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Saeki Uehashi

Saeki Uehashi is a player character played by Immortal Cyan.

Saeki Uehashi
Species: Nekovalkyrja, Type 33
Gender: Woman
Year of Birth: YE 38
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Intelligence Operative/Infantry
Occupational Codes: 03/01C
Nothing found
Current Placement: YSS Kōkatsu

Physical Description

  • Height: 4’8”
  • Mass: 82 Lbs.
  • Measurements: 28J-21-32

Saeki Uehashi has a round facial profile, an effect amplified and complemented by her plump cheeks, full lips, and her round, button nose. Her eyebrows are black, and they have a subtle arch1). The iris of her left eye is cyan and the iris of her right eye is light green. The dramatic effect of her heterochromia is amplified by her proportionally large eyes, which have long upper lashes. Uehashi has brown skin and red hair. Her hair is normally styled in a long pixie cut, with bangs swept over the left portion of her forehead. Although she is very top-heavy, Uehashi has a hourglass bodily profile. She has Neko-style ears that are ringed with red fur.


Saeki Uehashi is a sociable, team-oriented individual. She is unselfish and enjoys seeing people she cares about succeed. As such, she is always willing to share happiness with others. She enjoys the company of other women (especially other Nekovalkyrja) and likes to dance with them. Her service to the Star Army of Yamatai is motivated by her love of the Empress and her collectivist political vision for Yamatai.

Uehashi often goes to great lengths to see her peers succeed, and will not hesitate to take on extra responsibilities if necessary. She is also willing to confront those who insult her peers through her own quick thinking and way with words.



Saeki Uehashi was created on Nataria in early YE 38. From the beginning, Uehashi was a social butterfly and as such, passed through socialization and basic training with no incident. After completing basic, Uehashi opted for infantry training, finding the bridge environment to be sterile and physically unstimulating. She thoroughly distinguished herself through infantry training as a team-oriented soldier and a proficient martial artist and markswoman, and on recommendation from one of her training officers, was recommended to complete SELECT. After passing the operative selection trials, she completed INDOC and became a SAINT Intelligence Operative.

Uehashi was assigned to the YSS Kōkatsu immediately after she completed INDOC.

Skills Learned

Saeki Uehashi has the following notable skills:

  • Dance: In her free time, Uehashi enjoys downloading and practicing dances. She has learned how to make downloadable dance routines appear expressive and natural through constant practice.

Social Connections

Saeki Uehashi is connected to:

Inventory & Finance

Saeki Uehashi has the Star Army Standard Issue Items.

Saeki Uehashi currently has 3000 KS.

SAINT Operative Field Suit, Type 31

Power Armor

OOC Information

In the case ximmortalxbeauty becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES
See: Soft Arch

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