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Species: Helashio (Custom-made)
Gender: Female
Age: 2 months, Physically 16 yrs.
Height: 5'4โ€œ / 162 cm
Weight: 125 lb / 57 kg
Ownership: Property of Serra Evangelle
Employer: HIGA Industrial Corporation
Occupation: Assistant and Personal Maid
Current Placement: Morant

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'4โ€ / 162 cm Mass: 125 lb / 57 kg Measurements: 33-22-33 in. / 84-56-84 cm Bra Size: B

Build and Skin Color: When Serra ordered Saja, she specified that she wanted someone particularly cute and 'huggable'. As par Serra's request, Saja was engineered to have a somewhat smaller and more lithe form by Helashio standards.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Saja sports a pair of large lavender eyes, that sparkle like a sapphire when the light hits them properly, woe is to the person caught in the gaze of those sparkly peepers. Seated between her eyes is a pert little nose with a small mouth under that, she has a shallow forehead with bangs that drape over her eyes slightly.

Hair color and Style: Long ivory hair extends to the center of her back. It seems to have a life of its own, appearing as if it cannot decide whether it wants to be wavy and curly.

Distinguishing Features: Saja has sticking out of her lower back, right above her posterior, a somewhat puffy tail, three feet in length with two inch thick black rings every five inches to the tip which is also black.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Saja was made to be the ideal assistant, a fact which is reflected through her behavior. Often going out of her way to be of use, she will try to be as helpful as possible almost to the point of annoyance. She is also highly organized; if given sufficient time in a working environment she will have the location of any given item indexed in her memory. Like many slaves she was trained to be obedient, almost to the point of timid. She will almost never raise her voice or make any objections louder than a quiet word of advice.

Saja is currently mute, until she learns enough of the local language to speak it herself.

Likes: Serra, being helpful Dislikes: Mess, strangers, loud noises Goals: To serve Serra.


Saja was only recently created. Other than a rather uneventful freighter trip to Morant, she currently has little history to speak of.


Domestic: She has been granted the knowledge information to know how to do various mundane housekeeping tasks, and how to carry out detailed procedures regarding domestic service customs.

Culinary: She has been granted a culinary database which contains a wide range cuisine. Phodian delicacies, Nepleslian meals, Yamataian meals, and even Lorath meals are known to her. She is able to accurately prepare and serve a wide range of cuisine.

Entertainment: She has been granted knowledge in various forms of entertainment. She has a basic grasp of musical composition, dancing, guest entertainment ceremonies (Such as the traditional Yamataian tea ceremony), and she has been granted an expansive knowledge of office space humor.

Technology Operation: She has been granted information in regard to operation of various computer programs and operating systems. Including and not limited to PANTHEON reliant computing systems, and Nepleslian data management systems.

Communication: She has been granted the capability to understand spoken words, read, write, and operate electronic communication equipment such as data transmission devices. She has an untapped capability to speak, thus she still needs to practice how to form words and speak fluidly.

Knowledge/Memory: Her memory centers have been augmented to allow her to quickly retain and recall information she has been exposed to, which would allow her to quickly learn how to complete new tasks, or serve as a knowledge base for her owner's needs.

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