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Prometheus Khal

Prometheus Khal is a player character played by Exmachinea.

Prometheus Khal
Species & Gender: Random Alien Male
Date of Birth: ER 788-v / YE 19
Organization: Nepleslia
Occupation: Not Specified
Rank: Private
Current Placement:

Physical Description

Height : Prometheus Khal stands 6 feet exact.

Body Build : Prometheus Khal can be distinguished by many factors that builds his body, such as the bone-like carapace of overlaying scales and plates, which focuses more in the forearms, hands, his left leg and foot, while it plates only the pectoralis major muscles on his torso. Prometheus also has a dense coat of down feathers underneath a layer of peacock-eyed feathers, which covers the rest of his lean and slender fit body, that is human in anatomy. And although his muscles aren't very apparent, he is stronger than he looks. Prometheus does not have his original wings anymore. Instead, he has two mechanical wings and two small protruding spikes at the bottom, all of which are made out of white metal plates and black artificial muscles. His bottom spikes have long, skinny fabric runners as well, which are blue and begin at the points. Along with that, of course, his wings are accompanied by his shortened train of white and silver-eyed peacock feathers. Prometheus is also easily distinguished by his bionic right leg, which is quadrupedal, or bowed, in build with a small foot.

Weight : 250 lbs.

Wingspan : 8 feet.

Tail Length : 4 feet.

Facial Description : Prometheus has a set of mandibles around his mouth, and acts as cover for his teeth at the sides of his jaws, since he has no lips. Prometheus Khal has a distinct heart-shaped face, with a seemingly flat nose ridge and narrow features that resemble humanoid birds or raptors. He has a small chin and almost a dainty glee in his looks. His cheekbones are set high, and his jawline isn't very wide. Tiny little feathers cover Prometheus' face, with the exception of his mandibles, and lip line, which is then bone-plated. His crest, crown, or hair to certain races, is a fluffy, messy shag of big feathers colliding against the dense layer of soft down feathers underneath. These same feathers create a bit of a mane, which flattens down his necks, allowing the large feathers to protrude the backs of his head. Prometheus' crest lays back sleekly, with the ends of his larger feathers almost curling down his neck, while his down feathers are as contained as he could get them.

Eye Color/Shape : Prometheus has upturned, oval-shaped eyes, which are accompanied by bold black lines along the edges that make his eyes seem almost feline, in that they appear longer and slit in shape. Prometheus is actually blind, and his iris' and pupils are both a pale whitish pink (AKA albino eyes).

Body Colors : Prometheus is an albino, so his primary color is white, which covers his feathers as well as his carapace, while his secondary color is the faintest shade of pale pink that colors the eyes of his top-laying feathers.

Voice : Prometheus Khal has a voice that is sometimes said to have a flanging effect. His voice tends to be low and softened to a buttery, average human-toned voice, which is evident that his throat muscles are fully developed well towards frequent speech.

Accessories : One of the things that Prometheus Khal always has, is his glasses. Due to being blind, he needs them and depends on them for visibility, and of course, different qualities of glasses effects his visibility. He wears a pair of rectangle-shaped wire frames, which have digital lenses that are always glowing blue with a sort of holographic appearance. The frame is a light silver, and the arms rest somewhere in his crest. He never has them off, so nobody knows if there is a sort of strap that keeps them on or… what the secret is. Other then his glasses, his mandibles have four thick-width blue rings in the points. The reptilian version of earrings.


Prometheus Khal is introverted. He is quiet, but is not shy nor timid. He simply doesn't speak much, and has a sort of a gay-like disposition, in that he may act girly around people and is flamboyant. He tries to avoid large crowds, if possible, and tends to shy (move) away from being close to or physically touched by anyone unless completely necessary. He is often bleak, blunt, and mellow until something interferes with his mask of discipline and silence. That, and he is impossible to physically aggravate. Prometheus Khal has a kind disposition that grants him the ability to be very patient. Otherwise, Prometheus indulges in knowledge, and is often found studying if not found fighting and practicing new techniques and himself.

