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Robert "Rags" Raggleton

Robert “Rags” Raggleton
Robert Raggleton
Species: Nepleslian,
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 5
Weight: 160 lbs
Bra Size: N/A
Organization: ISC Phoenix
Rank: N/a
Occupation: Knife/Pistol combatant
Current Placement: ISC Phoenix

Rags in Roleplay

Robert “Rags” Raggleton is played by Nevaron and is currently involved in the plot [The Trounce of Tami].

Other missions he as completed along with the ISC Phoenix

  • [Mission 5] - Anger Management
  • [Mission 5.5] - Stormin' the Castle
  • [Mission 6] - The Trounce of Tami
  • [Mission 7] - Siege on Sector 72
  • [Mission 8] - Dawning Concerns
  • [Mission 9] - Enzo's Lady of the Night

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5 Mass: 160 lbs Measurements: N/A Bra Size: N/A

Build and Skin Colour: Robert is a short, wiry(he prefers the word lean), and tough. He has a very tan complexion which turns very light on his back from the scar tissues

Facial Features and Eye Colour: His face is not much different from the rest of his body. thin, but has a peculiar, rougish charm save for the scar over his right cybernetic blue-grey eye. The other one is a contrastingly green eye.

Hair Colour and Style: He has long hair which is naturally brown, but he dyes it a silvery color, He keeps it in a ponytail which runs down to the middle of his back.

Distinguishing Features: He has scars all over his chest, back, and over his right eye. He also has a blue-grey cybernetic eye and a cybernetic right arm.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Robert loves nothing more than to drink, tell jokes, and throw knives. All of which he excels at. And if a good old-fashioned bar brawl comes his way, then he's just hit the jackpot. Despite his obvious love for fighting, especially knife-fighting, he rarely starts a fight, but he'll always finish one quickly and effeciantly. He likes to think he's friendly, and considers most anyone he likes a friend, but he can never quite tell when his wise-cracking side goes too far with someone. One thing that will drive Robert past his self-control is his last name which he hates jokes being made about. He always lets people that he jokes around with know that his last name is off limits once. And doesn't bother a second time.

Likes: Drinking, Joking, Knife-throwing, and Money. Dislikes: Boasters, Gangsters, Drug-Dealers, Jokes about his last name, and Big Corporations Goals: To live his life to the fullest and be able to look back and be proud.


  • His father, Jonathan Raggleton is in jail.
  • His mother, Mary Raggleton, is dead


Robert was born into a poor family. His dad, Jonathan Raggleton, was a low ranking gangster/drug-dealer. They didn't have much to live on, and things only got worse for Robert.

When Robert was 15, his dad was scapegoated by a major league gang boss, the Funky City cops threw him in jail for pretty much the rest of his life. Robert's mom, Mary Raggleton, worked various jobs to provide for the both of them. Then, one day, as she walked to work, she got caught in the cross-fire of a gang fight. She didn't survive.

Robert took to the streets and joined up with a small gang called “The White Scorpions” where he did minor crimes; breaking and entering, petty theft, and mugging. He kept this up till he was 25 when he was caught mugging someone on another gang's turf. He was beaten, whipped, tortured, and left for dead on the edge of his gang's turf with his right eye cut out and his right arm cut off. As soon as he healed, he straightened up and left his gang. He tried to get by as a solo mercenary, but nobody would hire him. He was drinking his sorrows away with the last of his savings when he noticed an ad which held the potential to change his life. Openings on a Mercenary Ship called the ISC Phoenix. He packed up his trade-mark rag-mask, his knife, and his pistol and headed to the listed address.



Robert has long since mastered knife-fighting, and fights with his hands in a free-style form, not unlike judo, but he has had no real training in martial arts. He also knows how to use pistols, bats, chains, and other blunt objects, but not to the degree of his knife or fist fighting skills


Having lived a life on the edge, he knows how to run correctly, thus quickly. He can hold a sprint for 3 minutes and can run almost forever but not both at the same time.

He also can do some minor acrobatic tricks such as tumbling, back-flipping, pole-vaulting, and somersaulting

He knows how to swim, but is only good enough to keep himself or someone else afloat.


He can pick most locks, hotwire most civilian cars, move quickly and quietly, and lie at the drop of a dime, unless he's completely flustered. He can pickpocket if need be, but doesn't really like to.


He knows how to take charge of a group, and is good at thinking on his feet, but he prefers to let others step up and take charge. Only if he knows he's the best for the job will he take charge.


He is good at telling jokes, loves to flirt, and really loves showing off his knife-throwing skills. He has a few routines he used while trying to survive on his own, which are a mixture of acrobatics and knife-tossing. He can also juggle.


He speaks the common language, and the gang's cant. He also knows how to read lips and speak in sign language.


He can operate most land-based vehicles available to civilians, but he's smart enough to guess at military land-based vehicles



Old cut-up shirt Old worn out jeans Trademark rag mask


Double Diamond edged steel knife Zen Armaments .45 Caliber Pistol light Tactical armor Comm. Unit Radio headset “Wind” PA Impulse PA w/ Assault Pack Handheld Gauss Rifle


* Electronic Money Card


Robert “Rags” Raggleton is currently a beginner in the ISC PHOENIX.

3,000 KS Starting Funds
-1,240 KS Tactical armor and headset purchases
1,740 KS Current Funds
+15,000 KS Earnings
16,740 KS Current Funds
-10,000 KS “Wind” PA
6,740 KS Current Funds
+20,000 KS Earnings
26,740 KS Current Funds
-6,000 KS Impulse PA w/ Assault Pack and Free Handheld Gauss Rifle
20,740 KS Current Funds

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