a power plant that had been overrun by the Mishhu. While a team of Marines we sent to enter the power plant and execute the demolition, a second team was to secure the area outside. Phaedra found herself a crater and from there provided covering fire for the rest of the team with her MPR. As the fight Mishhu progressed, Phaedra spotted what appeared to be a leader Mishhu. She marked the HVT with an IFF tracer round. Harrison launched a PAL at the designator, but the leader Mishhu was able to escape the blast. The fighting continued for a short while before the squad regrouped outside the power plant. There Phaedra met Jan and Sam for the first time; Sam was a sniper just like her. Harrison arrived just in time for Phaedra to comment on the sticky goop covering a large portion of his armor. Harrion simply claimed that “he stepped in something.”

Soon afterwards, the squad was redirected to a different rallying point. There Phaedra happened upon a slightly worn but working NIGHT armor, emblazoned with the face of a snarling wolf on the helmet. As soon as she was suited up, that was when the Mishhu arrived. Mishhu gunships launched salvos of missiles at the Marines, and Phaedra found herself slightly useless with her MPR. Determined to still be useful, she deployed her suit's wings and activated the cloaking field. She also fired an IFF round at one of the gunships, hoping that some of the missiles would do the work for her. A number of the missles were drawn off course by her actions.

Then the Master Chief activated Swarm Mode, and Phaedra leapt into the sky with the rest of the Marines, all of them held together by P/P systems. Arriving in the hangar of the Acadia unscathed, she removed her armor and began to perform maintenance on it. Then Harrison came crashing into the Hangar. Concerned for her friend, Phaedra ran over to him and helped him to his feet. As the waves of wounded Marines began arriving in the hangar, Phaedra did her best to help some of them to the Med-bay. After finishing maintenance on her NIGHT and her MPR, Phaedra headed to her room to retrieve a towel and then headed for the showers. On the way there Phaedra ran into Avel, who promptly collapsed in front of her. She then carried the unconscious Avel to the Med-bay and reported to the medical officer, Suku.

Post Mission 3: R&R(Rest and Rations)

Two days after the events on Rok'veru, the Marines were summoned to the Canteen for an award ceremony, as well as some chow. Phaedra recieved her ration, which was a bowl of chili, and a walnut the size of a softball. Unsure as to what the large, hard object was, she returned it to the tin and chowed down on her chili. She talked with Sam and Avel to get to know them, but Phaedra noticed that Avel was a little too interested in Fian. That was when Avel showed complete disrespect for a superior officer and Fian ordered Ran to take Avel to the brig. Phaedra was shocked that someone would show such ignorance of military conduct, and while she finished her chili, she decided to tell the Master Chief about Avel's collapse two days ago. As time went on, and more people began talking about the incident, the more convinced Phaedra was that Avel was not in her right mind, and that she should inform Fian of her condition. Then she heard the gunshot. Without thinking Phaedra drew her sidearm and sprang to her feet. Sam also heard the gunshot and raced out of the Canteen. She raised her HHG and blew the escaping Avel into a bloody mess. Phaedra managed to catch up just in time to see Sam put Avel down. She felt responsible for not informing the Master Chief of Avel's condition, and this was the result. Phaedra fell to her knees and emptied the contents of her stomach on the floor.

Once Harrison arrived at the scene, he helped Phaedra to her feet. She was in shock, and shouted at Harrison that she was to blame. But Harrison reassured her that she was not to blame. Once she calmed down, Phaedra suggested that the two of them get a drink. Harrison readily agreed and set about raiding the remaining ration packs for small bottles of whiskey. Phaedra tried the liquor, but was undecided as to whether or not she liked it. But Phaedra had forgotten that she had a low alcohol tolerance, and that she was drinking on an empty stomach. These factors caused her to suddenly pass out, her body slumping over the table that she had been sitting at. By the time she woke up the award ceremony was already underway. Despite having a splitting headache, she managed to keep her expression neutral. Eventually she was called on stage to recieve her promotion. She felt extremely self-consious on the stage, as all eyes in the room were pointed at the stage.