“Knowledge is Power, Muscle is Strength. Both are necessary components for an individual to exist. It's how smart and how strong they are that defines them.” - Prometheus Khal.


Prometheus Khal was born in Dec. 18th, ER 788-v / YE 19 . He was born in the Nepleslia capitol Funky City. He was mothered by a foreigner named Aja Khal, who fled her home planet. Prometheus Khal is the product of genetic engineering, as his father was sterile. Because of being genetically modified, Prometheus Khal suffers from the Multiple Myeloma (MM) Gene. It effects his coloration and eyesight.

Aja Khal was 20-years-old when she hid herself away into a passing cargo ship. Her home planet was ravaged by a vicious civil war, where northerners and southerners were colliding for land and rights. Aja Khal's husband died in the starting years of the war. Not long into the voyage, the engineers found Aja hiding in the belly of the ship where the cargo was being held. The captain decided that they were too far into the journey to turn back, and let Aja Khal stay aboard. It wasn't long after that the crew found out she didn't speak the common languages Trade or Yamataigo. If it weren't for the cook who gave her a job at working in the kitchens, she might've never learned these two tongues when she arrived in Funky City. Aja Khal worked as one of the bartenders for The Green Ocean . Prometheus Khal was born a few months after settling into the city's downtown area, in the section known as The Seedy Underbelly .

It didn't take long for Prometheus Khal in his teen years to indulge himself into the Dark Web . He became one of the most advanced hackers in the Downtown section, and was nicknamed “Eyes” for his keen ability to hijack security systems and watch the on-goings beyond a camera lens. The police didn't learn about him right away, and gangs often looked up to Prometheus for information in the exchange of money and equipment. However, when they did learn about the mysterious Eyes, it took them awhile to track Prometheus Khal down. They had to hire the best hacker they had, and even he struggled to keep up with Prometheus' fast codes and strong firewalls. The trick that had Eyes caught was when he was suddenly contacted by a gang-member during a furious typing war between the two hackers. Prometheus didn't think to leap other personal signals like his phone. Aja Khal, his mother, had just walked into her small apartment when the police knocked on the door- her response was immediately turning her head and yelling “PROMETHEUS”. AKA - busted. Prometheus Khal might've been interrogated way more aggressively by his mother then the actual detective on the case. Still, it didn't stop the fourteen-year-old from dreading the silly mistake he'd made, rather then dreading prison. What kept Prometheus out of jail, is that he ratted out the gangs he worked with and everything he knew about them (which was quite literally everything. He didn't miss a single thing, like when a member was showering and what shower he used. Prometheus might've been the equivalent of a modern-day, physically real Santa Claus). After Prometheus Khal's year-long trial, having to be both eyewitness and criminal, he had helped bust four large gangs and a few members to three more by the time he had finished throwing all of his cards down. Why so easily? Because Prometheus knew he'd likely get caught, and might as well make himself valuable- even if it meant being a tattletale. After the trial was complete, Prometheus Khal's charges were dropped and he was released from some time in the local jail cell. And after some house arrest with NO devices, a few slaps and a few hours of his mothers preaching, Prometheus Khal was back on his mothers good-list again. Though he had to give his mother ALL of his passwords and the ability to watch what he was doing while she was at work.

