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Sammy Ee'ith

Sammy is a player character played by Littlewasp.

Species & Gender: I'ee Male
Year of Birth: Unknown
Organization: Ee'ith Family
Occupation: Ambassador
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: I'ee Joint Technology Expedition

Preferred Plots

Physical Description

Being a male I'ee, Sammy has a taller, more slender body than his sisters. His strength and endurance are both much less pronounced than in a female worker I'ee, but his stamina remains the same. Combined with his lighter build, Sammy is capable of running faster and flying longer than his other sisters. His head is also 'taller' than a female I'ee's would be, with more delicate mandibles and longer antennae, and his abdomen is slimmer as well.

Like all male drones, Sammy is also sexually active, unlike his sterile sisters.

His height is about 4 feet, 7 inches.


Sammy shares the same general love and admiration of alien species that all in his family do, to the point where he can come across as naive and easily manipulated. His personality is quiet and bookish, greatly enjoying studying and literacy; preferring to speak through text and art. Since his encounter with the Thoot, he suffers from anxiety attacks, finding it hard to be at peace when by himself and refusing to sleep alone. He also possesses an inferiority complex, unable to shake the belief that he needs to atone for some unknown failure, or live up to the exploits of his siblings. Besides this, Sammy is just as affectionate and caring as any I'ee can be, bearing a great love for his family. This love, in turn, is extended to Yamatai, and most alien cultures.



After being trained for most of his life in alien culture and diplomatic behaviour, Sammy was assigned as a partner to his sister Mei and with her, was sent to live with the I'ee mining family of Thoot. Since Thoot is a wholly mobile family, ranging far outside of I'ee space, Sammy and Mei's purpose was to act as mediators in case contact was made with alien vessels.

A few months of mingling with their relatives passed by, with little of note happening. This changed when the Thoot mining fleet stopped in the Shekhina system. An Ee'ith ambassador vessel, carrying Sammy and Mei's sisters, Sally and Yui, arrived in the system. Delighted to have run into one another during their respective missions, the four Ee'ith met upon the Thoot mothership and spent a few weeks together.

This revelry ended when the derelict craft of an alien drifted close to the Thoot's mining operations. Fascinated at the prospect of discovering a new alien species, and fearful of what would happen to it if the Thoot noticed it in their perceived territory, Sally and Yui set out to make contact while Sammy and Mei stayed behind.

The alien, frozen and unconscious inside of her ship, was unable to stop her vessel from drifting deep into the Thoot's territory. Both her vessel, and Sally's were accosted and apprehended by enraged I'ee miners. Confusion, and eventually violence ensued, as Sally and Yui argued with their relatives over the fate of the alien derelict, which ended in a bloody conflict. With the assistance of Yui, the resuscitated Edtoto was moved to Sally's ship, and the three of them escaped the clutches of the Thoot.

Sammy, and particularly Mei were not so lucky. With no alien to eviscerate and driven progressively madder with instinctive rage, the Thoot turned their anger upon the two Ee'ith ambassadors upon their mothership. Mei was torn apart, with Sammy only living at the intervention of Thoot herself; ordering her rabid daughters to stand down.

Despite being heartbroken and traumatised at the death of his sister, Sammy was dragged along with the Thoot fleet in their obsessive search for the Ee'ith vessel and its alien cargo. It was at this time that the YSS Heartbreaker, searching for signs of Uesu's lost fleet, stumbled across Sally and Yui. With the assistance of the vastly more powerful Yamataian craft, but at the loss of their unarmed ambassador vessel, Sally, Yui and Edtoto were all ferried away by the Heartbreaker; a trail of debris marking those of the Thoot who tried to stop them.

Throughout the battle, Sammy had been the translator for Thoot, relaying her messages in a more eloquent manner to the Heartbreaker. Once the ship had left, Thoot sent Sammy away, wanting no more to do with him, and left him to find his way home in his vessel with only Mei's remaining limbs to accompany him.

Osman and the Joint Technology Expedition

Some time after his safe return home, and having spent time to recover from his trauma, Sammy was one of the many Ee'ith I'ee sent as part of the Joint Technology Expedition: An effort by the I'ee species as a whole to procure advanced technologies from alien civilisations to better prepare their species for the inevitability of conflict with aliens.

Not long after it set out on its journey, the JTE made contact with OSO in the midst of its efforts to subjugate and control the frontier world of Osman. A deal was struck between the two groups: The I'ee expedition would lend valuable wasp-power towards building roads and other infrastructure upon the barren planet, and in return OSO would assist the I'ee in better arming their space craft.

Following this, the JTE was disbanded, with its task complete, and a mixed force of I'ee and OSO ships, along with the YSS Heartbreaker, helped to cleanse the I'ee home system of NMX marauders. Sammy has since taken on the permanent role of an ambassador between the I'ee species and the Osman Star Organisation.

Skills Learned


One of the primary studies undertaken by most Ee'ith members, the xenology studies are primarily limited to the immediately apparent characteristics of Yamataian and Nepleslian entities. A great deal of focus is given to facial expression and speech, to aid in communication.

Alien Politics and Culture

An off-shoot of his Xenology studies, but the most important skill set in relation to his task. With several years of careful study under his belt, Sammy has become quite competent at understanding Yamatai and Nepleslian culture, politics, and the differences between them.

Starship Operations

Sammy is trained in the operation of civilian I'ee starships. In the Joint Technology Expedition, he is considered the commanding member of the Treasury Vessel, though he does not fly the craft directly.

Social Connections

Sammy is connected to:

Inventory & Finance

  • Translator Implant: A brass-coloured socket implanted in the back of the skull. When connected to an appropriate speaker system, it can translate thought into speech in any language the user knows.
  • Emotional Display Mask: A small LED display, roughly the size of a mouse-pad, worn upon the face and held in place with several straps. The mask possesses an array of simple, stylised facial expressions that can be displayed to convey emotion, controlled by the translator implant.

OOC Information

In the case littlewasp becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes.
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES

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