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Pharmyll Rik'Kanlya "Breeze" Tur'Lista

General Information

:!: Not Available For Adoption :!:

Species: Lorath Matriarchy Gender: Female Age: 1 Family (or Creators): Mother: Xiaah Harr'Ikke "Destiny" Tur'Lista Father: High Priest Velor Tomoe Tur’lista Brother: Prince Rid'Dal “” Tur'Lista. Employer: None Occupation: Princess or Pharmyll Rank: Princess Current Assignment: Learning to rule.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 97 centimeters, about 3”2’ Mass: 30 lbs, 13.6 kg Bra Size None Build and Skin Color: Very small, but she has a wiry strength to her. Besides maybe looking a bit underfed, she’s a healthy enough kid. Facial Features and Eye Color:Large hazel eyes surrounded by small, pale face. Hair color and Style: Very short, stark white hair. Her hair never looks very clean, or brushed, but it’s cute regardless. Distinguishing Features: Not only is Rik'Kanlya a child, but she’s also Destiny’s daughter. While not having any particular physical qualities to distinguish her, her age and stature is generally enough.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Rik'Kanlya is known to be a major cry-baby and is never quite secure unless her mother is in eye shot of her. Having only lived for a year she’s completely naive as to many social standards, and had next to no control over her psychic abilities. More often than not she’s found crying, or hugging on to her mother.

Likes: Safety, her mother, hiding, and her mother’s plushie toys. Dislikes: People in general, especially strangers, loud noises, foreign objects, fighting. Goals: At the illustrious age of one, even with the build of a 4-year-old and brain of a 5-year-old, Rik'Kanlya doesn’t have a whole lot of goals. Her chief goal is really just to be happy, or to stay with near her parents


Born to Destiny and Tomoe just a year ago, there’s not much history to be had. Over the last year Rik'Kanlya has established herself as the regiment wimp, and all but attached herselfto her mother’s leg.


N/A, Just born.

Character Data
Character StatusNPC Available for GM or FM use

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