After recieving her promotion the Marines that were not going on shore leave were directed to the Hangar for some PT. She changed into her workout clothes and also took a dose of ENDURANCE medication that she had been prescribed. She then headed to the hangar to warm up. When the rest of the Marines arrived they were ordered to jog around the hangar. Phaedra came up along side of Morris and asked him how he was adjusting to his new replacement limb. The two of them shared the common experience of losing a limb, and Phaedra appreciated the fact that he knew what she had experienced. The Marines were then ordered to enter their PAs, and Phaedra found her NIGHT armor with its distinctive markings.

After a discussion on the best ways to take out a Ripper from close range, the Master Chief activated training for all of the PAs. Phaedra was assigned to Kajiim as her sparring partner and the two of them took turns attacking and defending. They were both relatively equal in skill, but eventually Phaedra was bested by Kajiim once the blades were put away.

Mission 4: Heads of the Beast

After being forced awake by a ship-wide announcement, Phaedra went to have breakfast with the rest of the crew. Breakfast was short, however, as alarms sounded and all marines were scrambled to combat readiness. When they arrived in the hangar they discovered that their Power Armors were being overhauled, and as a result donned combat armor and small arms. Then the NSS Acadia performed an emergency jump to Nepleslia, the unprepared crew thrown about like ragdolls. The Marines made a drop onto the planet to rescue the Senate from an NMX terrorist plot. Deadly street fighting ensued as the Marines went house to house and slowly made their way to the nearby monorail station.

Mission 4.5: Claw of the Beast

Unfortunately, the monorail line was severely damaged, and the monorail crashed just as the Marines made it to the Senate's location. In the crash several of the marines were injured, including Phaedra, who took a bad hit to her head and her cybernetic left arm was rendered inoperable. After the Marines managed to climb out of the wreckage, they found themselves under attack by NMX-controlled ID-SOLS. Phaedra was wounded in the resulting ambush as an explosion ripped through the monorail and a metal piece of wreckage impaled her leg just behind the shin. After being tended to by Alex, she was quickly loaded onto a shuttle for transfer to the NSS Sugarpea.

Mission 5: Quick Save

Upon being patched up in the medbay of the NSS Asp, Phaedra headed to the armory to requisition a replacement NIGHT PA, then headed towards the mess hall. Upon entering, she was yelled at by one of the mess drones who asked her what she was going to eat. Phaedra said the first thing that came to mind, which was “Hotcakes and a side of links.” Suprised at requesting something she had never eaten before, Phaedra wondered if her predecessor liked such things. She sat down near the rest of the unit, most of who were new and Phaedra did not know. She sat next to Chad, who was apparently inebriated, and also at the same table was a Nekovalkyrja, named Harm. Harm egged the drunken Chad on until he drew his sidearm and fired three rounds at the cook drone across the mess hall. Phaedra promptly yanked the gun from Chad's hand and punched him in the jaw. She yelled at him for irresponsibly discharging a firearm while on board a ship. After witnessing Avel's gory death, she wasn't going to let another one of her comrades die while they were not even in combat. Chad then promptly threw up on Phaedra and then passed out. After find a new uniform, she headed to the armory to inspect her newly constructed PA. While gearing up in the armory, she made clear her unease about having a Neko accompany them on their mission. It was then that they were informed of their mission: a raid on an NMX prison camp.

As the shuttles embarked on their mission, they were brought under heavy anti-aircraft fire and literally broke apart in the atmosphere. Much to her chagrin, Phaedra flew the rest of the way down to ground in her NIGHT armor. During the assault on the prison camp, Phaedra managed to take out a NMX type 32 shock trooper with a single MPR bolt to its eye. After the Marines suppressed the NMX long enough to free the prisoners, they returned to the NSS Asp. Anselm, who was wounded during the fight, was helped to the medbay by Phaedra. But the two of them did not get far due to a sudden emergency in the medbay. One of the civilians who was brought aboard for medical attention was in fact an NMX sleeper agent, and attempted to sabotage the ship. After a chase through most of the ship, the agent was brought down in the engineering bay.