By seventeen, three years after a nice two-year run in the Dark Web , Prometheus Khal was living the everyday life of a nerdy teenage boy- surviving the jungles of High School,maybe occasionally eyeballing some cute girls, playing video games, and somehow staying at the top of his class (Hint: he cheated via researching the answers). Typical for a boy his age that was different from the common-folk of Funky City, especially considering his gay-like personality (which always threw everyone off back in his time as Eyes). His mother tried at a few dates, though she dropped them almost immediately. He didn't get involved in anymore hacking (lies and slander, he just switched the game by hacking with the schools computers instead!), and he played life as he should. He played the roll of a good, well disciplined boy. He had nothing more to do with the Dark Web until a few months into his year of being seventeen, when the police suddenly popped up in the school parking lot- and his mother, who was up-in-arms an ready to confront Prometheus (even though she wore an innocent, kind smile). It was brought up to Prometheus that they had a job to offer him at the largest station in Funky City. They needed a hacker who could swiftly tackle the new generation of advanced Dark Web criminals who were interfering with security all over the city in order to help in silencing the outside world of bank robberies and maybe even murders. Prometheus Khal was quick to snap up the job (because who wouldn't want to hijack through the Dark Web legally?), and was immediately working on tracing scattered strings of signals and digging into the massive web called the Internet, catching bad guys and using his skills for something good. And after two years of being behind the police force offensive lines in a hacker-vs-hacker virtual battle, Prometheus Khal had put many behind bars. His nickname of Eyes remained even in the police force, because the one thing that Prometheus did as a signature style was use the cover of cybernetic/robotic eyes as his avatar, which appeared when he was the one in particular hacking something (as in computers, or anything with a screen). It didn't take long for the word to spread like a disease among the criminal underworld of Funky City, the good ol' God himself Eyes had returned. It disturbed everything in the lines of crime, because everyone now knew that they couldn't trust any technology at all. Not a single camera, not-so-private phone calls, even the computers they may or may not of used. Everything was the enemy now, and although many criminal hijackers on the Internet tried fighting back, those who personally knew Eyes also knew that there was no defeating his supreme capability to out-type the new generation of greasy fingered hackers. And that Prometheus Khal could snatch the crown of top-gamer from anyone, and that's not even considering the few years he's had to redefine his work. Gangs knew they were in trouble, any high-class, big named criminals knew they were in trouble. It wouldn't take Prometheus long to seize the realm of virtual criminal activity, so they had to somehow outsmart him (which was damn near impossible, as Prometheus Khal is also king of amazing mind-fuck games). The police likely knew that the very shadow of Eyes would make criminals look at each other suspiciously, and that severe action would be underway. If anyone did, Prometheus certainly did. Prometheus Khal, during his work, was always stalking his mother, because he knew that personal acquaintances from the not-so-far-gone past of his would know exactly where to strike if they wanted to, and Prometheus wasn't exactly right around the corner now, either. He had been moved way up into Funky City, in order to work with the biggest police station in the Downtown sector, it wasn't like he could necessarily combat in real-time against intruders of his den. However, someone that knows the infamous Eyes should never doubt that Prometheus will always be on-guard, and that he would be ready for them.

Prometheus “Eyes” Khal was well known in Funky City. One might even say that he was a celebrity to both police forces and the criminal underworld. Although severe crime among big gangs seemed to suppress, everyone knew that they had not been deterred from their common lifestyle. Prometheus Khal was taught how to shoot a pistol by the same detective that worked on Prometheus' case, back when he was still a criminal. The same detective that also got Prometheus the job in the police force and picked him up in the school parking lot. The two were building a close bond that one might say was like a father-son friendship. Whenever Prometheus tried anything bad, Det. Jenkins could sense it miles away, and always caught Prometheus just in the start of whatever wrong-doing he was up to. Det. Jenkins was also getting pretty close to Prometheus' mother, Aja, as well. But one day changed ALL of that…