Mission 6: The Cow Level

The Marines were assigned to be sent down onto Nepleslia itself to the Neppies Beef Ranch. The NMX planned to contaminate a large portion of the region's food supply, as well as set off several biological weapons. In the hours before the mission Phaedra was greeted with the news that several of her friends, including Anselm and Victor, were being transfered to a new deployment. Still ill at ease about Amelia's sudden departure, Phaedra made sure to say goodbye to Anselm and Victor before they left. Her words were awkward, but Phaedra was glad to have known them, and communicated her feelings to them. After seeing them off, Phaedra headed down to the armory to request a plasma-based weapon at Wazu's recommendation. There, she avoided Harm, and was shocked to see Avel there as well. While the use of Cerebral Chips was commonplace, after Avel's violent death it was still shocking to Phaedra. She decided to head to the gym to complete some PT to clear her mind. After completing several laps, Phaedra noticed that Avel had arrived at the gym as well. Despite how Avel's presence disturbed Phaedra, she decided that cohesion in the squad was more important than her personal feelings and made an effort to be friendly to Avel.

The Marines then geared up and embarked in a shuttle to be dropped at the Neppies Beef Ranch. Phaedra was again disturbed by Avel re-introducing herself, but Phaedra again ignored her personal feelings and responded to Avel in kind. Once inside of the facility, the squad faced a 10-ton armored ID-Bull. Rather unprepared for such a threat, Phaedra was able to get off one shot from her LBR at the thing's head, eventually dropping it. And that was when there was an explosion beneath them that caused the building to partially collapse. The floor they were standing on now slanted towards a giant meat grinder that chewed through the 10-ton Id-Bull like it was paper.

The Squid in charge of the operation attempted to escape on a high-speed train, and the Marines gave chase in their Power Armor. Two Id-Sols were positioned on the rear of the train, and fired at the pursuing Marines. Phaedra, after warning her comrades, fired several shots at the ID-Sols. Unfortunately, the antimatter beams hit some of the barrels the Id-Sols were crouching behind, igniting them in a large fireball. Thankfully, Phaedra managed not to kill anyone in the explosion, but everyone's shields were damaged, and Avel's armor sustained considerable damage. Seeing Phaedra laying on the ground nearby, she grabbed Phaedra by the collar and lifted her off her feet. Avel threatened Phaedra with a beating for nearly blowing them up, but said that their mission was more important. Phaedra simply said that she had no excuse for the explosion; it was a terrible mistake on her part. The Marines continued the chase; the Squid growing more desperate and throwing the volatile barrels at them. Phaedra had an opening to take a shot at the squid, and she fired a shot from her LBR. But the squid managed to send a barrel hurtling into the beam's path; igniting it and causing a massive explosion.

Phaedra didn't fully remember what happened after that. She experienced a flashback of the training incident, with familiar images haunting her mind. Phaedra then awoke to find herself immobilized in a destroyed building. Fully believing that she had harmed her comrades from the explosion she had caused, Phaedra simply laid on the ground and stared up at the sky until Drei remotely moved her armor to the evac.

4th Fleet

Mission 1: The Nepleslian Job

After the last mission, the Marines were transported to a safehouse in the middle of an industrial district. Phaedra had been forcibly moved to the transport by Drei, and was left sitting in the transport as the other Marine's disembarked. She had fallen asleep from the enormity of the emotional trauma that she suffered, and had plenty of time to recall the two friends that she had made thus far, William Harrison and Amelia Weynolt. She realized how much she missed them, and after some self-deprecating thoughts, she returned to the world of the living. She had broken several ribs, and was suprised when Harm helped her out of her armor. She asked Phaedra “Why do you think you're not a good enough soldier?” Phaedra's reply was “Buy me a drink sometime; maybe I'll tell you.”

Two hours later, after everyone had been healed up, Admiral Wazu handed out several promotions to the squad, one of which was promoting Phaedra to Sergeant. The enormity of that promotion stunned Phaedra, but after some thoughts of self-doubt, Phaedra stepped up to her new role. As Wazu briefed the Marines on their next mission, Phaedra was going to be on support as a sniper from the outside of the Casino that they were going to be hitting. She would be field-testing a new weapon designed by Wazu specifically for her; the Na-W3301. After firing it several times on the roof of the building, Phaedra deemed the weapon satisfactory for the upcoming mission.

Mission 1.2: Wazu's Seven

The mission was rather straighforward at first; Harm's team would infiltrate the casino, Wazu's team would enter to speak with the Casino Boss, and Phaedra would provide cover from above from the administration tower. Unfortunately, things quickly went south due to the Boss suddenly being shot by his own bodyguard, and the reappearance of Shion on the casino floor, who promptly stabbed Cedric. As hostilities began to heat up, Phaedra was forced to fire upon the casino thugs in order to save her comrades. She also managed to wound Shion to allow Cedric a chance to get away. She held off the thug reinforcements, including two trucks full of armed assailants and a gunship to allow the others to get into the halftrack. Seeing her chance, Phaedra destroyed the Na-W3301 and then parachuted down from the administration tower to make her way to the halftrack. But not before she took two shots at the news chopper that showed up; taking out the camera and searchlight on the chopper.

Mission 2: Recovery

With Admiral Wazu down for the count from his injuries, Phaedra was effectively in charge of the squad for the time being. She stayed in the Medbay with the squad as the new medics, Laura and Bernhard, did their work. As time went on, the bickering by the Marines and Harm amongst themselves eventually reached a head. Phaedra ended up throwing her water bottle across the room and shouted at the Marines to stop acting like children. Phaedra then got into Harm's face and told her that she would no longer tolerated Harm's lack of discipline or desire to use the squad for her personal gain. She told the Marines that did not need medical treatment to clear the room, and then she herself stormed out. After Phaedra left she regretted her outburst, but felt that she had made her point and enforced order. Feeling that she had driven a wedge between herself and the rest of the squad, Phaedra went to the armory to inspect her NIGHT PA. She submitted an image of to the drone in the armory to be painted on her armor's helmet.

A short time later she received a message from the Admiral when he regained consciousness.

Phaedra then quickly returned to the medbay, and was prepared to debrief with the Admiral. In the meantime, Phaedra ordered the rest of the squad to prepare for departure for their shore leave. Several new members of the squad arrived, including a private contractor from Paragon. Already at odds with Harm, Phaedra made sure that the mercenary understood his place in the chain of command.

While still in the Medbay, Phaedra saw Avel grab Laura by the collar and pull her out into the hallway. Phaedra confronted Avel to find out what was going on. While letting Laura deal with Avel's current issue, she was informed by Wazu that she would need a second in command. She had Cedric follow her out into the hall and walked towards the lift. As Cedric followed, Phaedra entered the lift and headed for Deck 7. She promoted Cedric to Corporal as her second in command. Phaedra made it clear that she wanted a Marine that she could trust at her back, especially with the numerous mercenaries in the 4th fleet.

During the small amount of downtime the squad had, Phaedra made sure to procure the new clothes she needed for the NAM Proving Grounds. Also during this time, Avel's mental condition had continued to deteriorate, with Laura and Phaedra messaging each other regularly. Phaedra also mentioned to Laura that she would eventually have to tell Avel about the “incident” on the NSS Acadia, in which Avel was killed.

Phaedra changed into a pair of BDU pants, a dark green tanktop, and one of the new field caps. She also pulled back her mane of hair into a ponytail.

Soon afterwards, the Marines boarded the shuttle and travelled to the NAM Proving Grounds.

Mission 2.1: Hiking

After arriving at the Proving Grounds, the Marines begam to immediately run at a brisk pace towards the nearby mountain. Eventually they came to a tall cliff, and the Marines climbed up it rather quickly. While at the summit of the cliff suddenly Matteo doubled over in pain, and Phaedra called for a medic. Laura and Bernhard rushed to his aid, only to discover that Matteo simply had a bad case of diarrhea.