Prometheus Khal was the only individual who volunteered to do undercover work in the common hangout for the Funky City Thunder, the big name bikers that often deafened the streets with their custom motorcycles, and frequently brought terror to the the people around them. The job was simple: use a holographic cover to portray yourself as a frisky lady. And the mission was to find missing young girls among the Thunder gang. Only problem was that the task was given to an all-man squad. Everyone agreed that Prometheus would've played it the best. He had that girly personality, he was smallest, and come on, he kinda had a thing for guys… or so everyone thought (he kinda does). It was an easy fit for Prometheus. Everyone made fun of the fact that he could rock heels so well. And so nineteen-year-old “Fluffy Britches” went to work. Other officers went in undercover as well (as male persona's), while Fluffy Britches Prometheus Khal caught the eyes of the gang and kept them distracted. Det. Jenkins was present as well. During the operation, Prometheus Khal's mind was blown away by the explicit show of women (he couldn't help it), but he still played his part well. Det. Jenkins sat at the bar, and was immediately recognized by the bartender, and all hell broke lose. Det. Jenkins was shot in the torso by the bartenders shotgun (which was hidden under the counter, as the bartender pretended to get a glass and not know who the detective was), and other officers blew their cover and reacted. Prometheus Khal was the first to get into a full-on throw down with “Cheese”. Big boy vs little, and somehow little man won (he cheated via kicking him between the legs). The fight got pretty wild between big name members and cops. Prometheus Khal didn't fair well in the fight. He got drug out and one of the members (Jack “Crush”) and was used as an “example” to other cops. That night, Prometheus Khal had his wings clipped off his back, and his kneecap had been shot out. He also had the shit beaten out of him. Det. Jenkins barely made it, and somehow made a full recovery, but Prometheus didn't fair too well in the hospital.

The team learned that the topless dancers at the strip club were actually the missing young girls, who had been forced into inappropriate work. Three of the eight girls recovered would've been dead if not for “Fluffy Britches”, who had protected them from “Cheese” and in the end became a temporary cripple in the hospital. Today, Prometheus Khal has joined the Nepleslia military, and is currently a Private. Remember he worked for money and equipment back in his criminal time? He used all the money (which he hid in one wall of his bedroom) and either sold or recycled the equipment he earned to build his wings and leg throughout engineering/technician classes (best school-project EVER). His mother still lives in Funky City, but has moved to The Docks section of Downtown.

Skills Learned


Prometheus doesn't talk much. He is the master of the language of the body, and prefers to speak that way. However, Prometheus is able to speak Trade and Yamataigo fluently.


Prometheus Khal is primarily educated in technical work, as well as engineering. One might even say he is your typical everyday geek or nerd when it comes to electronics, be them big or small. He's good for hacking systems, even well-developed and advanced ones. He is also educated in different mechanical suits, both auto and manual driven, large and small. And though Prometheus isn't well educated in spacecrafts, he is a fast visual-learner.

Under-Armor? Yes please.

Prometheus Khal has a strong, thick, bone-like carapace that naturally armors his body. It serves as an extra layer of protection underneath clothes and suits of armor, and his feathers act as nice padding, too. However, it puts more weight onto Prometheus' body, and with a manual suit of armor, it can drastically effect his agility and speed.

What they don't know might kill them

Prometheus Khal has incredible hearing, which he developed through years of using echolocation to see . Because of this, he tends to not use many guns unless they are silenced. He often uses his personal sword more, or melee weapons in general. He is specially trained in executing silently, and receiving information from the enemy lines. But it also makes Prometheus more of a lone-wolf on the field. He is use to working alone, and doesn't easily ask for help from others. His excuse is often times that his team is “too heavily footed” , meaning loud.

Inventory & Finance

Prometheus Khal has the following items:

Duffel Bag

Personal Clothing

Standard Hygiene Pack

Grooming Kit/Tool

Prometheus Khal currently has 3000 KS.

Creator Commentary

Prometheus Khal goes by Martian time, and his days are called SOLs . SOLs are exactly 24 hours, 39 minutes and 35.244 seconds long. This character will not say “Today is…”, he will say “ToSOL is…”.

Please remember this fact whenever this character is in use.

Thanks - Eli


Bionic Leg ref

Mechanical Wings ref

Note: The wing reference would be the wings anatomy.

OOC Information

In the case Exmachinea becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO

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