Later, the Marines made it up to the top of the mountain and established camp at the small outpost their. They built a fire, passed out drinks, and then began swapping 'war stories.' campfire Harm began with a retelling of what happened at the casino (at least from her perspective). After that, she said that Phaedra owed her a story.

Phaedra took a drink and then began to retell the story of the 'incident' which resulted in her horrific injuries. When she finished the story, she accidentally crushed her glass in her cybernetic hand. Phaedra then excused herself and retreated from the campfire into the darkness beyond.

Avel followed Phaedra away from the campfire, and then proceeded tell Phaedra that her training mission was nothing compared to the torture she has endured by not knowing any of her past. But then Avel drew her sidearm. Cedric followed behind Avel and told her to put her gun away. Phaedra ordered Avel to put her sidearm away, and then proceeded to tell her what happened on the NSS Acadia. She explained why Avel was demoted, and why she was missing memories. Phaedra had tried to comfort Avel, to encourage her to overcome her troubles. But Avel had gone over the edge of sanity and tried to shoot herself in the head, but Phaedra quickly disarmed her. Avel then gave Phaedra her datajockey with her suicide note, and attempted to run away into the woods. Cedric grabbed her before she could run away. Phaedra tucked Avel's gun into her belt, removed her field cap, and then smacked Avel across the face with it.

Phaedra then drew close to Avel and shouted at her; the anger clearly written on Phaedra's face. Phaedra told Avel that she endangers every one of her comrades by waving her gun around while they are here on shore leave. Phaedra asked Avel if she took her oaths of loyalty seriously, if she thought of anyone except for herself.

It was then that Avel had trouble responding to Phaedra's accusations and suddenly passed out in Cedric's arms. After dragging Avel over to the campfire and placing her in a Sleeping Bag, Phaedra consulted Bernhard, Laura, and Admiral Wazu on how to handle the situation. As the CO of the squad, Phaedra had final say in what to do with Avel, and Phaedra decided to keep her sedated for the remainder of the trip.

Mission 3: Planning Stages

The Marines had all assembled in the briefing room aboard ship and began planning the next series of missions into UOC territory in order to push the NMX back. It was nearly a unanimous decision to rescue the beleaguered citizens from the planet of Tange. But the unexpected message that Admiral Wazu had been relieved of his command cut the planning session short. Phaedra stood to make the announcement and stated that all the Marines were on liberty until further notice.

Mission 3.1: A Change of Plans

The next day, all the Marines were assembled again in the briefing room, this time under the order of Rear Admiral Dominic Valken. After some brief introductions the Admiral explained their next mission: to rescue some 300,000 UOC personnel trapped in the Tange system. During the briefing Avel arrived to drop off her Savtech onto a nearby table and then she quickly left, much to the vexation of Phaedra. Phaedra later explained the reasons for Avel's dismissal in private: she had become a danger to herself and her squadmates. After Phaedra's discussion with Vlaken regarding Avel, Matteo confessed that he believed he was the cause of Avel's breakdown. Phaedra immediately reassured him it was Avel's own fault, and no one elses.

Mission 3.2: When a Plan Makes First Contact with the Enemy

After nearly ten days, the fleet finally arrived in the Tange system. The Marines were quickly dropped Tange IV to secure the Kazumori Spaceport. Phaedra ordered the Marines to form a perimeter around the spaceport and to kill any NMX on sight. During the engagement, the Marines linked up with a small unit of UOC personel led by Petty Officer Motoyama. The Marines fiercely defended the spaceport, fending off great numbers of NMX forces before the transports began to land. During the engagement, Bernhard Greer was seriously injured and was quickly taken to one of the transports by Laura. Also during the battle a large number of apparently unarmed Nekos began rushing towards the spaceport. After ensuring that the Nekos were not from the UOC, Phaedra ordered her squad to prevent any of the Nekos from reaching the spaceport. But once the Admiral heard her order, he demanded that they take the Nekos prisoner. Phaedra ordered a cease fire and the remainder of the Nekos were loaded into the transports. Soon the civilians had been loaded aboard and the Marines were told to exacuate. They managed to save upwards of 250,000 refugees.

Mission 3.4: Epilogue

Mission 4.0: Planning

Mission 4.1: In Before the Close
Mission 4.3: A Private Word
Mission 4.4: Debriefing

Off-Duty 1.0: Choosing Poisons

Off-Duty: Coming to an Understanding
Off-Duty: Standing on Ceremony

Side Mission: Admiral in Distress

Mission 5

During Operation Roundhouse, the 3rd and 4th Fleets were launched southwards to attack NMX territories there and prevent them from reinforcing their garrison on Rok'Veru.

The 4th Fleet Marines launched an attack on the NMX flagship, XSS Momoranth, where they nearly succeeded in capturing the NMX leader. However, he and his entourage escaped via private shuttle before the Marines could reach the bridge. Phaedra took charge of the Marines after Chief Santiago was injured and managed to secure vital NMX data that was helpful to the campaign.

Following this action, the Cavaliers were deployed to the surface of SC-4 to secure an NMX mining facility. After some initial resistance, the Cavaliers managed to secure the facility and liberate its inmates. However, the operation was marred by the fact that, again, Chief Santiago was wounded and had to be stabilized and that Marine Stan Brandt had inadvertently caused a cave-in, trapping fellow Marine Wulfe Stones.

After this action, the 4th Fleet Marines were withdrawn from the theatre of operations along with the two fleets' damaged units.



Phaedra is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, ships, ground vehicles, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. Phaedra is fluent in Nepleslian. She can speak and write it correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, etc. Phaedra is skilled in field communications and is proficient in all rudimentary forms of communication (hand signals, flashing lights, etc).

Fighting and Physical - Sniper specialization.

Phaedra received intensive hand-to-hand combat training (primarily focused on disabling and/or killing opponents) and has followed up that knowledge with a rigorous training program. Weapons she is trained in include pistols of all types, knives, grenades (and other forms of explosive weaponry) and rifles of all kinds. Phaedra in particular is skilled in the use of powerful sniper rifles for long-range combat. Phaedra can repair weaponry with adequate tools and time. Phaedra is in excellent physical shape and has considerable endurance. She trains much more than is common for the average marine, constantly pushing herself to maintain her physical fitness as well as her skills with weapons. She is also able to pilot land-based power armors, but is pathologically afraid of piloting them. Having gained the most experience in the use of the NIGHT Stealth Armor, she prefers it over the HOSTILE.


Phaedra knows how to survive in hostile environments. She can build shelters, hunt and forage for food, build a fire, etc. Phaedra can camouflage herself and is familiar with guerrilla warfare tactics. In conjunction with her sniper training, Phaedra can stalk a target over a long period of time, surviving on the land until the target is elminated or the objective is achieved.

Strategy (Tactics/discipline)

Phaedra can understand and give out tactical commands and work with her troops to follow those commands efficiently. She knows the importance of teamwork on the battlefield, has been intensively trained in discipline and morale, and is able to recognize the command structure even while under extreme pressure (combat, etc). Phaedra is able to recognize ambush points. She knows basic math in order to calculate distances, etc, and can use a tactical map.


Phaedra finds any and all human history facinating, especially military history. She also has a keen interest in philosophy and anthropology, as she tries to wrap her mind around the significance of her humanity as a clone.


Phaedra's medical knowledge is fairly limited save to the areas of cybernetics and pain management. She knows alot about her implants, as she is required to maintain them, and knows what helps to cope with the pain her injuries have brought.

Maintenance and Repair - Firearms

Phaedra is familiar with and able to fix most problems with weapon components. She spends the most time with firearms as opposed to vehicles and power armor, and as such she is rather skilled at tinkering with weapons and keeps them in working order. She may attempt to request more advanced weapon maintenance and repair techniques when the opportunity presents itself.




  • 2 Pullover shirt, green, with rank patches on shoulder pads and name plate
  • 2 Khaki cargo pants 1 Beret, green, with flash patch
  • 1 pair gloves, leather, black, fingerless
  • 1 pair boots, black
  • 6 pair boot Socks, white
  • 1 Belt, dark brown


1 Suit of Styrling Muur Personal Body Armor (Sv-SMA-01a), no helmet, Nepleslian neutral grey, brown, and green camo

NIGHT Stealth Armor. Currently equipped with a Multiphase Rifle (MPR) The armor is jet black, with a grey wolf skull emblem painted on the helmet.

HOSTILE. Currently equipped with the HPAR. The armor is standard grey, but with a wolf skull emblem painted on the helmet.

Weather Gear

  • 1 Military issue bivouac
  • 1 Military issue poncho

Workout Clothing and Undergarments

  • 2 Short-sleeved mocks with fleet number on the right chest, Green
  • 2 Work-out shorts, khaki
  • 1 One-piece bathing suit, green, fleet number on right breast
  • 2 Tank tops, green, with fleet number on the right chest
  • 2 Pairs of ankle length pajama pants, khaki
  • 1 Pair of slip-on flexi-shoes, black
  • 4 underwear, white
  • 4 bras, white

Weapons and Accessories

  • 1 Zen Arms .357 Pistol,1 Brown Leather Holster, 1 spare magazine and box of 60 rounds.
  • 1 Rocket Pistol belt, black, with RPB holster
  • 1 Rocket Pistol, NAM 12mm RPB Pistol, with 2 regular round magazines and 2 HE round magazines
  • 1 Styrling Longbolt Rifle (Sv-SLB-01a) with HD Zoom Scope, 1-5×50 Zoom,
  • 1 Black Steenplast Rifle Case, foam lining, holds 5 clips
  • 1 Black Leather Clip Belt, holds 4 extra clips
  • 1 Box of 45 Standard Rounds
  • 1 Box of 18 HE Rounds
  • 1 Pair of Noise-cancelling earplugs
  • 1 rifle cleaning kit with 1 bottle of CLP
  • 1 combat knife in sheath

Personal Hygiene

  • 1 bottle of shampoo
  • 1 bottle liquid body soap
  • 1 stick of deodorant
  • 1 toothbrush
  • 1 hairbrush
  • 1 tube of toothpaste
  • 2 washcloths, white
  • 2 towels, white



  • 1 pair identification tags, metal, with name, batch number, and processing facility
  • 1 Canteen, 1 quart
  • 1 Wallet with the Marine Corps Insignia plated on it
  • 1 Photograph of Lieutentant Commander Tanya Volkov
  • 1 Nepleslian Standard Issue Equipment Bag
  • 1 Brand new, tailor-made dark green dress
  • 1 Golden necklace with ice blue sapphire stone
  • 1 Expensive Pen
  • 4 Vouchers for free meals at Neppy's All-You-Can-Eat Burger Buffet

Awards and Medals

  • Sniper Specialist Badge
  • Combat Leader Award
  • NMX Defense Medal
  • Civil Defense Award
  • General Defense Ribbon
  • Orbital Assault Badge
  • Rok'Veru Campaign Medal
  • Elite Unit Status


Phaedra Volkov is currently an Elite Staff Sergeant in the SMDION. She receives a weekly salary of 1200DA per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000DA Starting Funds
1400DA 1 Styrling Longbolt Rifle, 1 Scope, 1 Case
100DA 1 Clip Belt
80DA 1 Box of 45 Standard Rounds
120DA 1 Box of 18 HE Rounds
1200DA Styrling Muur Armor, no helmet
1000DA 20 Weeks Salary
2000DA 20 Weeks Salary
2000DA 20 Weeks Salary
3500DA 10 Weeks Salary
3500DA 10 Weeks Salary
2000DA Combat Bonus Pay
8000DA 20 Weeks Salary
25100DA Current Funds

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